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The Basics of Maui Wowie

Aloha! And welcome to the stress-free world of one of cannabis’s most popular strains. Maui Wowie, sometimes known as Maui Waui or Mowie Wowie, was born from a cross between Hawaiian and another unknown strain. Its tropical and relaxing qualities will transport you right to the salty shores of the Pacific paradise it’s named after—in other words, this is a vacation you don’t want to miss!

As legend has it, Maui Wowie originates in the psychedelic decade of the 60s, when counterculture hippies and activists fled to Hawaii during the Vietnam War. They found themselves at odds with the locals, who struggled to accept their newfound statehood. During a party, the native Hawaiians smelled the hippies smoking weed and decided to join, bringing with them their own strains. The non-natives were so impressed by the Hawaiian strain, they ended up naming it “Maui Wowie.”

Since its beginnings on Hawaii’s volcanic soil, Maui Wowie has spread all over the world and brought some of the island’s tropical charm to those in faraway lands. So, if the legendary strain was able to close the gap and end the animosity between two unlikely groups, soothing what ails you will be a walk on the beach!

Maui Wowie Strain Effects

A sativa-dominant hybrid, Maui Wowie is perfect for a sunny morning sesh. With a whopping 85% sativa, this strain is all about making users feel energized and uplifted. It also usually hits in a cerebral high without much effect on the rest of your body, save for a light and pleasant numbing sensation and a case of the munchies stronger than Maui himself.

Frequent users of Maui Wowie report feeling:

  • Happy
  • Uplifted
  • Relaxed
  • Energetic
  • Creative
  • Hungry
  • Motivated

All of these qualities make Maui Wowie a terrific candidate for a waking and baking, especially when there’s some work to be done or it’s time to get creative! That said, like all strains, Maui Wowie is no stranger to some of the negative effects associated with weed. From the get-go, you may experience cottonmouth, or a dry mouth, and dry, red eyes. But these conditions can be easily managed with some hydration and eye drops.

If you haven’t eaten anything prior to consumption, you may also feel a little dizzy. Additionally, Maui Wowie can cause paranoia and anxiety if overconsumed, so exercise caution when using the strain, especially if you’re not an experienced toker.

Maui Wowie Strain Benefits

All strains produce their own medical qualities, and Maui Wowie is no exception. While the strain does not have the couch-locking effects that make so many indica strains obvious for relief, it does boost your mood and help you cut through tough times, making it possible for you to take on the day and get through your checklist.

Recreational and medical users can reap the medical benefits of the strain, which are especially beneficial to those suffering from ailments such as:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Pain
  • Loss of appetite

The sativa effects of this strain can help relieve stress and some symptoms of anxiety and depression. It may also be useful for easing minor chronic aches and pains, including chronic migraines. Because it stimulates the appetite, Maui Wowie can also be used by those struggling with eating disorders or disordered eating. Because of Maui Wowie’s energizing nature, it is not good for insomnia, which is why the strain is recommended for daytime use.

Maui Wowie Strain Flavor – Talking Terpenes

You’ll definitely know when you’re in the presence of Maui Wowie because a tropical pineapple aroma will fill the air. Once lit, the strain’s flavor may resemble that of fresh hash, but its smoke is smooth and not harsh on the throat or lungs. The strain also has citrussy and sweet, fruit-like notes when inhaled.

The strain’s flavor, aroma, and even some of its properties are all due to its terpene profile. Terpenes are aromatic organic molecules found in all plants. Think of lavender, for example, a popular plant used in aromatherapy. Its terpenes give it that soothing smell that makes it so calming and relaxing.

Terpenes are especially important when it comes to cannabis for many reasons. Of course, they give your strain the flavor and aroma all stoners love, but they also play a part in the entourage effect, a phenomenon where different cannabis compounds in the plant work in unison with cannabinoids to enhance their properties and effects.

The main and most important terpenes found in the Maui Wowie strain include:

  • Valencene
  • Limonene
  • Myrcene
  • Phellandrene
  • Caryophyllene
  • Terpinolene
  • Pinene
  • Humulene
  • Ocimene
  • Linalool

Additionally, Maui Wowie holds its ground regarding THC content. You’ve probably heard people say, “pot wasn’t as potent back then” when talking about the weed scene of the late 20th century, but they’re not talking about Maui Wowie. The strain was actually one of the first with an increased THC content. In fact, average THC contents in marijuana strains usually fell under 8%, but Maui Wowie featured THC levels well into the teens and quickly became one of the hottest strains on the market. These days, however, the strain is considered to be of middle to high grade medication with THC levels between 17.5-20.5%.

