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Buzz THC-O Gummies - 500MG

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Buzz THC-O Gummies don't just aim to get you feeling nice and mellow, they aim to swing you out of orbit and into the best buzz of your life. With Buzz THC-O Gummies, you get 500mg of the world’s most powerful hemp-based cannabinoid built on a foundation of CBD. Each jar has approximately 500mg of THC-O — that’s about 25mg per gummy to give you a burst of buzzworthy THC-O in every bite.

So what is THC-O? It’s the latest (and greatest) hemp-derived cannabinoid cooked up from CBD that’s taking the country by storm. Two parts Delta-8 and three parts Delta-9, THC-O is pure, unadulterated hemp that offers one of the most potent and powerful psychotropic highs on the legal market today. Whether you’re a hemp veteran or novice, you’ll be absolutely amazed at the power of THC-O. In fact, you’ll say it’s flawless.

With Buzz THC-O Gummies, you’ll experience a cannabinoid strong enough to swoop you away to another world. With 20 gummies per package and 25mg of THC-O per gummy, the extra-strength cannabinoid will kick your systems into high gear, leaving you refreshed reinvigorated, and ready to ride the rainbow into the stratosphere.

Try Buzz THC-O Gummies today, but fair warning, these aren't just any old edible. THC-O is a powerful hemp-derived cannabinoid that requires you to be prepared and demands your respect. These gummies are best enjoyed with friends who can help keep the atmosphere chill. And don’t worry, like all of our products, Buzz THC-O Gummies are third-party tested to ensure there are no synthetics or impurities in every batch.

Total Strength
Strength Per gummy
Total Units
20 gummies
Total THCO
THCO Per gummy

Sugar, Tapioca Syrup, Corn Syrup, Water, Pectin, Citric Acid Natural Flavors, Fruit And Vegetable Extract (Color), and THC-O.

Active Ingredients

THCO Products are pure, all-natural, hemp-infused cannabinoids known especially for their extremely strong high. Users enjoy these products in myriad forms, including gummies and vapes. Besides their potent buzz, users enjoy THCO Products for their many other benefits too.

Euphoric buzz
Heightened emotions
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Frequently Asked Questions

How safe are THCO gummies?

As a non-classical cannabinoid, THC-O is less dangerous than other synthetic cannabinoids such as Spice.

Are THCO gummies addictive?

As with delta-9, THC-O has hallucinogenic effects. Hallucinogenic effects include visual distortions, auditory illusions, and enhanced emotional experiences. However, THC-O's effects depend on the dose just as they are with any other euphoric drug.

Why choose THCO edibles?

They have a potent buzz that helps you relax like no other hemp product on the market today. THCO edibles really have a kick that you will enjoy!

What is the shelf life of THCO gummies?

As THCO Gummies' metabolism is slow, they last longer than other methods of consumption and can last up to eight hours. THCO products will stay fresh for up to a year in a cool, dry room.

How long do THCO gummies take to kick in?

It can take up to four hours for cannabinoids-based edibles to begin making a noticeable difference. In most cases, you will feel the effects within 30 minutes.

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