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Great tasting cartridge. I use it to help me sleep. Prefect for just lounging around. Helps mellow you out.
Really like the flavor, great choice for getting stuff done. I use this alot through out my day.

Common Questions

Delta 8 Carts - Blissfully Buzzy

Delta 8 carts keep your engine going through even the most challenging terrain. They're produced with only the safest, highest-quality ingredients.

Our delta 8 cart selection is unmatched, and with hundreds of strains to choose from, Diamond is the place to get blasted legally and safely. At Diamond, we’re working to send you into space without informing NASA. Choose your flavor, pick up your new cart, and board the spaceship made especially for you!

We'll explain what delta 8 carts are, so you're a newbie. Let's take a look at how they work!

Do You Know What Delta 8 Is?

Basically, delta 8 can get you feeling nice if you let it since it's a cannabinoid found in cannabis plants. There are many similarities shared by delta 8 and delta 9, the compound many people are familiar with as THC or weed. However, delta 8 will give you the same qualities at a milder extent. 

Among these similarities are:

  • The feeling of euphoria

  • A feeling of relaxation

  • Enhancement of mood

  • Enhancement of appetite

  • Relieving stress

Delta 8 stimulates your CB1 receptor less than delta 9, which means you are less likely to experience adverse side effects like paranoia and anxiety. Delta 8 is also known as "weed lite" or "diet weed." It has all the pleasantries of delta 9 without getting too high.

Delta 8 Cartridges: What Are They?

The Delta 8 cartridge (or cart) is usually a tubular container attached to a reusable battery that holds vape liquid. In the same way that delta 8 disposable vape pens are disposed of and replaced after their liquid runs out, these cartridges are also meant to be disposed of and repurchased once they run out. However, unlike disposables, they should only be discarded once filled, not the battery itself.

In addition to being 100% safe and federally legal, our distillate carts are free from carcinogens and contaminants. In addition to the fact that delta 8 is derived from hemp, making it one of the safest compounds on the market today, at CBD Mall, all of our products are third-party tested to ensure only the highest quality and safest carts reach our store.

This buzzy cannabinoid is consumed most commonly through Delta 8 carts, and they are also fun to consume! The convenient little cylinders come in various strains and flavors. With its near-instant release of delta 8's mind-bending effects, they can be used virtually anywhere and be utterly odor-free in minutes.

Delta 8 vs. CBD

A delta 8 cart's most significant difference from a CBD cart is its psychotropic effects. Unlike delta 8, which will give you a warm, soothing buzz that will mellow you out, CBD doesn't contain any psychoactive ingredients, so it won't make you high.

As with our delta 8 carts, our CBD vapes undergo all of the same rigorous processes, but ultimately, they are meant to satisfy two different needs. While CBD doesn't get you high, it benefits your health and wellness. By contrast, Delta 8 gives you a healthy dose of benefits and a nice little buzz.

Take a look at this chart to compare CBD with delta 8 and learn how they differ (and how they are similar):

Benefits of CBD & Benefits of Delta 8
Benefits of CBD (According to User Reports) Benefits of Delta 8 (According to User Reports)
  • Relief from anxiety

  • Nausea-relieving

  • Wellness Boosting Feelings

  • Boosts mood

  • Getting better sleep

  • Improved skin health

  • Psychoactive experience not reported

  • A relaxing experience

  • Relief from anxiety

  • A euphoric feeling

  • Stimulates appetite

  • Getting better sleep

  • Psychoactive experience of mild intensity

Vaping Delta 8 Carts Has Many Benefits

When it comes to delta 8, it's indeed a beneficial compound, causing euphoria, relaxation, and lack of side effects like anxiety and paranoia. However, why use cartridges when a delta 8 disposable vape or some delta 8 edibles suffice?

Delta 8 carts have some unique advantages that these other methods do not have, especially if you buy them from us.

It will be easy for you to feel the effects of the cannabinoid within minutes of hitting your delta 8 cart. The feel-good release of carts can last up to 2 hours, as opposed to gummies, which can take up to an hour to kick in.

Whether you want 900mg or 950mg, delta 8 carts will give you a smooth high and the best buzz. 

A delta 8 cart can make vaping a customized experience that suits you and your unique lifestyle with hundreds of strains and flavors! You can choose a relaxing indica-leaning cart if you're more the indica-couch type or a sativa strain if you want a quick buzz on the go. Or you can get crazy and meet them both halfway with a hybrid.

As opposed to disposable vapes, once your delta 8 cart runs out, there's a straightforward solution that doesn't involve throwing your whole device out and getting a new one. All you need to do is grab another cart, recharge your battery, and you're good to go.

You can use these carts to experience delta 8's mind-altering effects despite being concerned about the environment. In addition to being GMO-free, organically grown, made without synthetics, and manufactured using eco-friendly processes, Delta 8 carts are available for those who care about the environment. With our glass carts, you can dispose of them safely and responsibly!

After learning about some of the benefits of delta 8 carts, you may wonder how they operate.

How Exactly Does My Delta 8 Cart Work?

You can activate vape carts with minimal steps, but using them is straightforward and does not require many steps. The rest of the process is the same, regardless of whether you activate the battery by pressing a button or inhaling from the Mouthpiece.

Generally, a cart consists of three parts:

  • It consists of a prefilled Chamber with delta 8 oil.

  • As you inhale delta 8 oil, it is vaporized at the Atomizer using the heat produced by the battery.

  • It is the Mouthpiece that makes the vapor reach your mouth (and lungs) when you inhale.

Inhaling your delta 8 cart or taking a deep breath, then waiting a few minutes for it to start partying in your lungs is all that needs to be done after attaching your delta 8 cart to your battery. You can either press the button or inhale (depending on your battery).

CBD Mall’s delta 8 carts will take you to the moon and back!