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haven't tried these yet, but I have had great experiences with all the products I have purchased from here, so I am sure these will be awesome! I have used gummies with live resin before and they do pack a punch!
Second time ordering, arrived on time and in perfect condition. Not disappointed with the Euphoria Blend.
On time shipping, great customer service, and all for a guy with the tolerance of the Marley family. That said, these weren't potent enough for me, and I also know, they'll be way more potent for you, especially if you are not a chronic herb inhaler!

Common Questions

Delta 9 Gummies - A Chewy Taste on A Classic Cannabinoid

Our delta 9 gummies aren't just mouthwatering; they're also the perfect way to get an old-school buzz! 

Delta 9 THC is infamously known for its stance at the center of the fight for legal marijuana, but with our all-new hemp-derived delta 9, you can kiss the legal tape and protest signs goodbye!

It was about time delta 9 joined its younger relatives, such as delta 8, delta 10, and HHC, in the legal, hemp-based cannabinoid market, and that moment is finally here! 

This instant classic has gotten a facelift by dedicated scientists, and now you can enjoy legal delta 9 in delicious gummy form!

What Is Delta 9?

Delta 9 THC, or delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, is perhaps the most famous psychoactive cannabinoid found in cannabis. This is the compound people are usually referring to when they mention weed. 

This psychoactive cannabinoid is guilty of getting you couch-locked and cotton-mouthed when you buy pot from a dispensary, and it's what stoners usually prefer to bring to the smoke sesh. 

THC works by stimulating your brain cells and promoting the release of dopamine. This is what makes you feel all giddy and goofy after ingesting some good kush. 

Some benefits commonly associated with delta 9 THC include:

  • Better sleep

  • Appetite boosts

  • Anxiety and stress relief  

  • Pain management 

  • Moderate to strong high

How To Dose Delta 9 Gummies

You know what they say; all things are good in moderation. Delta 9 is great, but consuming it in excessive amounts could result in adverse effects, such as anxiety, nausea, paranoia, and temporary mental fog.

Nobody wants to flinch at police siren sounds in rap songs, get the cold sweats, or secretly have a panic attack in the middle of a smoke circle, so remember to always be realistic about your tolerance!

We always recommend starting low and slow and gradually working your way up to the perfect high for you. The right dose for you may not be the right dose for someone else, as dosing isn't an exact science. Factors like weight, tolerance, delivery method, and more play a part in how much delta 9 is enough delta 9!

Dosing may be elusive, but scientists have still developed a general guide to help you aim in the right direction:

  • Beginners: around 5mg

  • Casual users: up to 15mg 

  • Regular users: 15mg or more 

But remember, this guide is only a suggestion. The perfect dosage is different for everyone, so it's always best to start low and keep building the high until you're satisfied with your psychoactive state!

Is Delta 9 Legal?


Although the legality of marijuana has been heatedly debated for decades, our delta 9 is 100% hemp-derived, meaning it is considered legal at the federal level. In 2018, the Farm Bill officially and federally legalized hemp and all of its derivatives, including hemp-derived delta 9. 

That said, state laws may vary. At this time, hemp-derived delta 9 remains illegal in 11 states: Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Mississippi, Montana, Rhode Island, and Utah. 

Are Delta 9 Gummies Safe?


All delta 9 products, including gummies, are safe to consume as long as your cannabinoid source is trustworthy.

Because the FDA does not closely monitor the manufacturing and distribution of hemp-derived cannabinoids, individual parties usually set their own standards of safety and purity. 

This means that it's up to you to research and trust the companies from which you source your cannabinoids, delta 9 included. 

At CBD Mall, all of our products are made using organically-grown hemp and are never exposed to GMOs, synthetics, or carcinogens. Furthermore, our products are third-party lab tested for safety, quality, and purity; all of our lab results are freely available on our website for our accountability. 

In other words, shady delta 9 can be dangerous, but if you get your D9 from CBD Mall, you've got nothing to worry about!

Gummies vs. Other Delta 9 Products

Whether you want to eat, vape, or drop our hemp-derived delta 9, one thing will always remain the same: a fun, safe, and legal buzz!

But, how exactly are all these methods different? And how do you know which is best for you?

The differences between these methods vary, but they include the amount of time they take to kick in and the amount of time the effects last. 

Disposable Vapes and Carts

Carts and disposable vapes are extremely similar; you ingest them through your lungs, they only take a few minutes to kick in, and their effects can stick around for a couple of hours. 

The only difference between these two is rechargeability. While disposable vapes have a built-in battery that eventually dies out and can't be recharged, carts are sold separately from their battery, so you can always pop a cart's battery on a charger and keep enjoying your cart. 

Once your vape oil and battery run out on a disposable vape, it's simply time to throw it out and head back to CBD Mall for more. With a cart, you get the permanence of keeping the same battery even after your cart is finished. 


Second only to carts and vapes, delta 9 oil is one of the quickest ways to buzz. By placing a few drops of oil under your tongue, letting them sit for a few minutes, and swallowing, your cannabinoid can start kicking in under 30 minutes! 

Oil, however, can have an off-putting taste, so many users opt to drop it into their food or drinks rather than directly under the tongue. Although this method does mask the oil's taste, it creates a longer pathway for the delta 9 to reach the bloodstream. 

Edibles (Gummies)

Edibles take the longest to kick in and the longest to wear off out of all methods. When you eat an edible, it must make its way through your digestive system, reaching the stomach, then the liver, and finally allowing the delta 9 to enter your bloodstream. 

If you're looking for an immediate release that doesn't last too long, you'll greatly benefit from an oil or vape. But if what you want is strong, long-lasting effects, delta 9 edibles are your thing.

Sure, experiencing the joy of delta 9 edibles may take some patience; they may take a couple of hours to set in. But once they hit, they hit hard. Not only are edibles a lot stronger than other methods of ingestion, but they can sometimes also last for upwards of eight hours!

A type of edible, our delta 9 gummies are the most popular among users of all ages. There's just nothing quite like a chewy, delicious bite that leads to the perfect buzz!

Delta 9 Gummies: Final Thoughts

Delta 9's iconic nature is simply irrefutable. A compound that has been at the heart of marijuana legislation, irreplaceable in smoking circles, and a staple in television is now safe, legal, and ready to be enjoyed by you!

Experience this hemp-derived cannabinoid in the most mouthwatering way with CBD Mall's delta 9 gummies today!