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Life can be a bear, but with Delta Bears, you get a hemp-derived edible that gives you a unique experience that keeps you floating on the clouds. Each micro-dose sized bite allows for a controlled experience, giving you only what you need to moderate your buzz. Delta Bears are cultivated on non-GMO farms, third-party tested for your safety, and guaranteed to taste delicious.


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What are Delta Bears?

When life gets a little bit hard to bear, our hemp-derived Delta Bears are ready to give you a unique experience that will send you to cloud 9. Because they’re so bite-sized, they have the ability to give you full control of your high and make it as mellow—or as intense— as you wish!

Are Delta Bears psychoactive?

Yes. Our Delta Bears are made using psychoactive hemp-derived compounds. Depending on what compound you choose, you may get a mild, relaxing buzz, or an energizing, focusing high. 

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