Here’s Why You Should Try Microdosing Delta-8 THC
Here’s Why You Should Try Microdosing Delta-8 THC

A new thing (fad? trend?) is going around, and all of the kids are trying it. No, we’re not talking about Delta-8 THC, although so many people have hopped onto that train these days. Today we’re talking about micro-dosing. Not familiar with the idea? Microdosing is the theory that is taking tiny amounts of something, like Delta-8 THC, for example, will lift your body and mind to a certain level without going overboard. You’ll feel the buzz but with a much milder effect.

Microdosing is all the rage these days, especially among young professionals and those millennials that the media loves to talk about so much. Come to think of it, according to the media, everyone is a millennial, but that’s another thing. The real question we’re asking today is — is micro-dosing Delta-8 THC right for you?

While micro-dosing usually refers to psychedelic drugs — LSD, mushrooms, and other similar substances, the practice can be used with just about anything. And these days, the results are out of this world. 

“In 2018, for instance, a group of international researchers surveyed 1,533 people around the world who had microdosed,” wrote one site. “About 65 percent of the participants reported that microdosing made them feel happier than usual, while around 60 percent said it made them more self-confident, clearheaded, connected to nature, and connected to themselves. More than 50 percent said they were less stressed, anxious, and irritable and more empathetic, focused, and creative.”

As you can see, the research shows that micro-dosing definitely has some potential. Now, we know that when it comes to Delta-8 THC, you might already have your own way of doing things. When you feel the buzz, you might really like to feel the buzz. And here at the CBD Mall, we won’t begrudge you a giant puff off of your Liquid Gold Vape Cartridge of a handful of Chill Plus Delta-8 Squares. But we would be remiss if we didn’t introduce you to a few other ways to look at the world.

This is why we think you should check out micro-dosing for your Delta-8 use.

"By now, most people have heard all these great things about microdosing, so when they try it, they tend to feel good things, too," one doctor told the site above. We agree, which is why we’re dedicating today’s blog to all things micro-dosing and Delta-8 THC. So forget the big puffs or large handfuls of delta 8 gummies. Go small or go home. In other words, here’s why you should try micro-dosing Delta-8 THC.

Microdose Delta-8 to Stimulate Your Appetite

Try Microdosing Delta-8 THC for Your Pain

Without running afoul of the Food and Drug Administration here, Delta-8 THC users have noted that this new and novel cannabinoid is beneficial for pain management. Sure, we all love D8 for the psychotropic buzz — who doesn’t love a little euphoria? But are these folks right? Can micro-dosing Delta-8 products help with your body aches, sore muscles, stiff back, and more?

Like CBD, Delta-8 affects your CB1 receptors, which are in your brain. This is what gives it psychotropic properties. But its analgesic properties are more than just a mask. In fact, According to the National Cancer Institute, Delta-8-THC is “an analogue of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) with antiemetic, anxiolytic, appetite-stimulating, analgesic, and neuroprotective properties.” 

That’s straight from the federal government. So yes, D8 can help with pain. And there’s no better way to make it work for you than through the use of micro-dosing. How? Well, instead of one gummy every few hours, try breaking up one gummy and eating it throughout the day. Take small puffs off of your Delta-8 THC vape pen and regular intervals throughout the day. 

Microdosing may be as much of an art as a science, but it can work wonders when done correctly.


Microdose Delta-8 to Stimulate Your Appetite

Whether there’s a real reason you need to stimulate your appetite or just want to have some fun eating junk food with your friends, micro-dosing D8 may be the ideal way to reach your goal. Believe it or not, Delta-8 THC is an all-natural cannabinoid that’s perfect for helping people overcome eating issues. 

What is Delta-8 THC? Contrary to what many people think, your favorite compound that’s found in everything from 10X Delta-8 Vapes to Shrooms Gummies is not synthetic. It’s an all-natural hemp extract derived from CBD. Delta-8 occurs naturally in the hemp plant but in meager amounts. So here at the CBD Mall, we’ve found a safe, clean, all-natural way to produce D8 from hemp-derived CBD. 

But back to our original question, can hemp-derived Delta-8 THC help to stimulate your appetite when microdosed? The answer is yes.

Researchers found that much like THC, Delta-8 will stimulate appetite, although most studies so far have been done with mice. In fact, as one website noted, “In 2004, researchers analyzed Delta 8-THC and its effect on appetite control. Researchers gave Delta 8-THC to mice who had recently completed a weight loss regimen. Researchers found that Delta 8-THC caused increased food consumption and improved cognitive function without the effects typically linked to cannabis.”

So, you see, as preliminary research shows us, Delta-8 THC might work as an appetite stimulant, much like its sister compound THC. Combined with its myriad other benefits, this makes Delta-8 one of the premier hemp-based compounds on the market today. And the best way to get things going is to use Delta-8 via micro-dosing.

Microdosing Delta-8 THC Does Wonders for Your Body

Microdosing Delta-8 THC Does Wonders for Your Body

Here at the CBD Mall, we always stop short of calling Delta-8 THC a miracle. After all, it’s an all-natural cannabinoid that comes from hemp. That makes D8 as natural as anything else grown from the soil. The real miracle is you. It’s consumers like you, the folks who use Chill Plus Vape Cartridges and Delta-8 Bites, that have helped turned Delta-8 THC into the product it is today.

But Delta-8 is amazing. Microdosing Delta-8 does wonders for your body. However, research and anecdotes show that Delta-8 can do so many things. Much of this is due to how it works with your CB2 receptors.

As The Fresh Toast noted, “Delta-8 is much easier to control, and people say they often feel a sense of clarity, more focus, and the ability to breeze through their daily tasks. The light effect on CB1 receptors is perfect for easing the mind. However, pay attention not to overdo it.”

The best way not to overdo Delta-8 THC? Microdosing, of course!