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About Flawless

Flawless THC-O edibles are made to perfection: a hemp-derived cannabinoid that’s flawless. With Flawless THC-O Cubes Gummies, you get the world’s most powerful hemp-based cannabinoid built on a foundation of CBD.

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Flawless THC-O Gummies - Remix - 1250MG

I like them. They help me relax.

Joseph D.
Flawless THC-O Gummies - Remix - 1250MG

Tried multiple THC-O products and this is the best for me.

Joseph D.
Watermelon THC Vape - THC O - Disposable - Flawless - 1600mg

very smooth! best ever!

Joseph D.
Fruity Pebbles OG THC O Vape Pen - Disposable - Flawless - 800mg

Great taste and very mellow. I much prefer this product over others. I have to give a shout out to Derika for her outstanding customer service!

Joseph D.
Flawless THC-O Gummies - Remix - 1250MG

Really good deal! You'll want to cap every night with some. I switched from smoking to gummies. I have a very high tolerance for d9, but O bypasses it! These are quite clear headed, energized and...

Joseph D.
Flawless THC-O Gummies - Fruit Smash - 1250MG

Love the calming benefits and the flavor is perfectly yummy!!!!

Joseph D.
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Chill Plus Vapes

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Frequently Asked Questions

Explore answers to our most commonly asked questions about CBD, our products, and more.

What is it like to smoke or vape THC-O?

Smoking or vaping THC-O is one of the fastest ways to feel the effects of this cannabinoid. Unlike edibles, which have to metabolize in your liver, vaping goes right to your bloodstream, causing you to become high almost immediately. While vaping or smoking (which are not the same thing) are not “better” than edibles, they are different. Which one you prefer can depend on several different factors.


Will THC-O be detected in a drug screen?

Because THC-O is a close cousin to Delta-9 THC (cannabis), there is a good chance that it will cause a positive result in a drug screen. You should proceed accordingly should you have to take a drug test for any reason.


How is THC-O made?

Although THC-O is cultivated from hemp, it is found in small amounts. We use processes in the lab to increase the output. This should not be confused with synthetic cannabinoids, as THC-O is all-natural. 


Does THC-O have any side effects?

THC-O is an entirely safe cannabinoid. However, because it does have a psychotropic buzz, you should be careful with how much you take. More than most, THC-O is a potent cannabinoid and should be used in measured doses. Too much may cause mild anxiety. You may also feel tired or hungry after taking it as well. As with anything, if you are unsure, you should ask your doctor.


Is THC-O good for you?

THC-O is about more than just the buzz. Like all hemp products, all-natural THC-O has benefits that can help you in many ways. From appetite stimulation to sleep to more, there are many things that this cannabinoid can do for your wellness routine.


How long will the effects of THC-O last?

It all depends on the product you use. With edibles, it takes a while for the THC-O to metabolize in your system, so the high can last all day. With vapes, the buzz comes in short, powerful bursts.


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