2020 CBD Brand Guide

Feb 11, 2020

As the CBD industry continues to grow, so too does the number of CBD brands and their many offerings. Indulge in delicious CBD edibles and treats. Rub the day away with CBD-infused pain relief creams and ointments. Soak up some good vibes with CBD bath bombs. Even pamper your fur baby with CBD oils and treats for pets.

However you choose to satisfy your CBD needs, there's one factor that is vital to obtaining your best CBD experience: who you get your CBD products from. And with the vast selection of brands on the market, you can be sure to find the best one for you, whether you're looking for a company with sustainable practices, organic products, innovative CBD solutions, or simply one with a brand that fits your personal aesthetic. Read on to discover the many premium CBD brands you'll find right here at CBDMall.com.

Austin & Kat

A personal success story between a woman and her dog developed into the company that is Austin + Kat. Its founder believes in giving pet owners the products they need to help dogs live better, longer lives with the benefits of dog-approved ingredients and high quality CBD.

Bakko's Get Up and Go! Hips & Joints Wellness Dog Biscuits

Kat ensures that all Austin + Kat products are crafted with only the best nutritional content. These products are made with simple, locally and ethically sourced human-grade ingredients with high-quality, American-grown hemp-derived full spectrum CBD. Each product features batch traceability on the label, providing the third-party laboratory test results to verify purity, safety, and consistency standards.

Browse the Austin + Kat collection of CBD-infused pet products.

CBD Oil Biotech

Dedicated to providing effective pain relief for aching muscles and pains with the benefits of high-quality CBD, CBD Oil Biotech focuses their energies on constantly improving their production process and crafting the most effective, reliable products.

Derived from raw hemp oil, CBD Oil Biotech’s products combine natural ingredients with CBD to aid in soothing aches and pains. All products undergo third-party testing to ensure quality standards of purity, potency, and consistency.

Explore the CBD Oil Biotech collection of high-quality CBD products, including their new topical creams.


Blue CBD

A popular high-end premium CBD brand, Blue CBD prides itself on using 100% natural hemp with a higher concentration of CBD. As such, its products can be found online and in stores around the country.

Crafted from all natural ingredients with organic flavoring, Blue CBD products undergo third-party laboratory testing to ensure standards of quality in purity and potency are met, with available certificates of analysis for each product.

CBD Oil Biotech Pain Relief Creams

Shop the Blue CBD collection of high quality CBD products, including their powerful CBD Crystals Isolate. 


On a mission to legitimize the cannabis industry and share the wonderful effects of CBD, Cannuka created a simple, natural health and wellness product line, featuring a collection of rich topicals infused with CBD.

Cannuka formulas are simple and natural because of the quality of their ingredients. Bringing together crystallized CBD isolate from hemp with the wonderful benefits of Manuka honey, they craft products that contribute to overall wellness and more youthful skin. As they prioritize premium sourcing of their hemp, Cannuka holds a certificate of analysis for their CBD, ensuring that their products are made with premium, high-quality CBD.

Cannuka CBD Cleansing Body Bar

Experience the wonders of Manuka honey and CBD isolate with the Cannuka collection of CBD-infused cleansing body bars, balms, and other topical creams.



Founded in 2016 in Colorado, CBDistillery was created to provide a resource where people could access high-quality, affordable CBD products grown in the United States. Their passionate team works hard to dispel CBD myths and promote using CBD as a way of life, fulfilling their mission of bringing CBD to the world.

Valuing both quality and transparency, CBDistillery’s product labels feature insight and information about CBD, including links to access the third-party laboratory testing results, confirming that each product meets regulatory requirements. CBDistillery is proudly certified by the U.S. Hemp Authority because of its commitment to following strict FDA guidelines.

CBDistillery 25mg CBD Lip Balm

With a vast range of CBD-infused products to choose from, browse the CBDistillery collection, featuring CBD soft gels, topicals, and even pet oils!


Charlotte’s Web

An industry leader in quality, safety, and consistency, Charlotte’s Web is on a mission to better the planet and craft high-quality hemp extract with all its natural botanical benefits. And doing what is right for their customers is at the core of their philosophy.

Charlotte’s Web is dedicated to surpassing industry standards by adhering to stringent guidelines, keeping in accordance with current good manufacturing practices (cGMP), and transitioning the current designation of their cultivation fields to organic certification by the USDA. Their hemp plants are free of pesticides and herbicides, and their products undergo a full battery of testing to ensure adherence to strict purity and potency standards.

Charlotte's Web CBD Gummies

Shop one of the most popular brands in the business. The Charlotte’s Web collection features CBD-infused capsules, oils, gummies, topicals, and more.



Designed to provide the ultimate relaxing experience, Chill’s mission is to promote and improve general wellness by giving everyone access to delicious, reliable, high-quality CBD products.

Chill’s CBD products are natural and THC-free, sourced from industrial hemp, All Chill products undergo third-party lab testing to ensure that they consistently deliver the highest standards in purity and potency.

