Your Guide to Buying Quality Delta-8 THC Products

Sep 30, 2021

Hey, you think to yourself, my friend Timmy works at the head shop downtown, and they sell Delta-8 THC. There’s no way Timmy would sell me some bad stuff, right? Sure, Timmy is always borrowing money off of you and never paying it back, and he’s had eight jobs over the past three months, and he still lives at home with his mom even though he’s 42 years old, but the head shop Delta-8 THC he’s now trying to bum off on you has to be legit. Would Timmy lead you down the wrong path?

As much as you may love Timmy — heck, we all have a Timmy that we know and love — you need to rethink that Delta-8 purchase.

The truth is that head shops, gas stations, and other local places all across the country are starting to sell Delta-8 THC. While it may sound appealing at first, after all, you can make a quick run to the store and have a buzz on before lunch; you don’t know what you’re buying. Smoke shops everywhere are now filling their shelves with low-quality, inferior Delta-8 THC products. Some of them may have lead or pesticides in them. Others may be straight-up cannabis disguised as Delta-8. Whatever it is, it’s untested and unsafe. 

“It has exploded in popularity in hardline prohibition states where it’s the only option for a legal high. But delta-8 THC products have also been filling the shelves of unlicensed stores in places where state-licensed cannabis is legal and readily available,” writes Leafly. “There’s a lot of marketing and enthusiasm around delta-8 but—outside of licensed cannabis stores—no regulations to ensure product potency and purity. There are no rules to stop bad actors.”

So what do you do? If a good yet misguided friend like Timmy can steer you the wrong way, how can you go about finding high-quality Delta-8 THC products? Heck, why should I even care about quality in the first place?

Recently, both the Food and Drug Administration and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention put out warnings about Delta-8 THC, telling consumers that many bad actors in the marketplace are selling inferior products. There are many reasons why you should care, most notably because high-quality hemp-derived Delta-8 THC like the kind sold here at the CBD Mall is just plain better. The buzz is better; the taste is better, the experience is better. 

But beyond that, these bad actors can ruin it for everyone. Last year, when there was a slew of illnesses and deaths caused by vape products in the cannabis industry, the federal government came down hard — and rightfully slow. But the problem was with a few manufacturers, and it almost shut down an entire industry. So you want to make sure that you only purchase Delta-8 THC from reputable companies. We can help with that.

If you’re wondering where to find the best Delta-8 THC in the world, keep reading. Here’s the CBD Mall guide to finding high-quality, hemp-derived Delta-8 THC.


Your Guide to Buying Quality Delta-8 THC Products


Always Buy Your Delta-8 From Known Brands Online

There are certain places you should buy your Delta-8 THC from and certain places you should stay far, far away from. For example, any store that also sells hot dogs and motor oil is probably not the best spot to purchase Delta-8 THC. On the other hand, a well-known manufacturer, such as CBD Mall, which is dedicated only to hemp-derived products such as Delta-8 THC, is your best bet.

Why? Delta-8 THC remains unregulated by federal and state governments for the most part. That means the industry has to do everything it can to police itself. We work on a strict honor code. But, when some people see that there is money to be made, honor and ethics go out the window. It is, unfortunately, a sad fact of life.

If you live in a state where cannabis is legal, you can buy Delta-8 THC from a licensed cannabis store. Just like Delta-9, the Delta-8 sold there will undergo strict safety guidelines and testing at the state level. The same goes for online manufacturers like CBD Mall.

“If you’re not able to purchase from a state-licensed cannabis store, buying online can be a simple way to know you’re getting a real delta-8 product,” writes Leafly. “When you buy online, you can purchase from a respected retailer or directly from the product manufacturer. A legit brand will usually have a lab test tab on its website, where you can view lab reports on their delta-8 products or request to see them.”

Leafly also recommends that you avoid head shops, to which we’ll add gas stations and other neighborhood spots. There’s no guarantee what you’ll end up buying there. It’s the difference between buying Big Bob’s Bag of Delta-8 n’ Stuff and known entities like 10X Delta-8 THC, Liquid Gold Delta-8 THC, Delta-8 Bites, Chill Plus Delta-8 THC, and more. We know which one we prefer.

Speaking of brands, avoid the fake ones. Many people love to take popular brands and co-opt them to make some money. Remember, buy your Liquid Gold Delta-8 THC online at CBD Mall, not Liquidz Goldz from some guy's pop-up stand in the valley.


Your Guide to Buying Quality Delta-8 THC Products


What to Look For When Buying Delta-8 THC

There are a few things you always want to be on the lookout for when buying Delta-8 THC. Whether you prefer Delta-8 THC gummies, vapes, candies, chocolates, or something else, make sure to check out the lab reports that go along with them. If the product isn’t third-party tested, it might as well be something that was made in your neighbor's bathtub. 

Here at CBD Mall, you can check out our lab reports right online. And as Leafly noted, look for QR codes too. “Never buy anything without a QR code or anything not clearly labeled with a brand. You need to be able to trace the product back to its branded source, and the best way to do that is to scan the QR code while you’re inside the store,” writes Leafly.

The most important thing to remember is that we’re all in this together. Better products, safe products, and high-quality Delta-8 THC products not only ensure your safety, but they ensure that Delta-8 will remain legal and on store shelves for a long time to come. After all, Delta-8 THC is one of the few products that allow you to enjoy a legal buzz. Let’s all do our part to keep it that way.