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Buy THCO Disposable Vapes, strong, potent hemp-infused vapes. These are the strongest THC vapes on the legal market. Buy these safe, legal cannabinoids today!

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October 13, 2022
Amy S.
Very smooth
June 24, 2022
Chris T.
First off, BIG THANKS to the folks who run this site! They bring the BEST Customer Service in this industry! Onto the vape: Hands down ‘THE BEST’ vape on the market for the $$$. ONLY take a small RIP at first, then gradually increase it.. Premium Quality RIP, with hints of Colors and Sound!! WILL buy again. ✌️✌️

Common Questions

THCO Disposable Vape - Take A Psychedelic Puff

In addition to offering you the strongest — and safest — psychotropic experience available, THCO disposable vapes are made with the highest quality THC-O available. As we like to say at CBD Mall, inhale the buzz and exhale the fuzz! 

THCO is one of the newest additions to our family of cannabinoids. 

Some of THCO's milder relatives, such as delta 8, delta 10, and HHC, are well known. But this new cannabinoid will launch you into orbit and make you an astronaut like you always wanted as a kid! In addition to being three times stronger than regular THC, THCO has been shown to produce an intense psychedelic high. 

Some report that it can even be hallucinogenic.

It's not necessary for us to tell you about the intense experience this cannabinoid creates if you have already tried THCO vapes (or THCO in any other form). If you're new to the THCO game and want to learn more about the compound, lay back, strap in, and let us take you through the buzzy basics of THCO disposable vapes. 

Why Vape THCO?

THCO vapes are for anyone who wants to get a big buzz. Vaping THCO offers a different experience than edibles or carts. The high is the same as that of a cart; they're taken in through the lungs and kick in within minutes. Edibles, on the other hand, take several hours to kick in, but they give you a long-lasting high after that.

It is important to note that there are also some key differences between THCO vape pens and carts. To start with, disposable vapes are much more convenient than carts because they don't require charging batteries or screwing and unscrewing carts. They can simply be thrown away and replaced when they run out.

In short, THCO vapes are fast, easy, and most importantly, they'll get you real buzzed!

How Does THCO Compare To THC?

You probably think of delta 9 products, aka THC products, when you think of a powerful buzz. But THCO and THC differ in a couple of big ways.

  • THCO is synthetically made from hemp-derived CBD in a lab environment.

  • THC is a naturally occurring compound in cannabis plants. 

Acetates, such as THCO are formed by converting CBD into delta 8 and then adding acetic anhydride. 

  • Under the 2018 Farm Bill, THCO is legal in the United States.

  • THC remains federally illegal. 

In either case, their legalities vary by state, with THCO legal in 41 states and THC legal in only 19.

  • THC has a high potency.

  • THCO is much more potent than THC. Like, much more.  

It's estimated that THCO is up to three times stronger than THC, and it's also associated with audiovisual hallucinations.

How To Use a THCO Vape Pen

If you've vaped before, you know the drill. And if you're new to vaping, no worries! We've got you covered.

There are four elements that make THCO disposable vapes convenient and easy to use: 

  • Your pen's tank holds the prefilled THCO vape juice.

  • The atomizer is where it gets hot. Designed to reach the perfect temperature without burning your juice, the atomizer heats the oil into vapor.

  • When activated, the battery charges the atomizer, allowing it to heat your oil.

  • Your vape's mouthpiece is where you put your mouth in order to inhale the vapor.

Now that you know the basics, using a THCO disposable vape is as easy as bringing it to your mouth and inhaling. 

We said it was easy, didn't we? 

Dosing Your THCO Disposable Vape

Your tolerance is one of the most important things to keep in mind when using a THCO vape. Wait a few minutes between puffs to see how you feel and ensure a pleasant trip. We want a nice buzz, not a knocked-out stoner! 

As THCO is such a potent psychoactive compound, it's important to start low and increase slowly. Dosage can vary depending on weight, lifestyle, age, and tolerance.

You should ingest THCO roughly based on the effect you want:

  • Low doses of 0.5mg are said to induce mild highs

  • A moderate dose of 1-3mg produces a solid psychological high

  • High doses of 5mg and above are said to be psychedelic, causing similar effects to LSD.

Are THCO Disposable Vapes Safe? 

Of course!

In the wake of new products like THCO vapes hitting the market, it's understandable that users are wary about their safety profiles. Although research into THCO is still young, we do know a lot (most importantly, that it's safe).

There have been no reports of death or overdoses associated with hemp products. This gives THCO vapes an advantage over other (nicotine-based) vaping products.

Since the FDA does not regulate hemp-derived cannabinoids, it is up to individual manufacturers to set their own standards for safety and purity. This means that researching and trusting your cannabinoid manufacturer is a crucial step toward consuming hemp products safely. 

All CBD Mall THCO vapes are third-party tested for quality, purity, and safety. Made from organic, all-American hemp, all of our products go through rigorous production, extraction, and testing processes to ensure safety. 

At CBD Mall, quality, efficiency, and safety are always guaranteed.

The Benefits of THCO Disposable Vapes

THCO vapes come with several advantages, but their most notable feature is their psychotropic effects. Nicknamed "the psychedelic of cannabinoids," THCO produces an intense high that's not for the faint of heart.

Its psychoactive potency is comparable to vaping significant amounts of delta 9, but it also causes slight hallucinogenic effects, such as visual distortions, auditory hallucinations, and heightened emotions. 

Anecdotal evidence suggests THCO induces uplifting, mood-enhancing, and euphoric feelings, which may be suitable for relaxation. That said, there is still a lack of comprehensive research on the compound. 

CBD Mall's Top THCO Disposable Vapes

CBD Mall's THCO vapes are always top-quality, safe, and flavorful regardless of flavor or strain. 

Regardless, here’s a few of our favorite vapes:

Here at CBD Mall, every choice is the right choice. All of our products are third-party lab tested for purity, safety, and quality. Our THCO vapes will get you where you need to be.