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Hyper Delta 10 Disposable Vape Cartridges and Gummies are packed with premium Delta 10 THC, plus toss in a bit of Delta-8 to make the buzz go wild. It’s lab-tested for your safety — guaranteed to be a pure, unadulterated product with no synthetics. Get energy, focus, and a creative boost with Hyper!

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50,000+ 5-STAR REVIEWS

First time user. Will buy again. It is mellowing, relaxing and feel more able to function with the things I need to do as it dulled my chronic pain. Very happy with the purchase!

Was delivered right on time! Unfortunately this partucular vape malfunctioned after just a few days (it died and would not charge). Womp womp. I got in touch with Elle in customer service who was an...

It’s good! And I enjoyed every time & have very techno op bunny was on it yesterday and it made it even

Helps me with my arthritis pain and other issues the only thing the pen sometimes doesn't work I have to blow hard to make it work again.

Helps my pain and works really well!!! Was told about this to try and use this for my pain and I did

In the process of testing this product out now. I recommend and will reorder.

It was a nice go juice, I would highly recommend this when you gotta move, yet I was relaxed the whole time

It's all good. I do wish it had come with a charger but I found one that fits

Frequently Asked Questions

Explore answers to our most commonly asked questions about CBD, our products, and more.

What products does Hyper offer?

Hyper offers dozens of gummies, cartridges, and disposable vapes. Made using the safest delta 10 around, and fortified with the highest-quality delta 8 on the market, these products are smooth, delicious, and effective. 

What is delta 10?

Delta 10 is a mild psychoactive cannabinoid known for its energizing, focusing properties that induce an electrifying flow of creativity.