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The Wedding Cake Pre-Roll with 250mg of HHC let syou reach for something higher. Are you looking to feel better than good? You don't want to feel happy, what you really want is a buzz! And there's no better way to get a buzz than with Fresh Pre-Roll.

Now available in Wedding Cake, the new Fresh HHC Pre-Roll offers 250mg of pure HHC. It's a buzz-worthy puffing experience from head-to-toe, one that's both smooth and familiar. Just a couple of puffs will have you feeling on top of the world. It's the best buzz you could imagine.

Fresh HHC Pre-Rolls are lab-tested by a third-party, so you can be sure you're buying only the best. Moreover, with only all-natural, non-GMO, hemp-derived cannabinoids, you're getting a pure experience unlike anything else on the market today. Our products contain absolutely no synthetics and no Vitamin E Acetate. If you're looking for a buzz, grab one of these!

Total Strength
Strength Per puff
Total Units
240 puffs
Total HHC
HHC Per puff

Kief Hemp Flower, and Hemp-derived Hexahydrocannabinol (HHC) Extract.

Active Ingredients

HHC Products are pure, all-natural, hemp-infused cannabinoids known especially for their strong buzz. Users enjoy these products in myriad forms, including gummies and vapes. Besides their buzz, users enjoy HHC Products for their many other benefits too.

Moderate buzz
Stress Relief
Facilitates Relaxation
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a pre-roll?

Pre-roll joints that have been rolled ahead of time are known as pre-rolls. In order to make a standard pre-roll, you only need cannabinoids, a rolling paper, and a small filter at the end. The potency of pre-rolls may be increased by adding infusions or other cannabis products. It is not necessary to purchase any other equipment in order to purchase a pre-roll, as opposed to a bowl, bong, or vape.

Are there different types of pre-rolls?

Buying pre-rolls is similar to purchasing other smokable flower products. Depending on your desired effect, the type of strain you prefer is really up to you. There is usually a strain specific pre-roll. There are several categories of strains, including Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid.

What are the benefits of pre-rolls?

The advantage of pre-rolls is that there is no commitment. Purchasing only one pre-roll is perfectly acceptable if you are unsure or simply want to test them out. This way you're not stuck with a bunch of flower you don't like.

Are pre-rolls made with real smokable hemp flower?

YEs, pre-rolls, or joints are pure hemp flower infused with delta 8 or THCP or your favorite cannabinoid. It's a classic way of enjoy THC.

What type of pre-rolls do you have?

We have an exciting lineup of smokable pre-rolls, including delta 8 and HHC pre-rolls.

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Fresh brand products are pure, crisp, unadulterated, and clean. Featuring the purest forms of delta 8, delta 9, delta 10, HHC, and THC-O today, Fresh is made of all-natural hemp and real terpenes. We have vape pens, carts, edibles, and more to help you get a bigger buzz. You've never experienced anything like it, the only hemp brand to offer you crystal clear, sweet terpenes and the freshest buzz around. We've got it all!When you need a fresh new buzz, you need Fresh cannabinoids.

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