Looking For a Real Buzz on Cyber Monday? Give the Gift Of Delta-8 Live Resin Sauces

Nov 28, 2021

Do you have your Delta-8 THC with you and a good buzz ready? Cyber Monday is upon us. You know the day — it’s the one that comes after the pre-Thanksgiving sales and the Thanksgiving day blockbuster sales and the Black Friday doorbuster sales and the Black Friday weekend price drops. This time it’s really your last chance to find prices this good before your next opportunity to find prices this good before the holiday. And there are only 26 more shopping days left until Santa comes falling down the chimney.

In other words… you better hurry. You’re not going to let someone else get that last Cabbage Patch Kid, are you?

All kidding aside, Cyber Monday is a great day to sit at home or on your lunch break at work (which, these days, could be the same thing) and find some great deals without having to brave the malls. And what better gift to give after a rough year like this than Delta-8 THC. And what better type of Delta-8 THC to gift than a concentrate? Chill Plus Delta-8 Live Resin Sauces will make for the best stocking stuffers ever this year.

Seriously, you can do anything with Live Resin Sauces. You can vape them, you can Dab them, and most of all, you can feel the buzz with them. 

“Of the many different types of cannabis concentrates or extractions, live resin is relatively new to the cannabis world. It has become popular among consumers and producers alike—it preserves the flavors and aromas of the living plant better than other cannabis extractions and is cheaper and easier to make,” writes Leafly.

“Live resins usually have a more complex terpene profile and can deliver a more complex experience, making them highly desirable,” Leafly continued.

So, if you’re looking for some great deals this Cyber Monday, and you still want to avoid the mall or the big box stores — or perhaps you’re banned from them because of how you acted there last year (we don’t judge) — then check out this year’s CBD Mall deals on Chill Plus Live Resin Sauce. The folks in your life will think you’re better than Santa.


Looking For a Real Buzz on Cyber Monday? Give the Gift Of Delta-8 Live Resin Sauces


Live Resin Sauce For the Holiday? Tell Me More!

So you love Delta-8 THC, and you love to get buzzed, but you’re not familiar with live resin sauces. It’s okay because these concentrates are pretty new to the hemp scene. They’re so new, in fact, that last year, Santa didn’t even have time to teach the elves how to make them. This year though, they’ve exploded in popularity. So make sure you’re not on the naughty list because when the holiday rolls around, you’re going to want to get very naughty with these concentrates.

Live Resin Sauce is a hemp-derived experience made for people just like you. It is known by many names, including Terp Sauce, Diamonds, or just plain Sauce. At CBD Mall, we make Chill Plus Delta-8 Diamond Sauce with a combination of hemp CBD and Delta-8, giving you a smooth, subtle, relaxing buzz that will blow your mind. You’ll feel relaxed and chill. Who knows, you might even start doing the Juicy Wiggle after trying some for the first time (or maybe not, if that’s not your thing!).

“Cannabis concentrates are often named or described by their textures or consistencies: some are hard and brittle, like shatter; some waxy; and some like sauce. Live resin is a more malleable concentrate, sitting somewhere between a wax and a sauce—not quite like taffy yet not too wet,” writes Leafly.

They continue: “It is typically dark yellow in color but can vary from light yellow to white. Like all cannabis concentrates, it is extremely sticky, so you’ll need a dab tool to handle it. Live resins tend to be potent with a lot of THC, and consumers love it because of its intense flavors and aromas which carry over from the original plant.”

So, with Chill Plus Live Resin Diamond Sauce, you get a potent Delta-8 THC concentrate that will make the holiday season something to remember. It’s the gift that keeps on giving this holiday season. And the best part is it comes in a variety of wonderful flavors too.


Looking For a Real Buzz on Cyber Monday? Give the Gift Of Delta-8 Live Resin Sauces


On Cyber Monday, Get Great Deals on Chill Plus Live Resin Diamond Sauce

So if you’re still looking for some great deals while trying to beat the last-minute holiday gift-buying frenzy, look no further than CBD Mall’s Cyber Monday deals. With Chill Plus Live Resin Diamond Sauces, you get high-potency Delta-8 THC products that will make everyone thankful this holiday season.

You can give the gift of Live Resin in Trainwreck. Enjoy a powerful and potent sativa that hits you like a brick wall and never stops coming. Trainwreck goes 100 miles per hour, with a sweet lemon and spicy pine aroma that uplifts and offers creativity too. And for those of you that work too hard, there’s Green Crack. With Green Crack, you can embrace the pleasure of this exciting new cannabinoid concentrate that’s a potent, energizing sativa strain. It’s a tangy, fruity flavor that’s ideal for use in the daytime as it helps fight the blahs.

We also have Zkittles, Blue Dream, Mango Kush, and so many more. This holiday season, you can give everyone in your life Chill Plus Delta-8 THC concentrates and let them enjoy high potency cannabinoids. Watch them vape and dab Live Resin and see them experience something new and delicious this holiday season.