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Customers Reviews

November 25, 2022
Keith C.
Affordable sales prices and quick shipping!! Will remain a repeat customer.
November 20, 2022
Carol Q.
Lessens spinal spasms which really surprised me. I have not had pain relief since my fentanyl patch.
November 14, 2022
Parker G.
Thought it wouldn't be strong because it's D8 not D9 or D10... boy was I wrong. Already have another one on the way.
November 11, 2022
Natasha J.
This is my favorite product. It is a great mix to promote relaxation and decrease pain and or anxiety. You will experience a smoother high.
November 11, 2022
Natasha J.
This is my favorite product. It is a great mix to promote relaxation and decrease pain and or anxiety. You will experience a smoother high.

Common Questions

Delta 8 Products - For Rest & Relaxation

Delta 8 products are way different than the regular THC you may be used to. This isn't you and your friends fiending for a roach back in high school, and it's certainly not what your parents messed around with back in the day. What delta 8 is, however, is an awesome way to get blasted into orbit safely and legally!

As the hemp market boomed following the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, cannabinoid retailers and consumers raced to find the hottest and newest compounds.

Among delta 8's cousins, you might have heard of delta 9, delta 10, CBD, HHC, or THCO, but delta 8 remains the most popular, and for a good reason.

In addition to providing the highest-quality cannabinoids on the market, CBD Mall also aims to educate customers on the benefits of cannabinoids. If you're new to delta 8, read on and find out what all the fuss is about!

What Is Delta 8?

Known as delta-8-tetrahydrocannabinol, delta 8 is a mildly psychoactive cannabinoid found in cannabis plants. Delta 8 shares many of the benefits of delta 9 THC, or the compound commonly associated with cannabis plants, but has much lower levels of THC (and, therefore, a much lower chance of getting you blasted beyond repair). 

Delta 8 isn't as strong as some of its more powerful cousins, but it will certainly give you a buzz you won't forget.

Although delta 8 is a naturally occurring compound, it's only found in trace amounts, unlike other cannabinoids like delta 9. Therefore, chemists have found a way of creating it in large quantities to meet market demand for this deliciously buzzy cannabinoid.

How Are Delta 8 Products Made?

Many of the most well-known cannabinoids today are derived from CBGA. Also called cannabigerolic acid, this compound is known as the "mother cannabinoid." Without human intervention, CBGA naturally evolves into cannabinoids like CBD or THC. This process largely depends on environmental and genetic factors. 

With the help of scientists, these factors can be manipulated to ensure CBGA's evolution into any desired cannabinoid, including delta 8!

What Types Of Delta 8 Products Are Available?

When it comes to delta 8 products, variety's where it's at here at CBD Mall! From smokables to edibles, we've got it all to meet your needs. 

With hundreds of flavors, strains, and potencies to pick from, and multiple delta 8 ingestion methods to try out, you'll never be disappointed with our selection of delta 8 products. And when you find the product that's just right for you, you'll never want to try anything else again! 

  • Our delta 8 carts and delta 8 disposable vapes are available in various strains and flavors for those looking to smoke and toke. 

  • Whether you like to add delta 8 oil directly under your tongue or just add a few drops to your food, we have a wide selection of delta 8 oils to choose from. 

  • Delta 8 edibles and delta 8 gummies in tasty potencies and flavors will get you straight to the stoney snacking.

  • Those looking for something a little more chill can try delta 8 CBD. This amazing partnership works wonders to enhance each other's benefits and help you achieve your goals. 

Whether you're a toker, smoker, snacker, or a delta 8 enthusiast in all its incredible forms, CBD Mall's got what you need!

Are Delta 8 Products Safe?

A concern about the new wave of cannabinoids — especially delta 8 products — is that, since hemp became federally legalized, the FDA does not monitor or regulate hemp-derived cannabinoids. As a result, individual manufacturers often set forth safety regulations and expectations.

