Delta-8 Shrooms Gummies - 300mg

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Experience the magic of Delta-8 THC with Shrooms Delta-8 Gummies, a special formula made with all-natural, hemp-derived Delta-8. These fanciful, bite-size Delta-8 gummies deliver three powerful ingredients in a...





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Delta-8 Shrooms Gummies - 300mg
Delta-8 Shrooms Gummies - 300mg
$24.99 $49.99 50%
Delta-8 Shrooms

Delta-8 Shrooms

Experience the magic of shrooms with Shrooms Delta-8, the only hemp-derived Delta-8 product that gives you a completely legal high back with the power of shrooms. It’s a potent trip cultivated from all-natural, organic hemp that offers you a psychotropic high, similar to THC. Made for the over-21 crowd, these shrooms are third-party certified, contain no pesticides, and come directly from non-GMO farms. Shrooms brand Delta-8 products gives you a buzz-worthy experience unlike any other; a magical trip back with the power of shrooms!

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Delta-8 Shrooms

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Customer Reviews

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Wonderful gummy!

I was so glad to hear that there are now three different sizes to choose from. These are still my favorite gummy!

Hello Mark,

This is Juliana from CBD Mall Support Team. Thank you for your most recent purchase and review.

Thrilled to hear you enjoy our Shrooms so much.

Please call us if you would like to place a larger order of the shrooms and take advantage of our daily in house deals not available online.

Thank you again,

CBD Mall Support Team
(305) 676-6838

Always a positive experience 😊

Tried these little morsels lol great for sleep. I usually fall asleep after taking one. So I take them at night.

Hello Elizabeth,

This is the CBD Mall support team, you for shopping with us online and leaving your review.

So glad you're enjoying ourDelta-8 Shrooms Gummies - 300mg

Our Delta-8 Shrooms Gummies also come in 1250mg & 5000mg

Contact me to place your next order for our in house daily bundles!

Thank you again,
Juliana S.

Melody Roberts

I love these... they give me just a bit of a buzz nice and calming and it takes away most of my pain for a little while

Works well...gets me to my happy point highly recommend

They are outta site they give you that maximum feeling.

Superb With A Long-Lasting High

Before I get to the positives, let me rant about the one negative. $25 (plus shipping) is too much for only 12 gummies. Yes, this isn't candy and you're not meant to eat them all real fast, but for the price, the bag should have 24 candies (a dollar a gummy). In short, these should be $12 for the amount given. As for the positives, this one is superb with a long-lasting high. Once the hour and half to 2 hour period of waiting is over (the normal for any edible), the wonderful light feeling sensation of the shroom/cannabis mix lasts for hours with just one of them. Eating two is fine, but be prepared for a stronger buzz than expected if you are not ready. I never thought these to be so excellent. Highly recommended, but would be better with a proper amount in the bag.

Delta-8 Shrooms Gummies - 5000mg

$179.99$449.99 60%

Delta-8 Shrooms Gummies - 5000mg

$179.99$449.99 60%