Other cannabinoid percentages are much lower in the strain:

Cannabinoid Percentages in Maui Wowie









Ready to Try the “Maui Wowie” Strain?

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Here are some of the most popular Maui Wowie products we can’t seem to keep on the shelves:

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Similar Strains Available

Maui Wowie certainly has an interesting history and even more desirable properties. But it isn’t the only strain that can bring your day from dark and gloomy to sweet and sunny. Here are a couple of strains that resemble Maui Wowie’s sativa properties.

Maui Wowie and Pineapple Express don’t just share that sweet and juicy pineapple flavor and tropical aroma, they also share a parent! Maui Wowie’s half sibling is made by a cross of Hawaiian and Trainwreck. The strain grew popular due to a classic stoner movie by the same name, but it’s been around since long before the film hit the big screen. The strain also counts with many of the same effects as the fabled Maui Wowie, making users feel creative, uplifted, energetic, and happy. Pineapple Express’s THC contents are slightly higher than those of Maui Wowie, averaging between 19-25%.

Acapulco Gold is another cannabis strain born from the 1960s counterculture movement. It is a rare sativa strain, but one of the most popular ones. As its name may suggest, it comes from the area in around Acapulco, Mexico—another tropical paradise famous for its glistening beaches and laidback atmosphere. Like Maui Wowie, Acapulco Gold makes users feel energetic, uplifted, and creative and has THC contents similar to those of Pineapple Express: 19-24%. It mainly differs from Maui Wowie through its flavor and aroma; instead of tropical, it’s more earthy and nutty with sweet and spicy tones.

Information Regarding Growing Maui Wowie

Naturally, Maui Wowie is meant to be grown outdoors in a tropical climate similar to that of its home archipelago. This outdoor strain loves moisture, breeze, rain, and hot temperatures. That said, it can also be grown indoors in a controlled environment if growers are in non-tropical climates.

Maui Wowie is moderately easy to grow as it is highly resistant to pests and diseases, making it an ideal strain for beginners to cultivate. The strain stretches when entering the blooming stage, meaning it responds well to a Sea of Grass (SOG) growing method. This technique involves harvesting many small plants for fast bud production and a quicker harvest. Maui Wowie is a sativa-dominant hybrid, meaning it takes some time to flower.

When grown outside, harvesting can be expected by the middle of October, if not earlier. Indoors, it ranges between 9 to 11 weeks. During the vegetative stage, plants should be exposed to almost constant lighting indoors. During flowering, they should be exposed to 12 hours of light followed by 12 hours of dark.

Maui Wowie has a moderate to high yield, with a return of 14 ounces per square meter indoors and 16 ounces per plant when grown outdoors. Happy growing!


Maui Wowie is a legendary strain ready to soothe, uplift, and energize. Its relaxing properties will float you right to the shores of Maui, where you’ll feel ready to take on the day and achieve all your goals.

Although it isn’t great for sleeping, Maui Wowie can sure help you reach your wildest dreams!

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50,000+ 5-STAR REVIEWS

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Really nice for pain and mood. Good for high tolerances. May be a be over for lower tolerances.

Great vape! Delivery was fast and whole process was easy. I will continue to use CBD mall. Good quality

Awesome service fast shipping and the hash was great. Very strong and very tasty.. the diamonds was kind of messy being that it was in the 90s temperature wise but it didn't spill or leak. All around...

This item is quite powerfull although it is only 900mg. It should be treated with respect as it is powerfull.

Frequently Asked Questions

Explore answers to our most commonly asked questions about CBD, our products, and more.

Is Maui Wowie considered one of the strongest strains?

Maui Wowie is deemed a middle to high intensity strain, meaning it’s got a kick but it isn’t the strongest out there. 

Is Maui Wowie a “top shelf” strain?

Maui Wowie first became popular in the 1960s and immediately established itself as a top-shelf strain. 

Are there different variations of the Maui Wowie strain?

There are three main phenotypes of Maui Wowie: Hawaii-2, Maui Wowie-1, and Maui Wowie-2. 

Does Maui Wowie cause paranoia?

Maui Wowie could potentially cause paranoia, but it is not frequently reported.

Does Maui Wowie give an energy boost?

Yes! Maui Wowie will give you an energy boost and improve your productivity.

Is Maui Wowie a good strain for sleeping?

Although Maui Wowie will not produce effects that will put you to sleep, it can relieve stresses and pains of the day, which could potentially help you relax before sleep. That said, Maui Wowie is more of a daytime strain.