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Repeat customer. Our 65# dog will run & play and then is sorry later. This CBD treat is a wonderful alternative for pain management. She rests within 30-45 minutes. We only use half a chew at a time. Highly recommend! Thank you CBD MALL!
We received the shipment just in time for 4th of July. Between the fireworks all over the neighborhood, followed by thunderstorm, I was sure our dogs would be a mess. Not so!! After taking the oil, all 3 were able to settle down and actually go to sleep. I will buy this again!
Our 60 lb Black Mouth Cur has a torn ACL, she is supposed to be calm, no ye-ha'ing. We got a prescription drug but the side-effects were nasty so we chose to go with the CBD route for pain management and to keep her calm. We actually only give her 1/4 of a treat and she is very mellow and pain free as far as we can tell. I would NOT recommend giving a whole treat at once. These treats have been excellent in our opinion! Thank you CBDmall! Highly recommend!

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