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Mango Kush Diamond Sauce - Delta 8 - 1800X - Chill Plus

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Mango Kush Diamond Sauce - Delta 8 - 1800X - Chill Plus


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Common Questions

CBD Concentrates - A Powerful Punch

CBD Concentrates and those with delta 8 are great for all of you who love to dab (and we’re not talking about some hip new dance craze here!). We’re talking about dabbing, the ultimate way to enjoy hemp or cannabis! But before we discuss that, we need to dive right in so you can begin to understand what exactly is a CBD Concentrate.

These products contain high concentrations of cannabidiol, or CBD. They allow people to get a higher dose of CBD in a relatively short amount of time.

CBD concentrates have a few advantages over traditional CBD products, but they aren't for everyone. Some people may be more sensitive to other compounds in CBD concentrates, particularly full spectrum CBDs.

Discover the benefits and risks of CBD concentrates below!

What Is a CBD Concentrate (And Why Should I Try One?)

You get a higher dose of CBD in CBD concentrates than in marijuana plants, which gives you more for your money.

Even if you use higher CBD doses from concentrates, you won't feel high like cannabis does. That's because cannabis produces THC, a cannabinoid that affects the nervous system.

Since hemp plants contain a lot of cannabinoids, many people love CBD concentrates. People have selectively bred them to increase the amount of CBD in hemp plants. Cannabis sativa plants with more CBD than other varieties contain more CBD.

Depending on the cannabinoid used, you may get high from a CBD concentrate. There are CBD products made with CBD that will not make you high, but those that contain delta 8 will. Moreover, some CBD Concentrates include delta 8 THC for an extra kick.

With Delta-8 THC concentrates, you will have the opportunity to vape or dab marijuana for the first time. These crystals are thoroughly coated in potent terpene-rich sauces containing CBD and Delta-8 for an unforgettable experience.

What Does a CBD Concentrate Feel Like?

Depending on which cannabinoids you use, a CBD Concentrate will feel very different. A pure CBD Concentrate will not feel like much (but it will work well!). A Delta 8 CBD Concentrate, on the other hand, may knock you out! 

It is comparable to other cannabinoid products with those ingredients that CBD Concentrate or Delta 8 CBD Concentrate may provide benefits.

In addition to having several health benefits, CBD acts on the brain's endocannabinoid system.

CBD may have a variety of benefits, depending on the person's sensitivity and dosage:

  • Managing appetites

  • Stress relief

  • Helping with nervousness

  • Managing wellness

  • It helps your daily routine

Meanwhile, a Concentrate infused with Delta 8 may:

  • Make you high

  • Make you buzzed

  • Make you relaxed

  • Give you feelings of euphoria

  • Help you sleep

  • Make everything feel amazing!

There's much promising research out there, much of which we can't quote right now. The critical thing to note is that CBD is a significant wellness product, and Delta 8 is great for a buzz. Together they balance each other out. 

And concentrated, they are super strong!

What Is the Difference Between a CBD Concentrate and an Extract?

There is a difference between CBD Concentrates and extracts, although they are often used interchangeably.

As extracts are made with solvents, they are not all concentrates. While all concentrates are extracts, not all extracts are concentrates. 

The best way to make vanilla extract is to use alcohol to get the desired flavor component out of vanilla bean pods, vanillin. Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) uses alcohol to make cannabis extract. However, you can also use butane to make Butane Hash Oil (BHO) and supercritical CO2 for cannabis wax extracts.

The trichomes are removed and gathered mechanically or physically to make concentrates that don't use solvents. Examples include: 

  • rosin

  • dry sift

  • kief

By looking at them, you can't tell the difference between extracts and concentrates because they have different textures.

In fact, speaking of names, CBD Concentrates have several names that they go by, including:

  • Sauce

  • Terps

  • Terp Sauce

  • Live Resin

  • Sugar Resin

  • Diamond Sauce 

Whatever you call it, you're going to love it!

How Do I Dab My CBD Concentrate?

So now that you have your CBD Concentrate (and know a little bit more about it!), it’s time to dab! But how do you do it?

First things first, you need the right equipment. What does the experienced dabber use to get a good buzz going (or, in the case of CBD, just relax?). Well, you’ll need:

Dab Rigs are similar to bongs, but instead of a bowl fitting, they have a nail fitting.

The Nail is similar to a bong bowl but smaller. Nails are made of many different materials, including:

  • Quartz

  • Ceramic

  • Metal

  • And so much more

Hint: If you have an electric nail, it does not require a torch.

Using a Dabbing Tool, you can dab concentrate into it and then hold it over your nail to heat it with the help of a glass, ceramic, or metal stick. Various shapes are available for dab tools, including spoons, paddles, scoops, and other forms most appropriate for a particular concentrate type. A Dab Torch will do if you don't have an electric nail.

And, of course, some CBD Concentrate (from CBD Mall!)

A dab rig is the most common way to dab, and it works like this:

  • Prepare your concentrate.

  • Get your nail hot.

  • Inhale the concentrate after applying it to your nail.

Easy-peasy. Only dab from a rig if you have a high tolerance and read this guide. Have a friend nearby to help (and to share in the fun!) 

CBD Concentrates: The Top Three

Now that we’ve got you interested, what are the best sellers and most popular CBD Concentrates here at the CBD Mall? Well, let’s take a look!

Chill Plus Delta-8 THC Live Resin Diamond Sauce in our always popular Blue Dream is 1800mg of CBD and delta 8 combined for a dabbing explosion of fun!

You can enjoy the hottest hemp-derived product on the market from our premium brand Chill Plus. It's a high cannabinoid full spectrum extract, available in the classic Blue Dream strain now. Even better, it contains all-natural Delta-8 THC. TCHA crystals are what make Chill Plus Delta-8 Diamond Sauce stand out. We cover them in a robust, potent, terpene-rich sauce, infusing 900mg of CBD with 900mg of Delta-8 to create a unique experience.

Or maybe you want to help defeat the Empire? Try our Diamond Sauce in Skywalker OG. Your experience with Chill Plus Delta-8 Diamond Sauce is tailored just for you. It is a hemp-derived combination of CBD and Delta-8 known by many names, including Terp Sauce, Diamonds, or just plain Sauce. For anyone looking for a smooth, subtle, relaxing buzz, Chill Plus Delta-8 Diamond Sauce is perfect. Your mind and body are both hit by this delicious, satisfying dabbing experience.

Finally, why not try the Trainwreck? It can be vaped or dabbed as you please. You'll have the perfect balance of hemp-derived cannabinoids to keep you on your toes and a sativa that hits you like a brick wall and never stops coming. Trainwreck goes 100 miles per hour, offering a sweet lemon and spicy pine aroma that inspires you and makes you creative.

So there you have it. With our CBD Concentrates, the dabbing world is yours!

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