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It's smooth and doesn't have the earthy taste some products have. Very little throat burn, but great relaxing feeling.
Great cart. With HHC Carts i found it better to burn them at a higher voltage. I usually use 2.5 but with the hhc they burn at a higher temp or something. So about 3.2 - 3.4 was pretty good
loved it i will be ordering it again to me it's real smooth and it's not harsh like some of the ones i tryed befor

Common Questions

HHC Carts - Unleash Euphoria

A new buzz is brewing with HHC carts! Maybe you've heard of HHC, a unique, mystical cannabinoid destined to alter your life. Similar to delta 9 THC, HHC is much more potent than delta 8, and that means you'll get more buzz.

If you've never heard of HHC, don't sweat it! Getting to know the compound is easy as can be with this guide, so don't miss out! Carts offer accessibility, convenience, and a low-key approach to ingesting cannabinoids such as HHC, so they're among the most popular ways to consume them. Our HHC carts offer just that: simplicity, convenience, and most importantly, a sick buzz!

What Is HHC?

Scientists have discovered over a hundred cannabinoids in hemp and cannabis plants to date, including hexahydrocannabinol (HHC). As a result of the 2018 Farm Bill, which legalized hemp-derived products for distribution and consumption, suppliers searched for the next big cannabinoid, and HHC is one of the newest—and most promising—compounds.

While HHC is a naturally occurring compound, it is only found in trace amounts organically (just as delta 8 is). Scientifically speaking, HHC is just a hydrogenated form of THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol. In order to obtain usable amounts of the cannabinoid, our scientists saturate THC with hydrogen atoms at high pressures and with the help of a catalyst. 

As a result of this process, the double bond of THC is broken and replaced by hydrogen, preserving the cannabinoid's natural effects and potency. It is also able to increase THC's binding ability for CB1 and CB2 receptors.

Does HHC Make You High?

After all this science talk, we know this is the one question on your mind. The short answer is: hell yes!

In terms of psychoactive potency, HHC occupies a middle ground between delta 8 and delta 9: although it won't get you as high as delta 9 THC, HHC is definitely a step up from delta 8's mild, pleasant effects.

While HHC doesn't pack the punch of delta 9, it still produces a powerful high that is often characterized by euphoria and deep relaxation.

Would I Benefit From An HHC Cart?

A little stronger than delta 8 and a little weaker than delta 9, HHC marks a sweet spot for cannabinoid users. That said, there’s a few things to consider if you’re wondering whether HHC carts are right for you. 

If you're looking to mellow out with a slight, nice buzz, delta 8 products are probably your safest bet. If you're looking for cannabinoids without the mind-bending side effects, we have a wide selection of CBD products.

The HHC is the cannabis candidate for you if you're looking for a relaxing medium-strong buzz that will have you feeling woozy without putting you into a weed coma. 

If you want to achieve that experience using a long-lasting, convenient product, we've got news for you! You’ve got yourself a winner with our HHC carts.

Are HHC Carts Safe?

HHC is a relatively new cannabinoid, so scientists have not conducted enough research to determine its exact usage parameters. Although HHC does not have a comprehensive safety profile at the moment, no reports of adverse effects, overdoses, or deaths have been reported. 

Researchers speculate that HHC has similar benefits and side effects as THC and delta 8. 

There are several potential side effects associated with HHC, including:

  • Anxiety

  • Paranoia

  • Insomnia

  • Dizziness

  • Dry mouth

  • Red eyes 

A company's manufacturing standards for safety, quality, and purity are most important when it comes to hemp-derived cannabinoids. The FDA does not strictly regulate hemp-derived cannabinoids, so individual companies set their own standards.

Keeping a high standard of health and purity throughout the supply chain is CBD Mall's top priority. We provide the safest, highest quality products for the stoner in all of our customers.

The hemp we use is 100% organic, 100% American-made, and 100% free from pesticides, herbicides, or harmful chemicals. Every product we sell is tested by a third-party laboratory to ensure that only the best and safest products reach the shelves, and our extraction processes are carefully and precisely carried out by scientists committed to safety.

HHC Carts: Flavors & Strains

No matter what strain or flavor you're into, our HHC carts are guaranteed to make you feel amazing. 

If you’re down to daydream in blue, we've got a Blue Dream selection that would put imagination to shame. 

If you're looking to step on the gas with some Sour Diesel, you've come to the right spot!

