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Hyper Delta-10 Disposable Vape Cartridges and Gummies are packed with premium Delta-10 THC, plus toss in a bit of Delta-8 to make the buzz go wild. It’s lab-tested for your safety — guaranteed to be a pure, unadulterated product with no synthetics.

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10X delta 8. Affordable vapes for everyone.

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Hyper Delta-10 Square Gummies - Fruity - 1250X

These are actually a little more psychoactive than I expected them to be.

Robert Z.
Hyper Delta-10 Square Gummies - Tropical - 1250X

The buzz gets you pumped and provides lots of energy. The buzz does last awhile. Nice energetic buzz that helps you focus for a few hours

Tom F.
Hyper Delta-10 Square Gummies - Fruity - 1250X

I like these. They don't really make me more energetic or hyper, but I always get a little different reaction than most people. I get a calming effect. So, that may not be boosting my energy, but it...

Bryan B.
Hyper Delta-10 Square Gummies - Fruity - 1250X

I’ve purchased several brands of CBD delta 10 gummies and Hyper is the best I’ve tried.

Ladean B.
Hyper Delta-10 Square Gummies - Tropical - 1250X


Barry B.
Hyper Delta-10 Square Gummies - Fruity - 1250X

I prefer the tropical but they've bern out for a while. Hoping they come back soon. These are good too.

Stephen M.
Chill Plus Vapes
Chill Plus Vapes

More puff, less pass

Chill Plus delta 8. Affordable vapes just for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Explore answers to our most commonly asked questions about CBD, our products, and more.

Is Delta-10 THC is synthetic cannabinoid?

No, no, no! Delta-10 THC occurs naturally in the hemp plant. However, it occurs in small amounts, so we use specific processes to create more. However, all of our Delta-10 is made with natural compounds from hemp.


How is Delta-10 THC made?

Delta-10 THC occurs naturally in the hemp plant — it is a natural cannabinoid — however, it occurs in small quantities. There is a process called isomerization that allows us to make even larger quantities from the natural compounds in the hemp plant. 


Should I use a Delta-10 THC edible or vape?

Both Delta-10 THC edibles and vapes have benefits, depending on your needs. With an edible, the high will come up slowly and last all day. With a vaping product, you will feel the effects of the Dela-10 right away, but you will also come down relatively quickly.


Is Delta-10 THC good for you?

Delta-10 THC is about more than just the buzz. Like all hemp products, all-natural Delta-10 THC has benefits that can help you in many ways. From appetite stimulation to sleep to more, there are many things that Delta-8 THC can do for you.


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