About MediPets

The nation’s premier provider of top-quality pet CBD oils and products, MediPets, is committed to promoting pet lifestyles by delivering pharmacist-formulated, THC-free, 100 percent natural CBD. As fellow pet owners, they only stand behind quality products that help all cats and dogs.


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MediPets CBD Oil for Medium Dogs - 240MG

MediPets CBD Oil for Medium Dogs - 240MG

Chris M.
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Will MediPets have psychoactive effects on my cats or dogs?

No! MediPets products are 100% THC-free and therefore 100% non-psychoactive. 

Are MediPets products safe for all pets?

MediPets treats and oils are made using only the safest, pet-friendly CBD formulas in the world. Using CBD isolate with no traces of other cannabinoids, our MediPets products are safe for your furry ones. That said, our pet products are crafted specifically for cats and dogs, so it’s best to leave other pet species out of the CBD loop. 

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