It is therefore important to research cannabinoid companies and make sure they are trustworthy.

At CBD Mall, we manufacture products with the utmost efficiency, quality, and customer satisfaction in mind. All of our products are tested by third-party labs for purity and safety before they are sold. For your peace of mind and our accountability, those lab results are always available on our website.

When you source your cannabinoids (including delta 8) from CBD Mall, you know that you are consuming only the safest, purest, and highest quality products!

What Are Your Most Popular Delta 8 Products?

As long as you buy from CBD Mall, you can't go wrong with delta 8. The world is in your hands with hundreds of delta 8 products; all tested for purity, safety, and quality! 

Below are some of our delta 8 fan favorites:

Remember, all of CBD Mall's products have been third-party tested for safety, quality, and purity. We make sure your satisfaction (and buzz) is guaranteed.

How Does Delta 8 Compare to Other Cannabinoids?

Now that we've talked about delta 8 let's compare it to some of its relatives. But before we get into that, let's discuss delta 8 and its effects a little more.

Delta 8 has a mild potency and is similar to cannabinoids like delta 9. Some of its effects include:

  • Calmness 

  • Relaxation

  • Appetite stimulation

  • Mild to moderate high

But, what are the effects of delta 8 in comparison to other cannabinoids? Find out below so you can find the right product for you!

Delta 8 vs. Delta 9

In spite of the fact that delta 8 and delta 9 products have a lot in common, their potency is vastly different. Overall, delta 9 is around twice as potent as delta 8, and some studies suggest that adverse side effects such as anxiety and paranoia are much more likely to occur when you smoke delta 9 than when you smoke delta 8.

Overall, delta 8 provides a much more manageable experience. While delta 8 works slowly and gradually, delta 9's effects are a lot more immediate.

Delta 8 vs. Delta 10

The delta 8 and delta 10 products share a lot of similarities, including being excellent choices for new users, producing mild euphoric effects, and having reduced chances of negative effects, like anxiety or paranoia. 

That said, there are also some key differences between delta 8 and delta 10. While delta 8 produces Indica-like effects, delta 10 produces Sativa-like effects. This means that while delta 8 will chill you out, delta 10 will amp you up. 

Some other properties of delta 10 include:

  • Bursts of creativity 

  • Mood boost

  • Energy

  • Focus

  • Mild, relaxing buzz

Delta 8 vs. CBD

CBD products and delta 8 differ primarily in their psychoactive potency. While delta 8 is mildly psychotropic, CBD does not contain any psychoactive properties.

So, what is the purpose of taking CBD?

CBD is primarily used for its physical wellness benefits, including:

  • Stress relief

  • Anxiety relief

  • Pain management

  • General wellness

  • Better sleep

Delta 8 vs. HHC

In spite of the fact that HHC products share many characteristics with delta 8 and delta 9, its potency is between the two. HHC is around 70-80% as strong as delta 9, making it more potent than delta 8 and delta 10.

While HHC is more potent than delta 8, side effects such as anxiety and paranoia remain mild. 

Additionally, HHC has a much longer shelf life than other cannabinoids and can last for more than five years.

HHC can have the following effects:

  • Relaxation

  • Appetite stimulation

  • Moderate high

Delta 8 vs. THCO

According to current research, THCO products are nearly five times stronger than delta 8—talk about getting the most for your money!

While THCO is known for its strength, it also brings about psychedelic effects, such as audiovisual hallucinations. This isn't for beginners!

Other properties of THCO include:

  • Relaxation

  • Appetite stimulation

  • Strong high

  • Psychedelic effects

Delta 8 Products: Final Thoughts

Strong enough to get you high yet mild enough to calm you down, delta 8 is the perfect middle ground between too much and too little buzz.

We offer hundreds of delta 8 products, from vapes and carts to edibles and oils. When you buy your delta 8 from CBD Mall, you're guaranteed safety, purity, quality, and, most importantly, efficiency. 

Browse our collection today!