Disposable Vape Blends - Potent Cannabinoids Mixed In a Pen

Disposable Vape Blends

Shop our exclusive collection of Disposable Vape Blends, and find all your favorite cannabinoids mixed together in one powerful, smooth vape pen. On sale now!

Customers Reviews

5 stars for very fast shipping and helpful customer support. This disposable is really good and lasts forever.
Pretty good high, decent taste. 5 stars for excellent customer support and fast shipping.
Wow, this vape lives up to the "sleep" title it so rightly has. It's incredible how it just melts you into tranquility. This thing feels like it has well over 30% of delta-9 thc. It is excellent for the purpose of sleep or to just wind down after a busy work day in the evening. I'm impressed!

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