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Canna Slim THCV Capsules - 1000MG

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Do you need to get your body back into shape? Have you let yourself put on a few pounds over the past few years? Do you want to look as good as you feel? Well, then forget fad diets, shakes, and counting points. You want to try THCV; the hemp-derived cannabinoid made to help you lose weight naturally. THCV, sometimes nicknamed “diet hemp,” is mother nature’s all-nature weight loss remedy. And with Canna Slim Capsules, you get 1000mg of THCV, the perfect way to start shedding pounds.


What is THCV? It’s an all-natural, hemp-extracted minor cannabinoid with a little bit of a buzz. However, unlike other buzz-worthy cannabinoids such as Delta-8 THC or Delta-9, THCV doesn’t give you the munchies. In fact, instead of eating your way through your buzz, it’s known to help you forget about food for a while. It’s the ideal part of a balanced lifestyle change to help you feel better and lose weight.


And the key with Canna Slim Capsules and its 1000mg of THCV is incorporating it into a lifestyle change. Losing weight is difficult, but THCV can help make it easier. When used in combination with diet and exercise — and, of course, a good night’s sleep — Canna Slim THCV can help you feel great and look better. Before you know it, you’ll need a whole new wardrobe.


The best part is that Canna Slim THCV Capsules are all-natural and completely safe. We send every product out to our third-party lab affiliates for testing to ensure no carcinogens and no adulterants. Canna Slim THCV has only pure, unadulterated hemp-derived THCV. So if you’re looking for something to help you lose weight, try incorporating Canna Slim THCV Capsules into a lifestyle change that includes eating right, sleeping well, and exercising. The results will astound you!


Total Strength
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20 capsules
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Raw Organic Hemp Seed Oil, Gelatin, Glycerin, Hemp Extract.

THCV Gel Capsules

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THCV is an all-natural, hemp-derived cannabinoid known as "diet weed" that suppresses appetite, stimulates buzz, creates energy, causes focus, and boosts creativity. With all-natural THCV from hemp combined with a well-rounded diet you can shed unwanted pounds in no time and begin to look as good as you feel. THCV is the weight-loss cannabinoid that suppresses your appetite with a buzz.

Promotes weight loss
Creates focus
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of THCV edibles?

THCV edibles are a simple way to enjoy the weight loss benefits of THCV, one of the only hemp-derived cannabinoids to help you lose weight and shed the pounds.

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Canna Slim THCV Gummies and products are all-natural and completely safe. We send every product out to our third-party lab affiliates for testing to ensure there are no carcinogens and no adulterants.

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