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About Pancakes

Imagine biting into a stack of warm, fluffy pancakes, with their sweet aroma filling the air. Now, picture having that same wonderful feeling while enjoying some cannabis. That's where the Pancakes strain comes in – a mix of cannabis that tastes great and gives you a relaxed, mellow high, letting you live out your pancake fantasy.

The Pancakes strain comes from blending two types of cannabis, London Pound Cake #75 and Kush Mints #11. This strain gives you a nice balance of feeling uplifted and laid-back, with about 40% of the uplifting sativa and 60% of the relaxing indica. But what does that even mean?

Pancakes Strain Effects

People have shared that after using this strain, they experience a clear and euphoric state of mind. It's as if a creative switch gets turned on, making it a favorite for musicians and artists. Some also note that their sense of touch becomes more heightened, almost like an aphrodisiac effect. Additionally, users describe a wonderful sense of relaxation, where both muscles and nerves seem to release built-up tension.

When the Pancakes strain is consumed, it brings forth a calming and gentle relaxation that envelops the body, relieving stress and tightness. Simultaneously, it's recognized for its ability to uplift and create euphoria, evoking feelings of happiness and delight. This boost in mood can also spark creativity and improve concentration.

So, all in all, people who use Pancakes report feeling:

  • Euphoric
  • Relaxed
  • Talkative
  • Uplifted
  • Focused
  • Energetic 
  • Calm
  • Creative
  • Munchy 

Although the Pancakes strain is celebrated for its many advantages, it's important to keep in mind potential downsides. Certain users have mentioned encountering a dry throat or mouth following consumption, a condition that can be mitigated by maintaining hydration during the session. Moreover, a few individuals might encounter temporary discomfort in the form of dry lips.

Pancakes Strain Benefits

Although the Pancake strain is beloved in the realm of recreational cannabis, it’s also well-loved in medical cannabis circles.

For individuals in search of relief from anxiety and depression, the Pancakes strain presents a soothing and elevating impact that can aid in alleviating symptoms. Its reputation extends to addressing fatigue, providing a rejuvenating encounter. 

Moreover, it holds anti-inflammatory attributes that can be advantageous for those dealing with pain and inflammation. The strain's capacity for relaxation offers a valuable escape from persistent stress and the pressures of day-to-day existence, enabling users to unwind and restore equilibrium.

To shorten things up, the Pancakes strain can help with:

  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Fatigue

Pancakes Strain Flavor - The Genetics & Terpenes

The Pancakes strain boasts an appealing appearance, showcasing its unique buds characterized by their compact structure. These buds exhibit a color range of golden brown, which is further enhanced by the presence of glistening trichomes, creating a captivating contrast that is sure to capture the interest of cannabis enthusiasts.

In terms of flavor, this particular cannabis variant offers a delightful fusion of berry, creamy, fruity, nutty, and sweet elements that dance across the taste buds with every inhalation. When it comes to its aroma, the Pancakes strain captivates the senses with a welcoming fragrance dominated by berry notes, particularly reminiscent of blueberries. This inviting scent is accompanied by earthy, nutty, and sweet undertones, rounded off by a hint of a batter-like aroma.

The strain’s scents, flavors, and effects are all largely due to Pancakes’ terpenes. These volatile phytochemicals exist in all plants, not just cannabis, and they give each and every plant their characteristics, from oranges to lavender. 

In cannabis, however, terpenes are a lot more important than just effects and flavors. In fact, they make the entourage effect possible, a phenomenon that refers to the different elements in cannabis interacting with one another to amplify each other’s effects. So, in other words, while terpenes are making the cannabinoids in your strain stronger, the cannabinoids are doing the same thing right back!

The main terpenes found in Pancakes include:

  • Beta-Caryophyllene
  • Limonene
  • Beta-Myrcene

Moreover, the strain’s THC levels commonly range between 17-20%, making it a decently strong strain but not so strong as to be reserved just for pros. Regarding other cannabinoids, not much is known about the strain’s contents. We do know, however, that it has about 0.43% CBD and 1% CBG.

Ready to Try the “Pancakes” Strain?

If you’re ready to sit yourself down with a fat stack of Pancakes, you've come to the right place! Here at CBD Mall, we’re all about getting you all your favorite strains in a safe and legal way.

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Information Regarding Growing Pancakes 

Both the paper towel and cloning techniques are effective approaches for germinating the Pancakes strain. In terms of its growth cycle, the Pancakes strain tends to spend an average of 4-6 weeks in the vegetative stage, followed by a flowering period that typically spans 8-10 weeks.

During the vegetative phase, it's crucial to provide this strain with a balanced nutrient regimen that supports robust development. Cultivators can choose between organic or synthetic fertilizers tailored to the unique requirements of cannabis plants. 

Ensuring a clean and well-ventilated growing environment, monitoring humidity and temperature levels, and conducting regular checks for signs of pests or diseases are all essential practices. If necessary, organic pest control methods such as neem oil or insecticidal soaps can be employed.

Harvesting the Pancakes strain is usually timed when the trichomes have achieved the desired level of maturity. Following the harvest, meticulous trimming is needed, and then the buds should be carefully dried in a controlled setting with proper ventilation.
Subsequent curing enhances the flavor, fragrance, and potency. For indoor growers of this strain, an average yield of 1-2 ounces per square foot can be anticipated, while outdoor cultivation tends to yield roughly 15-20 ounces per plant.

Typically, Pancakes strain is best planted outdoors during the spring after the risk of frost has subsided. Harvesting typically takes place in the fall, ensuring the buds are fully matured. However, growers should conduct thorough research and consider the specific environmental conditions of their location to determine the most suitable planting and harvesting schedules.


Relaxing, mellowing, and as sweet as a stack of Pancakes, this strain by the same name will get you feeling relaxed, uplifted, and comfortable with your surroundings. It may not need syrup on top, but its sweetness will make your days better, every single day!