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Blend Gummies

Shop our exclusive collection of Blend Gummies, and find all your favorite cannabinoids mixed together in one powerful, delicious gummy. On sale now!
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These definitely help my chronic back pain. Plus you get a nice little buzz.
Fast delivery.
A little expensive though, unless you have a code.
First thing. I'm glad to see you can now send higher strength to New York. My previous subscription was 600Mg. Being I have a low tolerance I get twice the use of these 1200MG. Just 1/4 of a gummy gives me a nice 4 hour buzz. I did a storage test on the 600MG. Put them in the fridge. After 4 months I took out a portion. Brought to room temp. Texture, taste and effect where just like fresh. Still the best cure for RLS also.
Very tasty, variety of flavors. Helps if you need a good night sleep, love the discounts you offer, makes it reasonable to purchase.

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