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Trainwreck Strain

Browse our collection of Trainwreck vapes, a smooth, delicious strain available in a variety of different brands.

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Is Trainwreck considered one of the strongest strains?

With 20-25% THC, Trainwreck is known for its potency, but there exist stronger strains. 

Is Trainwreck a “top shelf” strain?

Yes, Trainwreck is considered a top shelf sativa. 

Does Trainwreck cause paranoia?

Yes, Trainwreck can produce heightened paranoia in some users. 

Does Trainwreck give an energy boost?

Although it is predominantly sativa, Trainwreck combines cerebral stimulation with the lazy effects of indica. It begins with energy and focus, but soon becomes sedating. 

Is Trainwreck a good strain for sleeping?

Absolutely! The strain’s relaxing effects often result in gentle sleep. 

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