Some of our other HHC cart flavors include:

  • Durban Poison

  • Granddaddy Purp

  • Grape Ape

  • Green Crack

  • Maui Wowie

  • Pineapple Express

  • Sour Diesel

  • Strawberry Cough

  • Wedding Cake

  • Zkittles

 For a full list of our strains, click here

How To Use An HHC Cart

It's easy to use our HHC carts. But if you're new to HHC, have no fear. We'll guide you through every step of the process.

There is a great deal of convenience, ease, and maximum satisfaction built into these powerful machines. Vape carts took the world by storm around the turn of the 21st century, but gained popularity in California around 2016. Carts have become a fan favorite among stoners ever since then.

A HHC cart makes the best buzz possible without grinders, lighters, or skunky smells because it uses heat and vaporization to create the perfect buzz. 

The main components of our HHC vapes are designed to ensure the most convenience with the least amount of hassle.

Parts Of A Cart

  • The Chamber holds your prefilled HHC vaping oil.

  • The Atomizer is designed to heat up and vaporize your juice without burning it. It does so by harnessing power from your battery.

  • The Mouthpiece is the channel at the tip of your cart that allows the vapor to make its way into your mouth upon inhaling.

Your HHC cart and battery must be purchased separately. You will be able to keep reusing your battery without having to keep the same old cart (and strain) every time. There are differences between some batteries; some have voltages that reduce or strengthen heat. The most important difference, however, is that some have a button and others don't.

If your battery has a button, you'll have to press it as you inhale to activate your atomizer; if not, just inhale and your battery will activate your atomizer. As soon as you screw your cart into your (charged!) battery, press the button or just start sucking, and you'll soon be in paradise!

HHC & THC - Brief Comparison

HHC and THC, despite having similar effects and drawbacks, are chemically different. To simplify it, HHC is essentially THC that has undergone hydrogenation.

The process of hydrogenation involves replacing the double bonds in THC with hydrogen atoms, altering the compound's characteristics. However, the benefits, side effects, and potency of the resulting product remain unchanged.

Current research indicates that HHC has comparable benefits and drawbacks to THC, and some studies suggest that it may possess pain-relieving qualities. Nonetheless, further research is necessary to confirm this.

HHC and THC have nearly identical molecular structures, except that HHC is bonded with hydrogen instead of being double-bonded like THC. Due to the hydrogen bond, HHC goods have a significantly longer shelf life than THC products because they are more stable and robust.

HHC Carts: What Are The Benefits?

There are many ways to consume HHC. Some find delight in HHC edibles; others prefer the straight-forwardness of HHC disposable vapes. So, what makes HHC carts so special?

Firstly, HHC carts are extremely economical. They give you the best bang for your buck. Our HHC carts will lift you to the skies in any flavor and potency your heart desires.

HHC carts don't take hours to kick in, unlike HHC gummies and other edibles. Our carts start working in less than 10 minutes, and you will feel the effects for up to two hours!

You can enjoy carts virtually anywhere, just like disposable vapes and edibles. Unlike regular flower, gummies are a lot more discreet at airports and family gatherings. But carts aren’t quite as odious as regular flowers. Get buzzed from bed instead of going outside in the rain for a smoke break!

Besides being rechargeable, the other exciting aspect of HHC carts is their durability. While they don't last forever (nothing good ever does), they're designed to last you much longer than disposable vapes. When the battery runs out, plug it in for a few hours and you're back to enjoying HHC's stony benefits!

The carts are sold separately from batteries, so you don't need to toss them out when the batteries run out. Instead of throwing away harmful batteries on a regular basis, you just need to throw your glass cart in the trash.

CBD Mall's Best HHC Carts

It is certainly worthwhile to try every single strain and flavor of our HHC carts, but some of them just can't be beat. 

Here's our list of favorites:

  • Blue Dream Cartridge - HHC by Artisan offers 900mg of potent HHC. This sleek little cart will give you all the benefits of HHC with a hefty side of daydreams!

  • Fresh’s Pineapple Express Vape Cartridge - HHC brings 900mg of the best HHC around. Stay fresh and relaxed with this incredible cart.

  • Sour Diesel Cartridge - HHC by Artisan will definitely have you stepping on the gas! With 900mg of the highest quality HHC on the market, this cartridge will drive you all the way up to cloud 9.

The HHC carts we offer here at CBD Mall are made from top-quality ingredients, making them tough and durable. No matter what strain or flavor you choose, you can count on your product to always be third-party tested, safe, and effective!