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Chill Extreme brand products are the most potent, intense legal cannabinoids on the market today. With gummies, capsules, and much more, this hemp-derived cannabinoid brand offers an innovative, high-intensity experience you're sure to love if you like to go to... Extremes.

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It definitely is heroic...once you pop that cube in your mouth, you notice how good they taste....I swear to you, in about 20 to 30 minutes later, i felt warm and's a smooth high(those are...

They really help me to relax and get great sleep. It relaxes me and make it so easy to rest and help with nerves also

Great product and fast shipping. Will always purchase from their website!! I like the subscription capability.

This product was Exactly what I expected. I Will be ordering again. It gave me just the right feeling I was hoping for

Amazing great experience perfect for a good mood fast shipping great product great company

Overall good taste. I'm currently only taking half a gummy but it still helps me relax without falling asleep.

Half is more than enough for fibromyalgia and/or migraines. It helps me relax so I can sleep better.

In looking for a thc product not too powerful but enough to feel the relaxed chill, delta 8 at 75 mg is just perfect. Will be buying again