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Browse our collection of Purple Punch vapes, a smooth, delicious strain available in a variety of different brands.

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About Purple Punch

Purple Punch is an indica-dominant hybrid strain born out of the union of two classics: Larry OG and Grandaddy Purp. Its sweet and sedating effects are world-renowned for the strain’s “one-two punch” nature. In other words, Purple Punch will land the KO, sending you straight into a relaxing state of euphoria!

Purple Punch Strain Effects

One of the sweetest strains, Purple Punch gives off equally strong mind and body effects. Because of its intense indica-dominant effects, the strain is best used in the evenings, for chill night ins or right before a restful night’s sleep.

Typically an 80% indica and 20% sativa, a Purple Punch high starts off with full force, as strong cerebral stimulation takes over. Your spirits will be easily lifted, and you’ll feel like you’re floating through the air. As you continue to go higher, its bodily effects will kick in and help you balance things out with a heavy state of sedation.

Some of Purple Punch’s most notable properties include making you feel:

  • Sleepy
  • Relaxed
  • Happy
  • Euphoric
  • Hungry

That said, Purple Punch has also been associated with some negative side effects, as all other strains of cannabis. These include:

  • Dry mouth
  • Dry eyes
  • Dizziness

Purple Punch Strain Benefits

Because of Purple Punch’s known ability to lift one’s spirits, it’s no surprise that the medical cannabis community has turned to it when in need. Not only does it offer all the aforementioned effects, but it also has many wellness benefits, including:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Insomnia
  • Nausea
  • Pain (such as headaches, cramps, muscle spasms)

When you smoke Purple Punch, all your pains, worries, and ailments fade away as you drift into blissful, restful sleep. After all, when it comes to cannabis and its health effects, there’s no better alternative!

Purple Punch Strain Flavor – The Genetics & Terpenes

The Purple Punch strain is known for its sweet aromas reminiscent of purple Kool-Aid—don’t worry though, it’s not the same kind they drank at Jonestown! The strain contains many terpenes that contribute to its complex blend of flavors, aromas, and effects, but some of the most prominent are:

  • D-Limonene
  • Myrcene
  • Beta-Caryophyllene

Other terpenes in the strain include:

  • Linalool
  • Beta-Pinene
  • Fenchyl Alcohol
  • Terpinolene
  • Alpha-Pinene
  • Alpha-Bisabolol
  • Alpha-Terpineol
  • And over 30 more!

While it’s the cannabinoids that get you high, the terpenes will determine the flavor, aroma, and effects of your strain. Essentially, terpenes are the reason some strains make you want to reorganize your kitchen and others make leaving the couch seem like an impossible feat. It’s also why some strains smell so skunky or sweet.

Some of the main flavors associated with the strain are:

  • Sweet
  • Grape
  • Berry
  • Blueberry
  • Vanilla
  • Herbs

Purple Punch nugs are usually fluffy, oversized, and bright with neon tones accompanied by reddish pistils and amber trichomes. Buds also give off purple hues under the frosty trichomes.

With THC contents between 10-20%, Purple Punch may not be the strongest indica strain out there. Regardless, the strain ends up hitting you like a boxer in the last round of a career-defining match. It’s also pretty low in CBD contents, usually averaging at around 1%, and many times even less.

Ready to Try the “Purple Punch” Strain?

After all this talk about the strain, you must be itching to get your hands on some of the highest-quality Purple Punch out there—and we can’t blame ya!

We mentioned that Purple Punch is an indica-leaning hybrid, meaning it’s best used during a relaxing evening in-di-couch or unwinding right before sleep. So, if you’re fixing to mow the lawn and have a busy, errand-filled day, it’s best to steer clear from Purple Punch and go for more of a sativa.

If what you want is complete and total chill, CBD Mall is your best place to get the highest-quality Purple Punch strain on the cannabinoid market today! We’ve got a plethora of available compounds, including delta 8, THCO, and THCP.

You may already know delta 8 as the chill, moderately mild compound that has brought hemp-based products fame, but delta 8 is only the beginning! We’ve got THCO, a compound nicknamed “the psychedelic of cannabinoids” for its gargantuan strength and ability to give users auditory and visual hallucinations. Then we’ve got THCP, the strongest cannabinoid discovered to date! Its properties include pain management, insomnia relief, and the wildest psychoactive potency you’ve ever come across!

Take your pick!

Similar Strains Available

Purple Punch is a highly demanded strain, but there are many others with similar properties and benefits that will make your sleep restful and your night in extra relaxing.

Of course, the most similar strain to Purple Punch is one of its parents: Grand Daddy Purp. Also known as Grandaddy Purple or GDP, the strain has similar THC and CBD levels to Purple Punch. It produces the same sleepy and relaxed feelings as its offspring as well as similar grape and berry flavors.

Another similar strain is the world-famous Grape Ape. Of course, it was named for its distinct grape-like smell, just like Purple Punch. But more than that, this indica-leaning hybrid is known for providing carefree relaxation that can help soothe your pain, destress, and relieve anxiety. Needless to mention, Grape Ape will make you feel sleepy just like Purple Punch.

Information Regarding Growing Purple Punch

Purple Punch has a medium growing difficulty and thrives best outdoors and when it receives sufficient sunlight. The strain demands plenty of natural light and sis ready for harvest around mid to late October.

Growers should approach this strain with care, and beginners should not commit to growing Purple Punch without previous knowledge of necessities like light regulation and mold prevention. As previously stated, Purple Punch thrives in sunny, humid climates, so if you live somewhere like California, you shouldn’t have an issue growing the strain outside. If you live somewhere with more diverse weather, take the plants inside, and install powerful lighting and heating systems—try to recreate a Cali environment so your plants can thrive inside.

That said, the plants can reach up to five feet in height, so they require constant trimming and pruning to ensure that air and light flow undisturbed through all parts of the plant, especially when grown indoors.

It will take about 7-8 weeks for flowers to develop, with an anticipated yield of 20-25 ounces per square meter, or even more than that if the plants are grown outside. Purple Punch already has natural purple hues, but if you’re really going for a more established purple color, it’s best to expose the plants to temperatures that are a bit cooler than usual.


Purple Punch is a popular indica-dominant hybrid beloved by recreational and medical cannabis users alike for its extensive properties and benefits, the most notable of which include insomnia and anxiety relief as well as feelings of relaxing happiness and euphoria.

Its THC contents may seem low, but once you get in the ring with Purple Punch, all you’ll want to do is take your boxing gloves off and get some well-deserved restful sleep!

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