What Is Today? It’s Cheap Flight Day, Sponge Cake Day, Cuban Sandwich Day — And a Day for Delta-8 THC!

Aug 23, 2021

Today we’re partying with 5X the number of our usual celebrations according to the National Today Calendar, and there’s no better way to get in the mood than with 10X Delta-8 THC. With 10X Delta-8 Vape Pens and Cartridges, you can enjoy 10 times the boost, 10 times the rush, and 10 times the buzz of your typical Delta-8 products. Imagine taking your favorite, all-natural hemp extract and feeling the buzz 10 times more!

But why so much today? Well, it’s because there’s so much to celebrate today. Sure, for most of us, it’s Monday, but it’s a day to celebrate and party (and to do so with Delta-8!). So let’s take a look at what’s going on today.

First up, we have Cheap Flight Day (yes, that’s a thing). Today is the day to grab a discount flight to your favorite destination before the summer ends and school begins. And as we learned recently, yes, you can take your Delta-8 on board with you. 

“Hopefully, you globetrotters marked your calendars for Cheap Flight Day, August 23, well in advance,” writes the National Today Calendar. “While many people associate late-August with back to school shopping, cost-conscious travelers look forward to this as a season of discounted airfare. With kids returning to school and summer vacations coming to an end, now is the time to take advantage of “end of season” travel deals. Don’t miss your final boarding call — check out those cheap deals today!”

But that’s just the beginning because today is also Health Unit Coordinators Day. While nurses, doctors, and frontline workers get all the love, as they should, let’s not forget the folks that make things run, the healthcare coordinators. Why not buy them some 10X Delta-8 THC? We bet they’ll love some Zkittles or Pineapple Express.

Do you love Cuban Sandwiches? We do. Well, you’re in luck because today is also National Cuban Sandwich Day. “National Cuban Sandwich Day on August 23 celebrates the joy of devouring a humble yet heroic Cuban sandwich,” writes the National Today Calendar. “Whether it’s a casual budget-friendly lunch or evening treat, there’s never a bad time to enjoy the traditional sandwich. But, there’s much more to the Cuban sandwich than the famous flavor combinations.”

We think Cubans go best with 10X Vape Cartridges in Guava and Strawberry Lemonade.

It’s also National Heroes Day and National SpongeCake Day. That’s 5X the celebrations, meaning it’s the ideal day for 10X Delta-8 THC. By our math, which we estimate is completely wrong, that’s two 10X Delta-8 vapes for every celebration.

So who’s ready to have some fun?


What Is Today? It’s Cheap Flight Day, Sponge Cake Day, Cuban Sandwich Day — And a Day for Delta-8 THC!

Grab a Cheap Flight, Celebrate a Hero, and Some 10X Delta-8 THC Vapes

Where in the world is Carmen SanDiego? No one really knows, but on Cheap Flight Day, you sure can afford to travel the world and find out. Now that summer is slowly coming to an end (it will be cold before you know it), and school is about to start, the airlines in the US want to give you one last hurrah! It’s your last chance this summer to visit the one place you’ve meant to go.

So why not grab a 10X Delta-8 THC Vape Pen, with 920mg of Delta-8 THC, in Banana Kush or Grape Ape, and set off for the skies?

“The beauty of air travel is that the possibilities are endless. Once considered faraway, unreachable places have become travel reality with the increased visibility on social media, TV channels dedicated to travel and the evolution of the travel blogger pointing you in the right direction with first-hand travel 411. So, the trick is to get there within budget,” writes the National Today Calendar. We couldn’t agree more.

But before we leave on a discount vacation, we want to recognize a group of people who do some great things in this country. That’s why today we’re celebrating Health Unit Coordinators Day.

“Hospitals and other health care centers are massive organizations that rely on hundreds of doctors, nurses, techs, maintenance people, facilities coordinators and administrative staff to work together efficiently so that the hospital functions like a well-oiled machine,” writes the National Today Calendar. “On Health Unit Coordinators Day, remember these hard-working folks helping to keep our health needs and information on track.”

The best way to show your favorite Health Unit Coordinator you care is to give them a break or a raise. The second best way is to provide them with some 10X Delta-8 THC in Mango Kush or Tangie OG.

It’s also National Heroes Day, but the day might not be what you think. “Observed on the last Monday of each August, National Heroes Day commemorates the Cry of Pugad Lawin, a revolt that kicked off the 1896 Philippine Revolution against the Spanish Empire and the long struggle toward that country’s independence,” the calendar site tells us.

We’re always about learning new things and experiencing new things too. So here’s some 10X Delta-8 THC to you, the heroes of the Philippine Revolution.


What Is Today? It’s Cheap Flight Day, Sponge Cake Day, Cuban Sandwich Day — And a Day for Delta-8 THC!

Cubans, Spongecake, and Yes, Even Delta-8 THC

Don’t think for one second that our celebration is over yet. We said 5X the partying, and we meant 5X the partying. And along with that, we’re feeling the buzz with 10X Delta-8 THC because, well, why not? 10X Delta-8 THC Vape Cartridges and Vape Pens let you feel the buzz all the way up to eleven if you know what we mean.

Now, today is also National Cuban Sandwich Day. And who doesn’t love those super-delicious Cuban sandwiches? Ham, cheese, pork, mustard, pickles… add some Delta-8 if you like. It’s a chef’s kiss.

“The first Cuban sandwich is believed to be created more than a quincentenary ago by the Cuban Taíno tribe,” writes the National Today Calendar. “One of three tribes who inhabited Cuba before the Europeans arrived, they supposedly used casabe bread — which is made from yucca — to create the dish. However, pork was unavailable at the time, so the Taínos stuffed fish and bird meat between the crunchy slices of casabe.”

Do you know what goes best with a Cuban? 10X Lemon Squeeze and Blue Dream!

And after you eat one of those delectable sandwiches, have some spongecake because it’s National Spongecake Day! “Aching for some sponge cake baking? Break out the cake stand because August 23 is National Sponge Cake Day! This decadent dessert was first created in the mid-16th century by an Italian pastry chef for a Spanish lord. Since then, sponge cake has become a popular dessert item,” the calendar site notes.

Trust us when we say that all 10X Delta-8 THC products go with spongecake!

So today is a day for 5X the celebrations, meaning you’ll need 10X Delta-8 THC. Make sure you enjoy the buzz in moderation but that you have a blast!