CBD Infused Chill Gummies

Shop the Chill collection of high-quality CBD products, including delicious flavor options for their CBD-infused gummies.


Chill Plus

Delivering flavorful hemp-derived, CBD-infused treats, Chill Plus has crafted some of America’s most popular CBD gummies around. This brand delivers a delicious wave of CBD-infused relaxation.

Chill Plus products are manufactured from industrial hemp, free of THC, with a proprietary blend of melatonin and CBD to provide the ultimate in relaxation with the added benefits of CBD. undergo third-party laboratory testing with available certificates of analysis to ensure they meet the ultimate quality standards in purity and potency.

CBD Infused Chill Plus Gummies

Available in a wide variety of delicious flavors and options including sour and regular gummy options. Try one flavor or try them all!


Chong’s Choice

Legendary Tommy Chong created Chong’s Choice in his commitment to providing the most reliable, innovative CBD oil formulations for people who prefer natural health solutions. Chong’s Choice has crafted the most innovative CBD products to promote general health and wellness to people everywhere.

Chong’s Choice premium CBD products are produced using the highest quality ingredients and 100% natural full spectrum hemp oil. All products undergo third party lab testing to ensure that they meet top quality standards for purity and potency, with lab results available for review.

Shop and browse the premium collection of products brought to you by Tommy Chong, including a variety of CBD-infused gummies, oils, and topical creams.

Diamond CBD

With a heavy focus on continuous research and development in hemp, Diamond CBD’s goal is to provide the world with access to CBD. Their doctors and scientists work hard to produce the finest and purest quality CBD products in the business.

Diamond CBD products are closely monitored throughout the production process to establish standards of purity and potency. Their CBD is gently extracted with a supercritical CO2 process. Diamond CBD uses only hand-selected, non-GMO organically-grown hemp plants from farms in Kentucky, Colorado, and Scandinavia, submitting each batch of extract to third-party laboratory testing for consistency and quality.

Diamond CBD Under Eye Nourishing Cream

Browse the impressive collection of CBD-infused products from Diamond CBD. These include a fun variety of CBD topical creams and CBD-infused beverages.


On a mission to help people improve their well-being through high-quality CBD products, Eco CBD’s team of doctors and scientists is dedicated to producing CBD products crafted with the finest and purest ingredients.

To ensure consistency and quality, Eco CBD partners with source farms, using only non-GMO, hand-selected, organically-grown hemp plants. Supercritical CO2 extraction is then performed, gently removing the CBD with all beneficial hemp molecules intact. All products are then subject to third-party testing to verify purity and potency.

Eco CBD MCT Full Spectrum Oils 

Shop the wide variety of premium CBD products from Eco CBD, including CBD capsules, oils, weekly doses, and their delicious line of CBD-infused gummies.


Extract Labs

Featured in magazines like Forbes and Esquire, Extract Labs is a full-service hemp extraction lab founded by a U.S. Army combat veteran to help provide a natural alternative to harmful prescriptions. Recently named best hemp extractor at Indo Expo, this company’s mission is to introduce the world to the life-changing benefits of CBD.

Dedicated to providing affordable, reliable CBD products, Extract Labs maintains strict product quality by keeping all production in-house and providing batch tracking and certificates of analysis of third-party lab test results. In addition to meeting current Good Manufacturing Practice regulations, they are certified kosher and only use organic ingredients in their products.

Extract Labs CBD Shatter

Shop Extract Labs collection of premium, organic CBD products, including CBD Crumble and Shatter options.



On a mission to help the world by creating the best CBD products on the market and giving back to the community, Fab CBD actively promotes better living through preventative wellness. They are constantly focused on improving their high-quality products for both people and pets, through continuous research and innovation.

Sourced from organically grown Colorado hemp, Fab CBD uses a solvent-free CO2 extraction process to produce high-quality CBD that goes into their product line. In order to make sure each batch meet quality standards for purity, potency, and efficacy, all products undergo third-party laboratory testing with published lab test results available for review.

Fab CBD - CBD Chews

Fab CBD’s collection features a broad range of high quality CBD products including a wide range of CBD oils made for people, and an assortment of items for pets.


Game Up Nutrition

Game Up Nutrition is a company founded on the principles of providing high-quality, lab-tested CBD products that improve general wellness and promote more active, healthy lifestyles. 

Their hemp is grown and harvested organically in Colorado, using solvent-free CO2 extraction. In order to establish a quality standard for their products, Game Up Nutrition submits all products to third-party laboratory testing to ensure purity, consistency, and potency with resulting test results available for review.

Explore the Game Up Nutrition collection of CBD hemp flower and pre-rolls.

Green Monkey Farms

Dedicated to providing superior quality CBD products, Green Monkey Farms maintains strict quality controlled environments for growing their hemp without pesticides or harmful chemicals.

