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HHC Smokable Products

The great thing about HHC Smokable products is that they’re one of the few cannabinoid items in the era of legalized hemp that can bring everyone together. Cannabis traditionalists are HUGE fans of HHC flower because of its no fuss., back-to-basics approach to getting buzzed. On the other hand, fans of HHC pre-rolls can enjoy an old-school flavor even if their rolling skills leave something to be desired. And, of course, we can’t forget those who love to vape! Whether it’s HHC disposable vapes or HHC carts, there’s something for you too!

But with so much involved in the category, what exactly are HHC smokable products? Are pre-rolls and vapes genuinely in the same category? Is it possible to get some HHC bud these days? And what about strains? You have so many questions. We get it. We have answers.

Let’s learn all about HHC smokable products.

HHC Smokables: What Are They?

HHC or hexahydrocannabinol, the base cannabinoid for HHC smokable products, isn’t precisely a new cannabinoid. It was first synthesized way back in the 1940s, although, like Delta 8 THC, it does occur naturally in the hemp plant. It’s just that, like many other compounds discovered over the past few years, it isn’t found in large quantities. But that also doesn’t mean that HHC is a synthetic cannabinoid. In fact, it very much still comes from hemp.

HHC is made from a foundation of CBD. Using an all-natural process, scientists can convert CBD biomass into HHC, which creates enough for retailers to sell on the commercial market. And while some may argue that the resulting compound is synthetic or semi-synthetic, there’s no denying the facts: HHC begins with all-natural hemp-derived cannabinoids, using a naturally occurring process. The resulting cannabinoid is structurally identical to the HHC found in hemp.

The Rise of Legalized Hemp: HHC Smokable Products

As a result of the Farm Bill passed in Congress in 2018, new products continue to hit the market. Over the past few years, we’ve seen an exciting array of cannabinoid derivatives on store shelves, from Delta 8 Smokables to more powerful things like Delta 9 THCH Disposable Vapes. Legal cannabinoids that offer consumers a safe high are prevalent. HHC smokables are the latest in a long line.

And smokable is a broad term, as HHC vapes are also included. While you have your traditional products like HHC flower, HHC carts, and HHC disposable vapes are also considered part of the smokable family. Yes, both types of products are inhaled by the user, but they’re also available in different strains and flavors, making them more alike than one might think at first glance. 

What Are the Different Types of HHC Smokable Products?

So, if you’re looking for HHC smokable products, you may have to turn your attention to various areas depending on the shop at which you’re looking. Some stores may refer to them as smoking products, others as vaping products, while others may simply separate them among various categories. Overall, users can generally break down HHC smokable products into the following categories:

  • HHC disposable vapes (vape pens)
  • HHC vape carts
  • HHC pre-rolls
  • HHC flower

Some pre-roll and flower products may also be available with or without kief, a loose dust-like collection of cannabinoid trichomes.

HHC Smokable Products: What Does Science Say?

According to research, all-natural HHC smokable products are safe, hence their popularity. While studies are sparse, and the research is in its infancy, we continue to learn more daily, thanks to ongoing investigations. HHC, like all hemp products, has no overt side effects. Users may experience red eyes, dry mouth, headaches, and other minor adverse effects, but nothing beyond that. It is made from hemp, after all.

The Bioavailability of HHC Smokables

Inhaling cannabis and cannabinoid products through vaping differs from inhaling them through the smoke of a combustible leaf or bud on fire — but you already knew that. Still, vaping and smoking are not too different. For instance, because of their bioavailability, HHC smokables — vapes and pre-rolls alike — are set apart from edibles and other products. Hence, HHC's smokable product is a big category that includes both. 

Bioavailability refers to the amount of the product absorbed into the bloodstream, in this case, HHC. With smokable, you get more absorption than any other product. You also get a faster onset time, meaning the high comes on quickly. On the other hand, some research does indicate that vaping HHC and other compounds offer users a higher potency than smoking. In complex numbers, vaping gets you 7% higher (at least according to one study).

HHC Smokables at a Molecular Level

Science also tells us that HHC comes in wide varieties, and we don’t mean different smokables. Research shows some 10 different versions of HHC. But what makes HHC smokable products so unique is how they act at a molecular level. It’s so different than other cannabinoids like THC and CBD. 

