Raw Cannabinoid Neutractiv ™ Extreme Gummies - Red Berry - 1250MG

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When Delta-8 THC and all of your favorite buzzy cannabinoids are out of reach, but you still want next-level fun, Active CBD Extreme. Raw Cannabinoid Extreme Gummies in...





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8 oz


Organic Cane Sugar, Corn Syrup, Purified Water, Full Spectrum Hemp Concentrate, Pectin (high methoxyl pectin (E 440i), trisodium citrate (E 331iii), sucrose), Citric Acid, Organic Berry Flavor (o rganic ethyl alcohol, water, natural flavor), Organic Red Color (organic vegetable juice color (E163), organic glycerin (E422), filtered deionized water), Organic Sunflower Lecithin, Malic Acid, Hemp Extract. May contain trace of amounts of carnauda wax.


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CBD Gummies
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Active CBD
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Raw Cannabinoid Neutractiv ™ Extreme Gummies - Red Berry - 1250MG
Raw Cannabinoid Neutractiv ™ Extreme Gummies - Red Berry - 1250MG


Raw Cannabinoid Active CBD Gummies are made from scratch, meaning our proprietary blend of cannabinoids is baked right into the batch.

While some brands prefer to spray on their cannabinoids after the fact, with Active CBD, the pure Raw power comes evenly mixed throughout each gummy, making it a pure hemp experience.

So try Raw Cannabinoid Active CBD with NeutractivTM today, and see what a boost of Raw power can do for your motivation. What is NeutractivTM, and how can it benefit you? It’s the latest all-natural, hemp-extracted blend of cannabinoids for those days when you need something more than Delta-8 or Delta-10. It’s Active CBD crafted with our proprietary blend of some of the most powerful activating combinations of naturally produced U.S. grown hemp plant-derived extracts and invigorating isomer structures that come together to help you find focus, energy, and motivation.

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Out of this WORLD buzz

I was taken to place I have never been to before. This amazing high blew me away, I didn't expect it to be more powerful than D-8 and D-10 but it was. I was transported to another realm it came on smooth and slow and lasted for hours. I was both inside and outside of my body. These are going to be my go to from now on. Oh and it's good for you it's CBD. WIN WIN