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Our senior yellow lab is getting somewhat "groanie" lately as age is working on him. These treats are easier to get down than the CBD oil I've been using. He loves them and he seems to rest easier.
Best stuff for my dogs, will keep buying them … fast shipping and value… highly recommended
Repeat customer. Our 65# dog will run & play and then is sorry later. This CBD treat is a wonderful alternative for pain management. She rests within 30-45 minutes. We only use half a chew at a time. Highly recommend! Thank you CBD MALL!

Common Questions

CBD for Dogs - No More Ruff Days

In recent years, CBD has gained popularity among all sorts of people for its multiple wellness benefits, and dog people aren't the exception!

Paw-rents have long noted the rewards of incorporating CBD into the daily routines of their furry friends. These properties include reduced anxiety, anti-inflammation, and immunity support.

At CBD Mall, we offer high-quality, non-GMO CBD engineered specifically for dogs. From pet treats to oils, we've got everything your pet needs and more! 

You get cool, relaxing products like delta 8 disposable vapes and HHC edibles all the time. Doesn't your best friend deserve a little something too?

What Is CBD for Dogs?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a naturally-occuring cannabinoid found in hemp. The compound has been used for its wellness properties in humans for decades, but it wasn't until 2018's Farm Bill that it became federally legalized and free to be mass-produced and distributed.

Since then, CBD has boomed in popularity among humans and pets alike.

Is CBD For Dogs The Same As CBD For Humans?

Recent studies show that there isn't much difference between CBD for humans and CBD for dogs. Usually, enticing flavors are added to CBD for dogs to entice them to ingest it, but the core CBD oil isn't made much differently than CBD oil for humans.

Many people will sometimes give regular CBD to their pets, which is usually safe. That said, CBD for humans may have ingredients that are dangerous to pets, such as a higher THC level. 

When in a pinch, giving your pup a little CBD from your personal stash probably won't be the end of the world, but it's always best to feed your pet CBD made specifically for them! 

Is CBD for Dogs Safe?


Our CBD for dogs only contains CBD isolate, meaning that the CBD oil is purified and separated from all other compounds before being infused into pet treats or tinctures. CBD isolate provides all the incredible benefits of cannabidiol without any traces of other cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids, including THC. 

No harmful side effects have been observed with CBD for dogs, and because we only use CBD isolate, there's no risk of getting your best friend stoned!

Although safe, it's always important to consider dosing when giving your furry friend CBD. Overdoing it could mean a bad time for your pup, with temporary adverse effects like increased thirst and an upset stomach. Because of this, it's always best to follow the instructions and dosages specified on your products. 

How Does CBD For Dogs Work?

Just like humans, dogs metabolize CBD through the liver. After your pup digests their delicious treat, the cannabidiol is extracted and sent through the bloodstream and into the liver.

In the liver, the CBD is further metabolized and sent back into the bloodstream and to the brain. This is where things start to get good, and you may notice your dog looking more laidback than usual anywhere between 30 to 60 minutes after they get a treat. 

From that point, the relaxing effects of CBD for dogs can last for a good few hours, usually from 4 to 6 hours. You know what they say: chilled-out pet, no need for a vet!

What CBD Product Is Right For My Pet?

Your dog would definitely benefit from CBD, but how do you know which product to pick?

Choosing a CBD treat or oil that's right for your dog depends on a few variables, including their body weight and rate of metabolism. These factors not only affect how quickly the CBD will kick in and wear off for your pup but also how much CBD they need to get a healthy dose. 

With smaller dogs, it's always best to start with a low dosage and observe their behavior before dosing any higher. Similarly, larger dogs are also recommended to start slow, but because of their body weight, a higher dose of CBD will likely be the most effective. 

At CBD Mall, CBD for dogs is offered in a variety of shapes, dosages, and flavors. Whether your pup enjoys Meaty Steak Treats or Wavy Bacon & Cheese Bites, they'll delight in the rich flavors, and calming properties of our CBD treats!

The Benefits Of CBD For Dogs

Research shows that CBD has been greatly beneficial for dogs of all sorts. It has positive effects on our furry friends both physically and mentally. 

Some pet lovers use CBD for dogs to aid in anti-inflammation and joint health, while others use it to give their pups a boost of confidence and relieve anxiety. 

Dogs usually experience a soothing calmness after eating CBD treats, so if your puppy is an enemy of thunderstorms or fireworks, or even if they just get nervous when you walk out the door, CBD pet treats are a tasty way to help your best friend!

What are you waiting for? Give your furry friend a delicious taste of relaxation with CBD Mall's CBD for dogs!