Here’s the Research on Delta-8 THC and Your Sex Life

Oct 12, 2021

So what happens late at night when the party's over, and you and your partner are still feeling buzzed? Sure, you could watch some late-night television — who doesn’t love a good movie with the person you love? Or perhaps the two of you could grab a bite to eat; after all, Delta-8 THC does stimulate your appetite. Maybe you could just cuddle together on the couch and talk about your feelings and hopes, and dreams.

Or maybe you can do that thing that two people do when they’re buzzed, and no one else is around. Yes, we’re talking about sex. 

So, what’s the deal? Can Delta-8 THC enhance your sex life? Or will your favorite brand of Delta-8 gummies make it more difficult for you to, you know, get buzzed? Well, the good news is, there’s a fair bit of research out there showing that cannabis — and by extension, Delta-8 THC (they are almost similar, after all —can enhance your sex life. Some Delta-8 THC Bites or some Liquid Gold Delta-8 THC Vapes can make the spark burn brighter; it turns out.

“Cannabis and sex can be a controversial topic. It’s been used as an aphrodisiac for thousands of years, with early recorded uses in 7th century India as a prelude to spiritual tantric sex rituals. Many cannabis consumers today say it improves their sex lives, but on the other hand, some say it can negatively impact sex, such as making orgasms more difficult for men,” wrote Leafly in a recent article.

“So what does the research say? A fair bit of science suggests the plant can improve your sex life,” they continued.

But how? Is it a matter of just popping a few Delta-8 THC gummies and waiting for the sparks to fly? Or is it a bit more complicated than that? Well, interestingly enough, there has been a fair amount of research done into the subject — it’s pretty astounding to think about just how much time the scientific community has spent studying this topic — and the answers we have are quite detailed.

Now listen, Delta-8 THC won’t make you better at sex, but it will make sex better if you catch our drift. So don’t go expecting the gummies, vapes, and capsules to do all of the work for you. Your partner is still going to expect that you know what you’re doing — and rightfully so. But if you want to show them something new, or get out of that same old rut, then maybe — just maybe — Delta-8 THC will do the trick.

So without keeping you waiting any longer, here’s the research on Delta-8 THC and your sex life.


Here’s the Research on Delta-8 THC and Your Sex Life


Delta-8 THC Make Sex Better for Women

Sorry fellas, but this one is just for the ladies. It turns out that women who use cannabis products like Delta-8 THC get numerous benefits. Not only does a dose of D8 enhance their sex lives by making orgasms better, but, according to research, it correlates to better sexual health as well. How about that!

“A 2019 study highlights the connection between cannabis and orgasms in women. In this study, researchers surveyed 373 women patients at an obstetrics and gynecological practice. Researchers found that 127 women who used cannabis before sex had much higher chances of achieving a satisfying orgasm than those who didn’t use cannabis,” wrote Leafly.

Imagine puffing away at some Alibi Delta-8 THC Vapes right before hitting the sheets with your partner and then having the best sex of your life. Heck, you won’t know whether to thank your partner or to thank the vapes! Actually, always thank your partner, then thank us for the vapes after.

But that’s not all because a 2020 study made the connection between cannabis products like Delta-8 THC and better sexual health. 

“Those who used cannabis frequently were likely to score high on measures of sexual health, specifically, sexual desire, arousal, orgasms, and satisfaction, more so than women who used cannabis less. This held true regardless of the type of cannabis, how it was consumed, or the reason for consuming it,” wrote Leafly.

Sounds good to us!


Here’s the Research on Delta-8 THC and Your Sex Life


Delta-8 Users Have More Sex Overall

This one is good news for everyone — everyone who loves Delta-8 THC, that is. According to some recent research, if you’re a fan of Delta-8 THC gummies, vapes, capsules, and more, apparently, you’re also a fan of sex. And you’re having more of it than most other people. When you tell people that you’re feeling the buzz, you’re really feeling the buzz — okay, enough with these bad buzz puns, we get it.

The thing is, it doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman; if you love Delta-8 THC, chances are you’re spending more time in the bedroom (or wherever you prefer to do it) than anyone else. And good for you!

“A 2017 study looked at survey data from about 50,000 men and women to see whether cannabis use had any connection to how often people had sex. There was a clear correlation: Those who used cannabis had sex more frequently than those who didn’t. This held true for both men and women in all demographic groups. The study also found that cannabis use does not appear to impair sexual function,” writes Leafly.

So have some Delta-8 THC gummies today; who knows what it could lead to (hint: sex).


Here’s the Research on Delta-8 THC and Your Sex Life


Okay, What About Delta-8 For the Guys?

Well, there’s good news and bad news for guys. Unfortunately, there is some research that shows products like Delta-8 THC could make it harder for guys to achieve orgasm. However, it’s not all bad. “A 2011 study reviewed literature on cannabis and male sexual function and found mixed results. While some studies showed negative impacts on male sexual health, such as a difficulty in achieving orgasm, others found positive impacts—overall, the study authors even concluded that cannabis might enhance erectile function,” writes Leafly.

This is really a case of going slow and seeing what works for you. Maybe try a gummy or a puff off of your vape. Experiment a little and find your sweet spot because there are some definite benefits, according to the research.

Whatever you do, always remember to be safe and have fun! And enjoy the buzz with Delta-8 THC.