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Super Lemon Haze Strain
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Super Lemon Haze Strain

Browse our collection of Super Lemon Haze vapes, a smooth, delicious strain available in a variety of different brands.

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50,000+ 5-STAR REVIEWS

Easy to find what I wanted. Shipped out pronto and arrived packaged very well. Superb product. I’m glad I found you.

Most excellent taste and aroma. It also packs quite a punch but not too heavy....just right.

I ordered this product on March 31 and just received it today on Saturday, April 13. After numerous phone calls I finally received exactly what I paid for, and I appreciate the support I received...

Been on addictive sleeping meds since 2004 from a head injury. Good bye Big Pharma. Off all sleeping meds now and sleeping like a rock. Customer Service is A++

Fast delivery the product was well packaged and was exactly what I wanted .

Helps my pain and works really well!!! Was told about this to try and use this for my pain and I did

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is Super Lemon Haze considered one of the strongest strains?

The strain’s THC levels can reach up to 25%, so it definitely packs a punch. That said, it is not among the strongest strains on the market. 

Is Super Lemon Haze a “top shelf” strain?

Yes, many consider Super Lemon Haze’s genetics to be those of a top shelf cannabis strain. 

Does Super Lemon Haze cause paranoia?

When used in large quantities, Super Lemon Haze could result in anxiety or paranoia, especially for novice smokers.

Does Super Lemon Haze give an energy boost?

Yes, Super Lemon Haze provides uplifting and energetic effects. 

Is Super Lemon Haze a good strain for sleeping?

Although this sativa-dominant strain has traces of indica that lead to relaxation, it will not leave you couch-locked. This isn’t the best strain to use before bed, but it’s also not the most energizing. 

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