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About Snowman

It may be called Snowman, but there’s nothing abominable about this strain! Also known as Snowman OG, the unique phenotype of Girl Scout Cookies has mysterious origins. Some sources claim Berner—a rapper and personal friend to Wiz Khalifa—first propagated the strain. Others believe Emerald Family Farm’s version by the same name was the first to ever appear.

Regardless of its true origin, the Snowman strain is named after its heavy coat of trichomes, making it appear covered in fresh snow. You know what that means, right? More cannabinoids, more terpenes, more fun!

Snowman Strain Effects

60% sativa and 40% indica, Snowman is a strain best enjoyed in the afternoon. The strain is ideal for kicking back and relaxing, meaning you’ll want to cancel your plans and hangout with Snowman, who will undoubtedly become your new best friend. The strain helps you get creative while also keeping you lazy and hang out without a worry in the world. It encourages introspection that places you at the center of your mind and makes you aware of your surroundings without feeling unfocused or too sleepy. In other words, you’ll be physically relaxed but not completely sedated.

Additionally, it makes users feel euphoric and uplifted and helps with boosting focus for creative tasks. Sometime after first inhalation—and after getting all your tasks done for the day—Snowman will lull you into a relaxed and sleepy state, not leaving you completely sedated.

So, in summary, users of the Snowman strain report feeling:

  • Relaxed
  • Hungry
  • Focused
  • Happiness
  • Euphoric
  • Uplifted
  • Creative
  • Sleepy

Snowman undoubtedly has its perks, but the strain isn’t a stranger to some of cannabis’s less desirable effects, including dry mouth and dry eyes. Luckily, its most common side effects can be quickly relieved with hydration and some trusty eye drops. Some other, less common, side effects include dizziness and rapid heart rate.  

Snowman Strain Benefits

The Snowman strain can be enjoyed for recreational and medical purposes alike. Because of its relaxing and uplifting effects, the strain can be extremely effective in treating a plethora of ailments, but it’s been found to be particularly helpful for those struggling with:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Pain
  • Lack of appetite

Those who will enjoy Snowman the most are those struggling with depression, stress, and anxiety. If you’re struggling with your appetite, Snowman’s munching-inducing nature is sure to help you out. Those plagued by headaches or migraines can use the strain’s cerebral effects to find a happy center—one where their head stops pounding.

Snowman Strain Flavor – The Genetics & Terpenes

As previously mentioned, Snowman gets its name from the icy trichomes that adorn it. It also has light green buds that resemble spades with orange pistils sprinkled about. It grows dense and bushy and is sticky because of its high resin content.

The Snowman strain has an aroma similar to that of Girl Scout Cookies, its parent. It has some earthy tones, but also hints of diesel and vanilla. Some users also report a peek of lime and citrus in the strain. Unsurprisingly, the strain tastes just like it smells!

The strain’s aromas and flavors can be attributed to its terpene profile. Terpenes are organic molecules found in all plants, not just in cannabis. If you’ve ever enjoyed the fruity smell of berries or the soothing properties of tea, you owe terpenes big time. In cannabis, these compounds are especially important not just because they’re responsible for the smells and tastes of individual strains, but also because they’re instrumental in the entourage effect, a process through which different compounds in cannabis enhance the effects of its cannabinoids.

You can benefit from the following terpenes when using Snowman:

  • Carene
  • Caryophyllene
  • Bisabolol
  • Linalool
  • Limonene
  • Camphene
  • Myrcene
  • Terpinolene

The strain also has decent THC contents, which usually average at around 19-20%. Its second highest cannabinoid content comes in the form of CBG, which commonly ranges between 0.85-1.32%. Some other cannabinoids in Snowman include:

Cannabinoid Percentages in Snowman











Ready to Try the “Snowman” Strain?

