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About Cherry Pie

With a couple of legendary parents, it’s no surprise the Cherry Pie strain is as sweet as and classic as it is. Made by crossing Grand Daddy Purple and an F1 Durban Poison, Cherry Pie, also known as Cherry Kush, is a popular and potent indica-dominant hybrid strain.

Cherry Pie Strain Effects

As a true hybrid, Cherry Pie offers users the best characteristics from each parent strain. It is known to kick in fast and linger for hours. Cherry Pie’s balanced and cerebral high is enjoyable in many settings but is especially ideal during the evening or late afternoon.

The Cherry Pie high mounts slowly and begins as a feeling of relaxation. After several minutes, users will begin to experience deep, easy breathing, and will notice that short-term worries have suddenly evaporated. As the high progresses, the strain’s sativa side pops out, intensifying visual and auditory stimuli and making mundane things seem much more interesting.

Because it works on the body and mind, Cherry Pie is good for activities that involve them both, like board games and exercises.

Users of Cherry Pie commonly feel:

  • Creative
  • Euphoric
  • Happy
  • Relaxed
  • Giggly
  • Sleepy

That said, Cherry Pie also has some potential negative side effects; the most notable among these include:

  • Dry mouth
  • Dry eyes
  • Paranoia

Cherry Pie’s cerebral nature does not mean that its effects easily veer into paranoid territory, but the side effect is possible in those who suffer from cannabis-induced anxiety or paranoia.

Cherry Pie Strain Benefits

Other than Cherry Pie’s indica-leaning effects like creativity and euphoria, the strain is also renowned in the medical marijuana community. Patients looking for relief from a plethora of ailments seek Cherry Pie for its soothing and relaxed nature, including those suffering from:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Pain
  • Insomnia
  • Headaches
  • Appetite loss
  • Nausea
  • PTSD

Even though cannabis in itself has been proven in the medical community to have several wellness benefits, Cherry Pie remains a fan favorite. Its psychological and physiological applications make it appealing to medical cannabis users, while its fun and light-hearted nature make it a favorite for recreational tokers.

Cherry Pie Strain Flavor – The Genetics & Terpenes

When properly cured, Cherry Pie reveals a rich, cherry flavor accented by some lighter herbal and floral notes. Once lit, the strain’s smooth smoke is easily inhaled and tastes of sweet, toasty fruit upon exhalation.

Some of the main tones in Cherry Pie’s aroma and flavor include:

  • Berry
  • Cherry
  • Sweet
  • Tree fruit
  • Sweet
  • Woody
  • Spicy/herbal

In structural composition, Cherry Pie’s buds are dense filled with orange hairs and decorated by a slight tint of purple. Furthermore, the tastes and aromas in Cherry Pie are largely present due to the existence of certain terpenes in the strain.

Myrcene, for example, is a common herbal and earthy terpene, while caryophyllene has a more spicy and peppery scent. Pinene, on the other hand, has a strong pine smell—an unsurprising property based on its name.

Other terpenes found in Cherry Pie include:

  • Camphene
  • Limonene
  • Linalool
  • Bisabolol
  • Humulene
  • Ocimene
  • Nerolidol

As a 70% indica and 30% sativa hybrid, Cherry Pie certainly displays the best of both types of strain. That said, is popularity—especially in the medical cannabis community—stems from its high potency. With THC levels averaging 16% but sometimes reaching levels of 23%, Cherry Pie has a relatively high THC content, making it stronger than some other strains.

CBD levels, on the other hand, are a different story, with the strain’s cannabidiol contents being very low, commonly 0%. Almost as low in content, Cherry Pie contains around 1% CBG.

Ready to Try the “Cherry Pie” Strain?

With all this Cherry Pie talk, we’re certain you’re ready to try more than just a tasty dessert. At CBD Mall, we’ve got a wide range of Cherry Pie vaping devices ready and able to knock your socks off in no time for a long time!

Due to its indica-leaning nature, Cherry Pie may be best known for its ability to help users relax and, in some cases, even get better sleep. When paired with delta 10, however, our vapes are able to accentuate Cherry Pie’s more sativa-like characteristics, such as inducing creativity and boosting energy. Our most popular delta 10 vapes in the Cherry Pie strain include:

Similar Strains Available

Cherry Pie is undoubtedly a cannabis classic. Although this strain is known and loved for its unique properties, there are some strains that compare. There are many popular (and similar) indica-dominant hybrid strains available on the market, but none are as close to Cherry Pie as its parents: Grand Daddy Purp and Durban Poison.

Also known as Grandaddy Purple Kush, GDP, and Granddaddy Purps, Grand Daddy Purp is popular indica marijuana strain. Like Cherry Pie, GDP offers sedating effects, making it a perfect substitution if you’re using Cherry Kush for bedtime. Additionally, it offers feelings of euphoria, relaxation, and a boost in your mood.

On the other end of the spectrum, Durban Poison is a pure sativa strain that originates from the South African port city it’s named after. This strain is a perfect alternative for those looking for the energetic, uplifting, and creative boosts of Cherry Pie.

At the end of the day, the strain you choose will depend on what properties you expect from it. If you want to take it easy and relax in bed, go for Grand Daddy Purp. If you’re looking for a little more action, Durban Poison’s your guy.

Information Regarding Growing Cherry Pie

The Cherry Pie strain can be grown indoors and outdoors alike. However, it is moderately difficult to grow.  It’s known to produce hermaphroditic structures if pruned to an excess or when stressed, but if grown under proper conditions, this strain can grow into a reliable plant that withstands disease and pests.

Cherry Pie takes from eight to nine weeks to flower and can produce moderately high yields. It thrives in warm temperatures between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit and also requires low humidity when flowering.

One of the main reasons the strain is so hard to grow is that it is extremely vulnerable to stress. For this reasons, seasoned growers recommend only using organic materials to give the plants nutrients without causing too much stress.

Cherry Pie plants can grow over 6 feet tall and can yield between three to six ounces per square foot. As a large plant, growers may need to consistently trim its leaves to increase lower bud growth.

A main difference between Cherry Pie and other popular weed strains is that it is a clone-only strain. This means that this specific strain only circulates in the form of a living plant and can therefore be difficult to obtain.


With an intoxicatingly sweet aroma, a smooth and delicious taste, and a potent high able to relax, engage, and boost its users’ moods, Cherry Pie has secured its place as a household name within the global cannabis community.

A well-balanced hybrid enjoyable at home or outside of it, the popular Cherry Kush is celebrated among recreational and medical users alike. And trust us, seeing why this strain is so popular is as easy as pie!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Explore answers to our most commonly asked questions about CBD, our products, and more.

Is Cherry Pie a good strain for sleeping?

Cherry Pie has long-lasting sedating effects, which make the strain recommendable for treating insomnia. 

Does Cherry Pie give an energy boost?

The strain’s parent, Durban Poison, gives Cherry Pie an energizing and creativity-enhancing effect. 

Does Cherry Pie cause paranoia?

It can. Although it’s not too common, Cherry Pie has been known to cause side effects like paranoia and anxiety. 

Are there different variations of the Cherry Pie strain?

Yes. There are some different variations of the Cherry Pie strain on the market today. Some are sativa-dominant while others remain indica-based. 

Is Cherry Pie a “top shelf” strain?

Made of rockstar parents, Cherry Pie would be expected to be top-shelf quality, and when purchased from the right source, it is! 

Is Cherry Pie considered one of the strongest strain?

Cherry Pie is a high-THC strain, with THC levels of 16-18%. That said, there are other, much stronger strains available. 

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