As opposed to delta 8, delta 9, and others, HHC breaks the rules, making vapes and flower so potent. Its molecular structure does not contain double bonds. Instead, its bonds are split to make room for hydrogen. Take a look:

HHC Smokables at a Molecular Level


Location of Double Bond

Delta 11

11th Carbon Chain

Delta 10

10th Carbon Chain

Delta 9

9th Carbon Chain

Delta 8

8th Carbon Chain


Double Bonds Broken & Filled with Hydrogen

What Are the Benefits of HHC Smokable Products?

What exactly are the benefits of HHC smokables? Hexahydrocannabinol is a lot like delta 9 and delta 8 in many ways. Sure, it offers users a bold high but it also has some wellness properties. Like its cannabinoid cousins, the difference between delta 8, delta 9, HHC, and others isn’t the type of benefits offered. It’s the strength and potency of what’s offered. Do HHC smokable products like HHC disposable vapes, and HHC carts have benefits? Of course, they do.

For example, HHC smokable products may have the following benefits:

  • They promote natural pain relief
  • They encourage natural stress relief
  • They promote natural anxiety relief
  • They help with appetite stimulation
  • They help with restlessness

How Strong Are HHC Smokable Products?

You're getting a product with a kick with HHC smokables too. These products will give you a heightened sense of euphoria, joy, and happiness from pre-rolls to vapes. But exactly how potent are HHC smokables? According to scientific research and user reports, HHC smokables, like all HHC products, are roughly 80% as powerful as delta 9. Conversely, they are about four times stronger than delta 8, placing them right in the middle of the two most popular cannabinoids on the market today. 

For more information, take a look at the table below:

How Strong Are HHC Smokable Products?




Delta 9 THC

Is a BASELINE for measurement.



Has 80% the potency of delta 9.


Delta 8 

Has 50% the potency of delta 9.

It is MILD.

Delta 10

Has 35- 50% the potency of delta 9.

It is MILD.



It can BALANCE out psychoactive compounds.


(Delta 9 THCH)

Is 25X more potent than delta 9.

It is the SECOND STRONGEST cannabinoid known to researchers.


Is 33X more potent than delta 9.

It is the STRONGEST cannabinoid known to scientists.

What HHC Smokable Products Are Right for Me?

Many people savor HHC flower or pre-rolls because they offer a safe way to relax during the day. According to user reports, HHC smokable products are very relaxing. Considering the pleasant taste of HHC, vaporizing it is arguably one of the most relaxing ways to consume hemp. Most vape products come in a variety of flavors and strains.  

HHC smokable products produce a state of deep relaxation through their mellowing effects and natural tranquility. HHC offers several products, and only you can choose one. You can vape it before bed to help you relax, or you can vape it after work to relieve stress.

HHC Pre-Rolls and Flower

Pre-rolled joints are ready-to-go — you don’t need papers or bud, and there’s no mess. HHC pre-rolls, simply pre-rolled joints made of HHC flower hemp, are an excellent classic high. These weed-like pre-rolls are perfect for hanging out with friends and have a down-to-earth buzz that everyone loves. 

It’s all plant-based, giving you the most natural experience possible. When you purchase HHC pre-rolls, you get the safest experience possible. In addition, every strain is lab tested for quality control and safety. As part of our satisfaction guarantee, you can inspect each lab report. On top of that, these smokables are free of additives or chemicals you do not want in your system.

HHC Disposable Vapes

Several smokable products are available today, but few are as exciting as HHC disposable vapes. These devices come pre-packed with juice and a battery. Commonly referred to as pens or vape pens, you can use them anywhere you want (or, at least, where they’re allowed) and just toss them when you’re finished. Open the box, and they’re ready to use. You don't need to refill or recharge it, making it easy for anyone to use.

HHC disposable vape pens offer consumers an intense euphoric high. But users also enjoy the wellness benefits. With high bioavailability and instantaneous effects, HHC vape pens immediately give consumers what they want, unlike edibles with a wait time.

HHC Carts

HHC carts differ slightly from disposable vapes, as consumers need a 510-compatible battery. Carts or cartridges are pre-filled cylinder-shaped tanks. You attach them to the battery (usually by screwing them into place), allowing your atomizer to heat the vape liquid. Your cart is disposable, but the battery is not (so don’t throw it out!). HHC vape carts, like disposable vapes, are available in various flavors and strains. 

HHC Smokable Products: Final Thoughts

It may be a bit cliche, but nothing beats a good smoke or vape at the end of a long day. HHC smokable products can help you calm down and relax, giving you the stress relief you need. You chill and feel amazing with HHC smokables like HHC disposable vapes or HHC pre-rolls!