In Texas, Team Delta-8 THC Fights Back

Nov 2, 2021

This week, we all left our hearts in Texas after a judge ruled that the ban on Delta-8 THC would be upheld. That makes Texas one of the latest states to enact rules, regulations, or outright bans on our favorite hemp-derived, all-natural cannabinoid with a buzz — a cannabinoid that’s supposed to be legal. But you know what they say; everything is bigger in Texas. And this time, some Texans on team Delta-8 THC are beginning to fight back.

But before we get into that story, and for all of you Delta-8 THC fans, there’s a lot to discuss here; let’s review a little bit about what’s happening with Delta-8 THC. After all, there have been many reasons to cultivate hemp throughout history — Delta-8 is just the latest. Whether it was early man or people in more contemporary times, cultures worldwide have used hemp for myriad reasons. There was a whole world of hemp before Delta-8, before the buzz.


For example, by the sixteenth century, hemp was being cultivated across Europe. I bet you didn’t know that! Hemp was one of the staple crops grown in England. In fact, hemp was so valuable to society that in 1533, Henry VIII commanded farmers to grow hemp or face a fine. Well-known people of the time, such as Garcia de Orta and Li Shih-Chen, were touting hemp’s use as well. Everyone loved it! Of course, they weren’t using it for Delta-8 just yet, but they were using it, which is essential.

Anyway, what’s this have to do with Delta-8 THC and Texas? Well, the point here is that hemp products are nothing new. But t=what is new is folks trying to ban them, even though the Farm Bill legalized them a couple of years ago.

Right now, it seems that everyone in Texas loves Delta-8 THC. The truth is, everyone across America loves Delta-8. According to some reports, people of all ages, from folks in their 20s to seniors, have found ways to enjoy Delta-8 THC, whether it’s through edibles, vaping, oils, or more. And here at CBD Mall, that’s what we love about this new cannabinoid.

“It provides the entire entourage effect," said one person to a local Texas TV station. "If you’re not familiar with the entourage effect, I would encourage you to look it up. It is the combination of the effect of THC and CBD together to work together to do a great job. We’re now in the greatest position in the state of Texas to have a combination of THC and CBD products to help those people.”

And yet, this excellent alternative is now being banned for who knows what reason. But that’s the way things go here in the United States.


In Texas, Team Delta-8 THC Fights Back


All About Delta-8 THC

The thing is, people love Delta-8 THC for so many reasons. Yes, we all enjoy Delta-8 THC because it offers an all-natural, legal buzz. But there’s a lot more to it than that. Delta-8 THC has a myriad of benefits for users, including appetite stimulation, helping with sleep, assisting with pain, and much, much more.

But now that Texas is trying to ban Delta-8 THC, it’s causing all sorts of problems for people. One shop owner, who purchased $20,000 worth of products, was concerned with her business and customers. 

“Flood said she’s purchased $20,000 worth of delta-8 products for her CBD American Shaman store, which account for 50-60 percent of her profit. If they’re illegal, her Allen franchise won’t come out unscathed,” wrote Dallas News. “But Flood’s chief concern isn’t staying afloat. She worries for her customers who consume delta-8 for medical reasons or as an alternative for a previous substance-use problem.”

“There’s a lot of people that stopped taking other really bad things [or] medications for this because it was working for them,” Dallas News quested her as saying.

“That’s a big concern.”

And it’s a big concern for people all across the state. After all, when the Texas authorities decided to ban Delta-8 THC, they did it at the drop of a hat, without warning or comment period for the public. It’s caused a great deal of confusion, trauma, and harm to the local hemp community down there. 

Delta-8 helps many with their wellness routine because sometimes your endocannabinoid system needs a little outside help. That’s where a daily dose of Delta-8 THC comes into play. See, some people have real problems synthesizing enough cannabinoids to keep their system in check, which can be a real bummer if you’re trying to maintain homeostasis. But, even if that’s not an issue, people can use some Delta-8 THC to help give the endocannabinoid system a little boost and, as stated earlier, to kick your wellness routine into high gear.

Though it’s starting to sound like a bland office meeting with too many corporate buzzwords, synergy is an essential part of your daily routine. And nothing goes better with a buzz than synergy! Most importantly, Delta-8 THC is found by many people to be effective because, together with other cannabinoids, it produces what is known as the “entourage effect,” a synergy between cannabinoids that may give your body the balance it needs.

When Texas began to ban this cannabinoid, it started to hurt lots of people.


In Texas, Team Delta-8 THC Fights Back


In Texas, the People Fight Back For Delta-8 THC

But in Texas, the people have decided not to stand still and take it. What makes Delta-8 THC essential for one user may not be the same for another. You might use it purely for the buzz, while others may prefer some of its other benefits, as reported by people all around the globe. Chill Plus CBD Oil with Delta-8 is essential for so many reasons; it depends on what makes it vital to you. But whatever the reason may be, the people of Texas have realized the Delta-8 THC is essential.

So, one businessperson is fighting back.

“A Houston CEO is suing the state health department to stop its ban on Delta-8 after the cannabis extract was added to its online list of Schedule 1 controlled substances on October 15,” notes KHOU 11 News in Houston. “Ali Sheikhani, CEO of Sheikhani Group, is one of the plaintiffs in the lawsuit. His company owns more than 100 businesses, including more than 75 Vape City locations across Texas.”

“It was so random,” said Sheikhani of the new ban. “At first, I did not believe it.”

The CEO is concerned about his business and his customers too. “If I’m gonna shut down some stores, if I’m gonna lose some sales, I have to fire a couple of employees, a couple of hundred employees, as a matter of fact,” said Sheikhani to KHOU. “Not just one, two, three, four, ten, and the unemployment is gonna go up. I’m not just talking about me at the moment. We have 5,000 plus stores all over in Texas who are selling Delta-8.”

Whether or not he wins remains to be seen, though we’ll be keeping an eye on this one and rooting for him. In the meantime, grab your Delta-8 THC while you can!