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There’s nothing better in this world than a dozen fresh-baked doughnuts and a smooth yet subtle buzz. Doughnut Gummies, now in a delicious variety of flavors, are a juicy rush of sweet-smelling goodness infused with Enzactiv, a proprietary hemp formula not unlike Delta-8 THC. Each delicious gummy smells and tastes like the doughnut shop down the street.

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Are Doughnut Active CBD products psychoactive?

Yes. Doughnut Active CBD products are meant to give you a smooth and subtle buzz not unlike the effects of delta 8. 

What is Enzactiv?

Enzactic is a proprietary hemp blend made to feel like delta 8 THC without any of its legal barriers. By using a carefully crafted CBD formula, Enzactiv gives users the chillest buzz around when psychoactive cannabinoids are out of reach. 

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