After all this Snowman talk, we bet you’re just about ready to meet Frosty himself. At CBD Mall, we’ve got everything you need to meet your Snowman strain needs. Whether you want to relax and unwind or get amped up and create, you can enjoy all the benefits of this fabled strain right here at our store. Here’s a few of our best-selling Snowman products:

Similar Strains Available

It is undeniable that Snowman is one of cannabis’s coolest strains—it’s ice cold, in fact. Its focusing and happiness-inducing properties make it the perfect strain for a chill afternoon in or a productive day. But Snowman isn’t the only giant ready and able to help out a stoner in need. Here are a couple strains similar to Snowman.

As we’ve previously mentioned, Snowman is a phenotype of Girl Scout Cookies (GSC), so what better way to get a similar high to the strain than with its own parent? Like Snowman, GSC provides feelings of happiness, relaxation, euphoria, and an unmistakable case of the munchies. Additionally, Girl Scout Cookies has slightly higher THC levels than its icy kid, usually averaging between 19-28%.

Durban Poison, one of Girl Scout Cookies’ parents and therefore a grandparent to Snowman, also offers many of the same benefits. Durban Poison, named after the African port city of Durban, is a sativa-dominant strain that will give you the energy to tackle everything that comes with your day. With energetic, focused, creative, and talkative effects, this strain is excellent for social settings or at times when you need a little boost to get stuff done. Its THC contents range between 15-25%, so you can make your Durban Poison experience as mild or strong as you want!

Information Regarding Growing Snowman

Unfortunately, there isn’t much information available on growing Snowman strain seeds—most of what we know is hearsay and based on what’s typical for other Girl Scout Cookies phenotypes. Luckily, if you want to build your very own Snowman, we’ve got a few tips to make it work!

The strain is relatively easy to grow, making it perfect for novice growers to try their green hand. Ironically, Snowman prefers warm and humid climates. Its buds are large and thick, so regular pruning is essential to maintaining the plant’s optimum health. Pruning increases airflow and exposure to light, making it a great technique to encourage plant growth and reduce the risk of mold and mildew.

The strain can be grown outdoors and indoors, provided you keep the temperature and humidity levels consistent. Indoors, the flowers in 7-10 weeks and producers yields of around 1-2 ounces per square foot. Outdoors, harvesting should be expected in late October and can yield up to 18 ounces per plant.  


As abominable as it may sound, Snowman is a strain ready to keep you warm. Its effects will start off energizing and productive, and once you cross out the last item on your checklist, it’ll give you the extra satisfaction of uninterrupted relaxation and mild sedation.

Whether you’re trying to have a chill night in or a productive day, Snowman is ready to take you to the top of the mountain so you can get a full view of the landscape.

What People Are Saying

50,000+ 5-STAR REVIEWS

Awesome service fast shipping and the hash was great. Very strong and very tasty.. the diamonds was kind of messy being that it was in the 90s temperature wise but it didn't spill or leak. All around...

This item is quite powerfull although it is only 900mg. It should be treated with respect as it is powerfull.

The item is very good and I would recommend the artisan brand. Even at 900 mg it is quite powerful and should be treated as.

Great for helping in stressful situations. I use it for riding in heavy traffic, keeping my cool with my hubbs during a disagreement and for handling crowded public places. It allows me to be fully...

Great js finished it a few hours ago had me so high. Puffs were thick, charged fast. Small, no Scent! Loveee

La la land on this one for me. It doesn't seem to hit strong until it does! This one gets me pretty spacy. I use it for falling asleep.

Frequently Asked Questions

Explore answers to our most commonly asked questions about CBD, our products, and more.

Is Snowman considered one of the strongest strains?

With THC contents averaging at around 19-20%, Snowman isn’t among the strongest cannabis strains on the market. 

Does Snowman cause paranoia?

Paranoia is not frequently reported when using Snowman, but other side effects of the strain include dizziness and a rapid heart rate. 

Does Snowman give an energy boost?

Snowman will uplift and focus you as well as make you feel creative, but it will not give you an energy boost. 

Is Snowman a good strain for sleeping?

Snowman’s effects will leave you relaxed and sleepy without completely sedating you, making it good for sleep but not the best at combatting insomnia.