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Chill Plus Max Delta-8 THC Gummies - Vegan Fruit Jellies - Exotic Mix - 1250x

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Delta-8 Gummies 50pcs x 25mg.

Take a break from the mundane and try something exotic with our Chill Plus Max Exotic Mix of Delta-8 THC Vegan Cube Gummies. It’s 1250mg of Delta-8 THC in sweet, exotic, vegan gummies made with pectin. Forget the boring and try the buzz with Delta-8 THC vegan gummies. Turn your week into something exciting with the only legal cannabinoid that offers you a one-of-a-kind, mind-blowing experience. And with Delta-8 THC vegan gummies made from scratch, the buzz is baked right in!

Delta-8 THC is all the buzz right now, but with the new Chill Plus Max Exotic Mix, we’ve kicked things up a notch. It’s 1250mg of Delta-8 THC in a vegan gummy that’s sweet and delicious, with three exotic flavors that will tickle your taste buds, blueberry watermelon and pineapple. This is a buzz made for after-hours. And because they’re made with pectin, the buzz can last all night long — you don’t have to worry about your gummies melting in the heat!

Our Chill Plus Max Exotic Mix of Delta-8 THC Vegan Cube Gummies are delicious Delta-8 THC Gummies made from scratch. That means we infuse the Delta-8 straight into the mix, giving you the most hemp-derived, buzzworthy goodness that you’ve ever had! Most gummies spray on their compounds after the fact, but we’ve baked it right in, making the buzz even better. Our high-dose batch keeps your buzz smooth and steady, so when the lights go out, the fun begins.

Delta-8 offers a mild but enjoyable psychotropic high, not unlike THC. It’s completely legal. All Diamond CBD products are third-party tested for safety and efficacy, so you know you're only buying the best. So grab some Chill Plus Max Exotic Mix of Delta-8 THC Vegan Cube Gummies before it’s too late! Purchase some today, and turn a blah day into something exotic.

Total Strength
Strength Per gummy
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50 gummies
Total Delta 8
Delta 8 Per gummy

Tapioca Syrup, Sugar, Water, Natural Flavors, Concord Grape Puree, Blueberry Puree, Corn Starch, Strawberry Juice Concentrate, Agar, Citric Acid, Pectin, Lemon Juice Concentrate, Sunflower Lecithin, Fruit and Vegetable Juice for Color, Lactic Acid, Beta Carotene for Color and Hemp Extract.

Active Ingredients

Delta-8 is a derivative of and a close cousin to Delta-9 THC. Like its more famous cousin, Delta-9 will give you a legal, psychotropic high, although it will be much subtler and smoother. Unlike its cousin Delta 9 THC, which can cause sleep issues, paranoia, anxiety, and more, Delta 8 THC is a smooth and subtle cannabinoid with no known side effects. It’s an important addition to the library of cannabinoids that may benefit many users.

Smooth buzz
Stimulates relaxation
Stress relief
Facilitates sleep
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are delta 8 gummies?

Delta-8 Gummies are different than vape oils. Delta-8 edibles start slow and last long. You want to be careful, because at first you might think the gummy isn't working and be tempted to take more. But before you know it, you'll be buzzed or enveloped in a sea of wellness while feeling buzzed.

Is delta 8 safe?

Yes! Delta 8 is entirely safe. While we’re still learning more about this novel cannabinoid every day, what we do know is that it is safe and that it causes a smooth but subtle high. (It’s legal too!) Because delta 8 thc comes from hemp it will not harm you. Moreover, because Diamond sends all of our products through a rigorous third-party testing process, you can feel comfortable knowing you're using only the best delta-8 thc.

Is delta 8 Legal?

The sale and distribution of delta 8 products may currently be impermissible in certain states and subject to change in any state.  Therefore, it is highly recommended that any purchaser contact and consult legal counsel licensed in that particular jurisdiction for a legal opinion.

What are CBD edibles?

CBD edibles are usually found in something sweet, like CBD gummies, sour bears, chocolates, or something else. It’s a great way to get your daily dose of full-spectrum or CBD isolate, especially if you are an on-the-go person who doesn’t have time to relax with an oil or something else. CBD edibles are one of the most popular ways to enjoy CBD as it is a sweet, delicious treat that is easy to take.

How long does delta 8 stay in your system?

Delta 8 THC is very much like delta 9, or cannabis. Depending on how often you use it, and which type of product you use, it can be detected in your system anywhere from 5 days to upwards of thirty. One time users will be delta 8 free after about a week while frequent users will need 30-90 days for a clean drug test. 

Does delta 8 show up on a drug test?

Because delta 8 thc is so similar to delta 9 thc (cannabis), there is a good chance that you will not pass a drug test. You should act accordingly if you need to take a drug screen for any reason. delta 8 is legal, however, you still may have to deal with certain restrictions at your place of employment and in other situations. It can take up to 30 days or more for delta 8 thc to leave your system.


How long do delta 8 gummies last?

Delta 8 Gummies last much longer than delta 8 vape oils or other products. They come up slow but can last 8 or more hours. You should go slow with with delta 8 gummies. What to expect from delta 8 gummies depends on your own goals. What you get from edibles will differ from oil and capsules. While some of you are looking for specific help with gummies, others prefer the laid-back feel that comes from delta 8 thc. You should set your expectations early.

How much THC is in delta 8?

Because delta-8 thc is derived from all-natural, non-GMO hemp grown here in the USA, it contains no more than 0.3% THC, as allowed by federal law. However, delta-8 content will vary by product.

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Leilani M.

January 22, 2022
Great flavor. Very relaxing. Prefer the vegan.
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