Delta-8 and Senior Citizens: Should Your Grandparents Try Delta-8 THC?

Sep 12, 2021

We all love our grandparents. Grandma and grandpa are the sweetest people on earth. They bake us cookies, buy us presents, and slip us a few bucks when we need it the most. And in return, we always look out for them. After all, mom-mom and pop-pop are getting up there in years and can’t do the things they could when they were younger. So we help them around the house, we drive them to their appointments, and we do some shopping for them as well.

But should we share our Delta-8 THC with our grandparents too? Can the matriarch and patriarch of your family handle, let alone feel the buzz?

First things first — your grandparents have put in years and years of work raising your parents and then helping to raise you. They went to their jobs every day or took care of the house. They probably even fought in a war or helped with a war effort along the way. All of this is to say, at their age, and after all, they’ve accomplished, they deserve whatever they want in their golden years. Your grandparents have earned it, even if “it” is some Delta-8 THC.

And we get it; you like to think of your grandparents as sweet little angels. But here’s the truth — millions of Americans enjoy cannabinoids every day, from Delta-8 to Delta-10 and everything in between. Plenty of them are senior citizens. So like it or not, there’s an excellent chance that somewhere between Matlock and shuffleboard, your grandparents are feeling the buzz. Maybe grandma is rockin’ the 10X Delta-8 THC, or maybe your grandfather loves a quick puff of his Delta-8 vape cartridge every now and then.

And here at the CBD Mall, we say, let them have at it!

“Some factors mentioned earlier, such as online availability and the changing stigma, have increased the population of older Americans who use Delta 8 THC. However, there are many other reasons for this switch,” wrote LA Weekly in a recent article. “Depending on your tolerance level and experience with cannabis, the Delta 8 THC is extremely mellow. The older generation now prefers the byproduct because it makes them energetic and productive. In addition to this, there’s no specific law against Delta 8, which makes it easily available in most states.”

Should your grandparents try Delta-8 THC? Absolutely! But, as with anything, there’s a few things they should know first. Lucky for you (and them), we’ve got everything your grandparents need to know about Delta-8 right here. So grab some Delta-8 Bites, ask granny to make some cookies, and let’s learn something new today!


Delta-8 and Senior Citizens: Should Your Grandparents Try Delta-8 THC?


Yes, Delta-8 Is for Everyone, Even Senior Citizens

Everyone loves cannabis. Everyone loves hemp. And everyone loves cannabinoids, including CBD, Delta-9, and Delta-8 THC. Whether you’re young or old, you live in an era where such compounds are ubiquitous. People everywhere have discovered the wonders of cannabinoids. Moreover, society is much more receptive to such things too. That’s why, these days, you’re just as likely to see your grandparents enjoying Delta-8 THC as you are any young person.

A few years ago, Brightfield Group and HelloMD did a survey about cannabinoids like CBD. They questioned 2,400 people and found out that people like cannabinoids — big surprise. Most interesting was the notion that women preferred to use CBD over men. In fact, women made up 55 percent of CBD users. But more recent research found that the cannabinoid market is tilting toward Delta-8 THC. As one site noted, “delta-8 THC sales began to rise in mid-2020 and that they currently make up a majority of ... overall sales.”

“The CBD sales have definitely gone down over the past couple of years,” said one manufacturer. “I believe that CBD has become more of a common ingredient, while minor, more rare and harder-to-process cannabinoids [i.e. Delta-8] hold more value, because of what it takes to derive them.”

So what does all of this mean? First, it means that everyone loves hemp-derived cannabinoids like CBD, Delta-10, and Delta-8 THC. Second, it tells us that Delta-8 is becoming the most popular compound on the consumer market today. Put all of that together, and we can quickly conclude that seniors love Delta-8 THC. 

And while we don’t have hard data regarding how many seniors are using this new and novel cannabinoid, we know that they are enjoying it in droves. That means next time you pick up some Shrooms, or some Zkittlez vapes, pick up some extras for grandpa. He’ll be extra grateful!


Delta-8 and Senior Citizens: Should Your Grandparents Try Delta-8 THC?


Seniors Love Delta-8 THC Because It Creates Synergy

We know, we know — synergy. It’s one of those office buzzwords that makes everyone roll their eyes and let out a big sigh. When your boss tells you that the team needs synergy, you want to repeatedly bang your head against the desk until you pass out. But when it comes to Delta-8 THC, we promise we’re talking about important stuff here.

See, senior citizens love Delta-8 THC because it helps them maintain some sense of balance, homeostasis, or synergy. Whether grandma loves gummies, vapes, capsules, oils, or something else, she can do so much more with it than just feel the buzz (not that there’s anything wrong with feeling the buzz!). 

Delta-8 might help your endocannabinoid system in times of need. A daily dose of Delta-8 THC helps some people who have problems synthesizing enough cannabinoids in their system. But, even if that’s not an issue, people can use some Delta-8 THC to help give the endocannabinoid system a little boost. In other words, grandma and grandpa can use Delta-8 to maintain synergy. 

Synergy is an essential part of your daily routine. And nothing helps your parents, parents more than synergy! Delta-8 THC is used by many people with other cannabinoids like CBD because it can produce the “entourage effect,” a synergy between cannabinoids that may give your body the balance it needs.


Delta-8 and Senior Citizens: Should Your Grandparents Try Delta-8 THC?


Enjoy Delta-8 THC With Your Grandparents and Feel the Buzz

We would tell you to recommend some Delta-8 THC to your grandparents, but chances are your grandparents are already feeling the buzz on their own. After all, studies show that millions of Americans enjoy all kinds of natural, hemp-derived cannabinoids, with Delta-8 the top seller among them. Instead, why not buy your grandparents some Delta-8 THC that all of you can share?

How about Chill Plus Delta-8 THC Gummies? They’re a classic and one of our favorites. No matter what type of Delta-8 gummies you prefer, we have it, whether it’s Chill Plus CBD & Delta-8 Extreme Fruity Mix Gummies, Chill Plus CBD & Delta-8 Extreme Tropical Mix Gummies, or Chill Plus CBD & Delta-8 Extreme Gummies Paradise Mix. Or even our old favorite, Chill Plus Delta Squares Gummies

So grab some Delta-8 THC today and visit your grandma!