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Chill Plus Full Spectrum Delta-8 CBD Oil - 2000X

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Chill Plus Full Spectrum Delta-8 CBD Oil - 2000X
Chill Plus Full Spectrum Delta-8 CBD Oil - 2000X


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We’ve just infused our Delta-8 CBD oil with our most powerful chill ever!

Chill Plus Delta Force CBD Oil is a premier select brand of pure, hemp-derived full spectrum CBD combined with the most talked-about hemp compound to hit the market in years, Delta-8 THC. Now, at 2000X, your buzz will be better than ever!

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THC Free

Delta-8 THC offers a mild but enjoyable buzz, not unlike THC.

Lab Tested

Chill Plus Delta-8 THC is lab tested for quality and safety.

All Organic

Delta-8 THC is a 100% organic, hemp-derived cannabinoid.

100% Legal

For now at least, so grab some before it's too late!

Did we say buzz? That's right!

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We’ve just infused our Delta-8 CBD oil with our most powerful chill ever and it’s got everyone buzzin’! Chill Plus Delta Force CBD Oil is a premier select brand...

Hemp Extract




6.66mg per dropperful


Approx 600

Weight / volume

1 fl oz (30ml)

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Amazing Product

Full spectrum Delta 8 CBD oil 2000x is the most effective for pain management. Quick and easy dosing for anywhere, anytime. Strongly recommend this product.

Stacey S. on June 17, 2021


Very happy with the product, works great for providing a nice relief and buzz for a good few hours. Really enjoy it with my morning coffee to get the day started.

Tom D. on May 27, 2021

Wow, just, wow

My new favourite way to consume Delta 8. Slow burn initially. Takes about a hour for me. Low key rush that continues to build. Effects last an incredibly long time. Up to eight to twelve hours in some cases. Go easy until you find your sweet spot.

Patrick W. on April 20, 2021


All-Natural Ingredients

We only offer the highest-quality CBD and Delta-8 THC products on the market.

500mg CBD

CBD is a natural constituent of hemp that has become for many the preferred product of choice because it does not cause any psychotropic effects.

500mg Delta-8 THC

Delta-8 THC is a NEW totally legal cannabinoid that offers you a unique, powerful buzz.

But are they legal?

YES! Delta-8 THC is federally LEGAL. However some states have Delta-8 THC restrictions.

Check before ordering if you live in one of these states: Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Kentucky, Idaho, Iowa, Mississippi, Montana, Nevada, New York, North Dakota, Rhode Island, Utah, Vermont, Washington.

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get your buzz on

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Chill Plus Full Spectrum Delta-8 CBD Oil - 2000X - 1 Bottle

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Chill Plus Full Spectrum Delta-8 CBD Oil - 2000X - 5 Bottles

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Chill Plus Full Spectrum Delta-8 CBD Oil - 2000X - 3 Bottles

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Common Questions

How does CBD oil work?

CBD, also known as cannabidiol oil is one of many cannabinoids found in cannabis. CBD oil works in conjunction with the endocannabinoid system. Because CBD is a cannabinoid, it helps to supplement the body’s natural cannabinoids, in turn strengthening the endocannabinoid system. In other words, the endocannabinoid system is a vast system of cannabinoid receptors. Furthermore, the body itself produces its own natural cannabinoids. CBD oil or cannabidiol, in general, is known as a phytocannabinoid (plant-based cannabinoid) which can help to supplement the endocannabinoid system (ECS).

What type of CBD and Delta-8 THC products do you have?

We offer everything you could want in the CBD and Delta-8 THC market, including CBD and Delta-8 THC oils, CBD pet products, CBD and Delta-8 THC edibles, CBD capsules, CBD drinks, CBD bath & body, pain relief lotions and creams, raw CBD, and Delta-8 THC vapes. Within these categories, we have hundreds of products, including gummies, capsules, creams, and more, to provide you with seemingly endless product options for your business needs.

How are CBD edibles different than CBD oil?

CBD edibles are usually found in something sweet, like CBD gummies. There's also delicious CBD honey and other edible liquids that can be put on food or mixed with hot tea. It's a simple way to take the CBD you need to help you through the day. CBD oils can be flavorless or flavored and can be taken alone or added into your favorite foods and beverages, if designed in tincture form.

What is Delta-8 THC?

Delta-8 is a derivative of and a close relative to Delta-9 THC. Like its more famous cousin, Delta-9 will give you a legal, psychotropic high, although it will be much subtler and smoother.

Is there a difference between full spectrum CBD and CBD isolate?

CBD isolate is pure, isolated cannabidiol. It has no additional cannabinoids, terpenes and contains around 99% cannabidiol. Full spectrum CBD is extracted from the whole plant hemp with all of the properties of the hemp plant. It includes CBD, all of the other cannabinoids, terpenes, and more. It’s akin to the plant growing in the ground.