How to Use Delta-8 THC For the Post-Holiday Blues

Dec 28, 2021

So the gifts are all opened, the cookies are all gone, and all you have left to show for it are a few extra pounds and a gift card to your favorite chain restaurant. But hey, it’s the holidays, and we all love them! What we don’t love so much is when they’re over.

That lull between the winter holidays can eat away at everyone. We’re so busy during this time of year that it can be depressing to see an empty social calendar after weeks worth of parties. Or maybe you never even had the chance to relax! Too busy party planning and entertaining the in-laws before going back to the work grind can really kill your holiday spirit.

Many people report sadness, disappointment, and even stress after the holiday season ends. But you’re not alone in your sorrow and depression — hey, who wouldn’t be upset after eating a whole fruit cake by themselves (don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone). If you’re looking for a way to clear up the post-holiday blues, look no further than Delta-8 THC from the CBD Mall. Listen, if you need a little extra holiday cheer or just something to clear up the post-holiday blues, Delta-8 THC can help. 

Listen, we get it. You probably think the post-holiday blues aren’t even real, but they are. “Also known as post-vacation syndrome, stress, or depression, this slump can hit hard after a period of intense emotion and stress. Post-holiday blues share many of the same characteristic symptoms of an anxiety or mood disorder: insomnia, low-energy, irritability, difficulty concentrating, and anxiousness,” writes

The site continues: “But unlike clinical depression, the distress is short-lived rather than long-term. Though much greater attention is often given to depression that occurs during the holidays, the condition isn’t all that uncommon. So, what’s responsible for this glaring lack of post-holiday glow?”

So, if you need a little boost after the holiday rush, you’re not alone. Here’s how you can use CBD oils for those post-holiday blues.


How to Use Delta-8 THC For the Post-Holiday Blues


Exercise With Delta-8 THC

We know, every year, you say you’re going to exercise and lose those pounds. Then, sometime around January 5, you give up and cry into a big bowl of ice cream. We do it too. But this year, use Delta-8 THC when you exercise. It will work!

Exercising is one of the easiest ways to boost your mood and chase off the post-holiday blues. Exercise will release endorphins, which naturally make you feel happier, and adding Delta-8 THC to your workout routine can ease your mind and body. Just as Delta-8 THC helps you relax, its natural properties will help your muscles relax too.

Whether you hit the treadmill or relax with a yoga routine, using Delta-8 THC while you work out can ease tension and speed up the post-workout recovery. That means you can hit the gym next time you feel the blues coming on without worrying about any stiffness or sore muscles the next day. 


How to Use Delta-8 THC For the Post-Holiday Blues


Use Delta-8 For Rest and Get In a Good Mood

One of the most common reasons for the post-holiday blues is that you’ve been running around like crazy for weeks. This can cause some underlying sadness or signify that something bigger is happening.

Keep the blues away by making sure you take care of yourself first and foremost. This doesn’t mean going on a diet or buying a new wardrobe. We’re talking about the bare necessities, like getting enough rest. Doctors recommend 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night. Delta-8 THC can help you fall asleep naturally and stay asleep through the night. 

As your body naturally starts to feel tired, your brain will signal your central nervous system to release the neurotransmitters responsible for sleep. With Delta-8 THC from CBD Mall, you can chill and relax in the post-holiday season with its anti-anxiety properties. It triggers your serotonin and dopamine to react and bring on those sleepy feelings. 

Listen, sleep sounds simple, but for many of us, it’s not. But Delta-8 THC will also help you stay asleep during the night so you can wake up feeling rejuvenated enough to kick the blues right out the door first thing in the morning. 


Still Got the Post-Holiday Blues? Delta-8 Can Help You Find Your Zen

That’s right, with Delta-8 THC, you can take a minute to meditate before you head back to the grind in 2022.

Sometimes it’s hard to relax during and especially after the holidays. When you get a chance to step out of the grind for a moment, meditation can really help shake the blues. Five minutes is all you need. And Delta-8 THC can help with the post-holiday blues by making it easier to relax.

Try a meditation session with Delta-8 THC — Chill Plus, Liquid Gold, whatever — and a few minutes of deep breathing. When you breathe deeply, you’re immediately telling your brain to calm down and relax. Adding D8 gummies or vapes to the mix can encourage that relaxation even if you’re anxious about your deadlines or stressing about New Year’s Eve plans. Just one gummy is all you need to refocus your day and mood.


How to Use Delta-8 THC For the Post-Holiday Blues


Just Feel Good

We’ve already shown you that Delta-8 THC can be used to help people with post-holiday blues. Assuming it does the same for you, you might be able to shake that downer feeling of being stuck in a rut. 

But, more importantly, one of the most severe threats to good health is the lethargy that often accompanies those sad feelings. Lethargy is the feeling that your get-up-and-go has gone up and went. Fortunately, another widespread reason our customers give for using D8 on an ongoing basis is to improve mood and reduce feelings of lethargy. 

So this year, try something new. Try Delta-8 THC!