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Buy THCO Cartridges, strong, potent hemp-infused carts. These are the strongest THC carts on the legal market. Buy these safe, legal cannabinoids today!

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Common Questions

THCO Carts - Buzzy, Blissful, Bold

Experience the newest and strongest cannabinoid on the market with THCO carts!

Delta 10 and HHC are milder relatives of THCO, but this cannabinoid is not for the faint of heart. In fact, THCO is five times stronger than delta 8.

If you think you're up for the adventure, put on your grown-up pants and prepare yourself for the experience of a lifetime!

What Is THCO?

As a hemp-derived cannabinoid, THCO is also known as tetrahydrocannabinol acetate (or THC-O acetate). THCO is not found naturally in cannabis plants, unlike delta-8 and delta-10.

Scientists create THCO by converting hemp-derived CBD into delta 8 and mixing it with acetic anhydride, a chemical compound.

It may seem as though this compound is a newly discovered cannabinoid, but the US military has actually been studying its effects since the mid-20th century.

THC-O is a synthetic compound designed to be more powerful than other cannabinoids. In addition to having strong psychotropic effects, THC-O is reported to produce psychedelic experiences.

Some properties of THCO include:

  • Pain management

  • Relaxation

  • Appetite stimulation

  • Strong psychoactive high

  • Psychedelic effects

Why A THC-O Cartridge?

THCO, also known as "the psychedelic of cannabinoids," is known to cause an intense high. In case you're looking for an insane experience that takes you through time and space, THC-O is for you!

In addition to its psychoactive potency, THCO also causes hallucinogenic effects, including visual distortions, auditory hallucinations, and heightened emotions.

THCO is also known to induce mood-enhancing, euphoric feelings, which could be useful for anxiety and stress management.

Perhaps you've heard of THCO edibles, such as THCO gummies, or maybe you've tried THCO disposable vapes, but why should you choose THCO cartridges?

The answer is simple: THCO cartridges are sick!

First and foremost, our THC-O cartridges are top-notch. They deliver great results in any flavor!

After hitting your THCO cartridge, you'll feel the trippy effects of this powerful compound in mere minutes. But that's not all; a THC-O cartridge will keep you stoned for hours.

With THCO carts, you can smoke almost anywhere. No more shoving towels under your door or sneaking out to the backyard for a few hits!

Rechargeability is another electrifying reason to use THCO cartridges. You can make good things last (even though nothing good lasts forever). Our THC-O cartridges are designed to last longer than disposable vapes, and their rechargeable battery ensures that you get the most out of your cartridges.

Whenever your THCO cart's battery runs out, simply plug it in for a couple of hours and continue to enjoy!

Are THCO Carts Safe?

As a stronger analog to delta 9, THCO shares a similar safety profile with this drug. THC-O has never been linked to overdoses or deaths, and it appears that THCO does not pose the same risk as synthetic "non-classical" cannabinoids.

The term "non-classical" refers to a chemical structure unrelated to THC or other cannabinoids, such as those found in products like Spice and K2. THCO does not seem to be associated with these compounds and their negative effects. 

As with any cannabinoid, there is the possibility of slight unpleasantries. Some potential side effects of THCO include:

  • Anxiety

  • Paranoia

  • Insomnia

  • Dizziness

  • Nausea

  • Dry mouth

  • Red eyes 

A worrisome aspect of hemp-derived cannabinoids is the veracity of their origins. Since the FDA does not monitor or regulate hemp-derived cannabinoids, it's often up to individual companies to set their own safety standards.

At CBD Mall, we're dedicated to providing the highest quality, safest, and purest CBD products. Free of additives, carcinogens, and other harmful chemicals, our entire process is designed to maintain the highest standard.

Our hemp is 100% organic, 100% American-grown, and 100% free of pesticides, herbicides, and harmful chemicals. To ensure that only the best products reach the shelves, our extraction processes are carefully and precisely carried out by scientists committed to safety. Additionally, all of the lab tests are ready for your inspection and peace of mind on our website.

When you buy from CBD Mall, safety is guaranteed!

How Potent Are THCO Carts?

To put it simply, THC-O cartridges are about as powerful as they come! 

THCO is one of our strongest cannabinoids. Not only does it get you high, but it also has a good chance of causing psychedelic effects, such as audiovisual hallucinations.

Dosing THCO

To be sure you get a fun, manageable trip, start low and slow and wait a few minutes between puffs when ingesting THCO. We want you buzzed, not unconscious!

There is no such thing as a perfect dosage; it depends on a variety of factors, such as weight, lifestyle, age, and tolerance.

Keeping that in mind, here's a quick estimate of how much THCO you should ingest:

  • Mild highs are said to be induced by dosages of around 0.5mg (i.e., a quick puff).

  • A moderate dose of 1-3mg is thought to cause a strong psychoactive high (aka, a regular puff).

  • In high doses of 5mg+, the effects resemble those of LSD (aka, a long puff).

THCO carts can be tricky to dose, but if you do it right, you can experience psychedelic perfection!

How To Use a THCO Cartridge

When it comes to operating our THC-O carts, it's as simple as can be. If you're new to the world of THC-O, don't worry! We're here to guide you through the process.

Read on and thank us later if you've got questions about THCO cartridges.

In spite of their fascinating technology, THC-O carts are actually quite simple science. They are designed for convenience, ease, and maximum satisfaction. THC-O carts utilize the power of heat and vaporization to give you the best (and strongest) buzz available. 

THCO cartridges are designed for maximum convenience and minimum hassle. They consist of three simple components.

  • Your pen's chamber holds the prefilled THC-O vape juice.

  • By harnessing the power of your attached battery, the atomizer heats up the oil and turns it into vapor without burning your juice.

  • Your mouthpiece is the channel at the tip of your cart that allows vapor to reach your mouth when you inhale.

It is important to remember that your THCO cart and battery are purchased separately. Some batteries have voltages to weaken or strengthen heat, for example. The main difference, however, is that some batteries have buttons and others do not.

If your battery has a button, you'll have to press it while inhaling to activate your atomizer; if not, you're fine just by inhaling. You'll be in the clouds in just a few minutes when you screw your cart into your (charged!) battery. Just press the button or start sucking, and you're off!


Though delta 9 products, also known as THC, is the most famous cannabinoid associated with weed, there are some key differences between THCO and THC.

Properties of THC

  • Found naturally in hemp plants

  • Federally illegal

  • Legal in 19 states

  • Moderate to strong high

Properties of THC-O

  • Synthetically made from hemp

  • Federally legal

  • Legal in 41 states

  • Strong high

  • Hallucinogenic

CBD Mall’s Top 3 THCO Carts

You can't go wrong with THCO cartridges from CBD Mall! 

That said, here's a list of our favorites: 

CBD Mall has THCO cartridges for every taste and budget, so start exploring today!