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Dedicated to providing the reinvigorating qualities one needs at work or play with the benefits of high-quality CBD, CBD Oil Biotech focuses its energies on continually improving its production process and crafting the most effective, reliable products.

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10X Vapes

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10X delta 8. Affordable vapes for everyone.

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Chill CBD Assorted Coffee & Tea (4 pack)

I really like the mixture of tea pods and coffee pods. Like the product to.

Matthew W.
Chill Gummies - CBD Infused Gummy Worms - 150mg

They are the best can’t sleep without them.Love the new size of the worms don't need to cut them in half. Best out there by far.

Chill CBD Assorted Coffee & Tea (4 pack)

Great coffee and tea. It’s the perfect way to me to get my CBD. The tea is great but I like the coffee best. Have you guys ever thought of offering a regular coffee and Decafe combo 4 pack ?

Matthew W.
Chill CBD Assorted Coffee & Tea (4 pack)

Really good. Helps alot with arthritis pain and anxiety. Wish I could still buy the coffee 4 pack though. The teas are good but I like the coffee best.

Matthew W.
Chill Gummies - CBD Infused Gummy Bears - 150mg

I take two every night before bed. They really help give me a good nights sleep.

Chill CBD Assorted Coffee & Tea (4 pack)

Great product ! The 25mg CBD per cup coffee and tea is a god send. It really helps with my arthritis pain in my hips and my knees. Not to mention it’s calming effect. Thank you.

Matthew W.
Chill Plus Vapes
Chill Plus Vapes

More puff, less pass

Chill Plus delta 8. Affordable vapes just for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Explore answers to our most commonly asked questions about CBD, our products, and more.

What does CBD feel like?

CBD is very subtle and, in most cases, doesn’t feel like anything. But that doesn't mean that the effects aren’t profound. However, if you’re expecting to feel high, well, you won’t (for that, we recommend Delta-8 THC). CBD is best taken every day to feel its full effects.

What will CBD do for me?

CBD is a very versatile compound that has many, many benefits. It is an excellent addition to your everyday wellness routine and can help you with your overall lifestyle. Depending on your needs, CBD can be whatever you need it to be.

Is all CBD the same?

No, definitely not. Not only are there different types of CBD, including CBD gummies, CBD capsules, and more, but there is also full-spectrum CBD or CBD isolate. Moreover, many unscrupulous companies are making lower quality products. Diamond CBD uses only all-natural, organic hemp for the best quality CBD on the market today.

Is CBD addictive?

No, CBD has no known addictive properties. It is entirely safe for use and has no known side effects, aside from some drowsiness, whatsoever.

Have there been any studies done on CBD?

Yes! Researchers have completed thousands of studies on CBD. Moreover, you can check out our What is CBD Guide to learn more about this incredible compound.

Does CBD have any side effects?

No! CBD is entirely safe. In fact, the only time CBD oil was ever unsafe was when unscrupulous producers used unnatural additives and thinning agents, something that Diamond CBD never does. Research shows that CBD is safe and has no side effects

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