Delta 8 + Live Resin Gummies - 250mg - GG4 - Hybrid

Delta 8 + Live Resin Gummies - 250mg - GG4 - Hybrid

Experience the perfect fusion of delta 8 live resin and gummies with our all-new 250mg Delta 8 Live Resin Gummies in Watermelon flavor. Crafted with GG4 strain extract, these gummies offer an unparalleled and potent buzz.

Choose from 30, 60, or 90 count options and relish the best of both worlds – the quick-acting intensity of live resin and the sweet, delicious taste of gummies, creating a unique and satisfying experience.

Let GG4 take charge as its calming and euphoric effects envelop your mind and body. This hybrid strain is no joke, and its stress-relieving, relaxing, and snore-inducing benefits will get you feeling just right!

Chill easy knowing our Chill Extreme brand products, including these 250mg D8 + Live Resin Gummies made from GG4 strain extract in Watermelon flavor, undergo rigorous lab testing for purity, accuracy, and safety. Munch on a relaxing buzz worry-free, without concerning additives or chemicals.

Total Strength
Strength Per gummy
Total Units
30 gummies
Total Delta 8
Delta 8 Per gummy

Tapioca Syrup, Corn Syrup, Water, Pectin, Citric Acid Natural Flavors, Fruit and Vegetable Extract (Color), Delta 8

Delta 8 + Live Resin Gummies - 250mg - GG4 - Hybrid

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Durban Gelato Strain

Icon Sativa

Browse our collection of Durban Gelato products, sativa-strain cannabinoids for your enjoyment. 


Dominant Terpene


Terpineol is relaxing and sedative, leaving you feeling calm. It's found in plants like lilac, pine, and eucalyptus. 

Other Terpenes


Humulene has analgesic, mildly sedative, creative effects and is the characteristic terpene of hops.


With mood-enhancing and discomfort-relieving properties, this terpene is commonly found in basil, cloves, and other spices.

Durban Gelato Strain

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What is Hemp?

Hemp is cannabis with a Delta-9 THC concentration ≤ 0.3% by dry weight.

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Great product.ive been buying from CBD mall for a few years and I have always been beyond satisfied
On time shipping, great customer service, and all for a guy with the tolerance of the Marley family. That said, these weren't potent enough for me, and I also know, they'll be way more potent for you, especially if you are not a chronic herb inhaler!
Gets you where you want to be. My issue is I am a tough one to get there. If they make these stronger, I'm sure I'll try those also. If you're a lightweight, not for you unless you cut them into smaller doses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do delta 8 edibles make you high?

People who have tried delta 8 THC edibles report that the high is more subdued than that of delta 9 THC edibles. People may feel tired, relaxed, or hungry after consuming delta 8 THC edibles. The effects on the body are more significant than those of d9 THC, and users report feeling more focused.

Do delta 8 gummies make you high?

While it gets you high, it is a milder buzz than Delta 9 THC. Furthermore, Indica strains of marijuana evoke euphoric effects but not sleepiness. Heating Delta 8 THC and Delta 9 THC ignites the same metabolic process. In other words, statistically they are identical except Delta 8 THC does not give you the same high.

Exactly what are delta 8 gummies?

Gummies that contain Delta-8 have a slow onset and a lengthy duration. At first, you might feel like the gummies aren't doing anything, so you might be tempted to take more than you should. Nonetheless, before you know it, you will be buzzed or engulfed in a sea of wellness while feeling buzzed as well.

How safe are delta 8 edibles?

Both delta-8 and delta-9 are medically harmless. Since there is no regulation, there is no safe amount (from a legal standpoint), but from a practical standpoint, there is no safe amount.

What makes delta 8 gummies so special?

Delta 8 Gummies cannot be compared to Delta 8 vape oils. The gummies release gradually but last up to 8 hours. The best way to take Delta 8 gummies is slowly. Delta 8 gummies are not perfect for everyone. Taking capsules or oil is different from eating edibles. Most of you want help with gummies, while others want a more laid-back atmosphere with delta 8 thc. Make sure you know what to expect.

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