Green Monkey Farms handles all steps of production including growing, extracting, packaging, and distribution. This hands-on approach to monitoring hemp growth ensures that they deliver their goal of providing premium CBD-infused products, delivering effective results at an affordable price.

With a presence in North America, Asia, and Europe, spanning across 800 stores nationwide and over 50,000 products shipped monthly, their products deliver in both quality and effectiveness. Plus, their hemp flower is both pesticide and chemical-free.

Green Roads

Founded by friends on a mission to help others experience the benefits of CBD, Green Roads has become an award-winning model of success with their top quality CBD products, their gold standard for quality control, and the incredible transparency of their production process. Their mission centers around helping people find the healthiest version of themselves.

Ranked the #1 privately-held CBD company in the U.S., Green Roads’ pharmacist-formulated CBD products are crafted with proprietary formulations. Every product batch of Green Roads undergoes full-panel, independent lab testing to ensure quality and purity standards, with lab results linked to each bottle.

Browse the wonderful Green Roads Collection, which features a range of CBD products including CBD oils, hemp flower, tea, coffee, and even CBD for your pets.

Hemp Bombs

Founded in 2016, Hemp Bombs’ story began with the mission of spreading natural wellness on a global scale with premium sourced hemp products. Overseeing all aspects of production, the dedicated team at Hemp Bombs handles the extraction, manufacturing, and packaging of products, ensuring their CBD products are of the best quality and consistency, and providing the comfort of CBD to everyone.

As they prioritize premium sourcing of their hemp, Hemp Bombs provides certificates of analysis for their raw CBD, ensuring that their products are made with premium, high-quality CBD and other beneficial hand-selected ingredients. In addition to maintaining current good manufacturing processes (cGMPs) with multiple inspection checkpoints, each batch is then verified for quality and efficacy by third-party laboratories.

Hemp Bombs provides premium CBD products that deliver consistent and reliable results. Browse their memorable collection which includes popular items like CBD gummies and oils.

Josie Maran

Dedicated to providing a natural standard beyond traditional beauty norms, Josie Maran specializes in providing quality skin care products that benefit all skin types. At heart, this company seeks to elevate the health and appearance of skin using environmentally responsible, ethical practices.

Committed to adhering to fair labor practices, Josie Maran takes great care to monitor their products from seed to bottle, only including the best ingredients from reputable sources. Their CBD oil is produced from sustainably sourced, locally grown whole hemp plants using the most effective CO2 extraction method to ensure consistency standards.

Explore the Josie Maran collection of skin care products infused with high-quality CBD.


The founders of JustCBD want to share the secret benefits of cannabidiol with the world, and it is their mission to change its misrepresentation in the media. With industry experience in manufacturing and global wholesale distribution, they produce safe, trustworthy, high-quality CBD products that reflect the positive culture they are trying to create.

JustCBD employs the help of world-class labs to test and establish the quality and consistency of their CBD products in order to deliver the utmost in purity and potency standards.

Made with industry-leading quality, honesty, and love, their wonderful CBD products, including fun options from gummies to bath bombs, feature rich and luxurious methods of delivering high quality CBD.


On a mission to establish a higher CBD quality standard, Koi CBD conducts a thorough vetting and validation process for sourcing their products, ensuring maximum quality and consistency in their hemp, which is grown and specially extracted in the United States, from hemp farms in Kentucky, Colorado, and Oklahoma.

Their mission of helping people live better is reflected in their dedication to producing safe and amazing CBD products that better the lives of people everywhere. Koi CBD maintains their CBD quality from seed to bottle with the highest standards of agricultural quality and consistency, using a whole plant extraction method to produce Koi’s unique, broad spectrum CBD. With full traceability on every batch, Koi values transparency and trust.

The Koi CBD collection includes a wonderful variety of oils, edibles, and topicals ideal for anyone seeking to improve their lives with high quality CBD products from people who care.



Hawaii-based company Lanikai is dedicated to caring for the earth, so it uses only the finest Hawaiian natural ingredients that are vegan and cruelty free.

Lanikai’s products are formulated with pure essential oils, unique fragrance blends, beneficial ingredients like shea butter and jojoba oil, and hemp-derived CBD isolate. No artificial dyes or preservatives are used in their proprietary blends, and their products are free of pesticides and solvents. As they prioritize premium sourcing of their hemp, Lanikai holds certificates of analysis for their CBD, ensuring that their products are made with premium, high-quality CBD.

Browse the Lanikai eco-friendly collection of CBD products, including their luxurious soaking salts.The aromatic scents of their signature fragrances will transport you to the shores of Hawaii.

LT Pain Master CBD

NFL Hall of Famer Lawrence Taylor partnered to craft a line of high-quality products developed with athletes in mind, to help alleviate pain from high intensity activities and sports.

Specially formulated for intense aches and pains, Lawrence Taylor CBD products are derived from raw hemp oil, packed full of natural ingredients and high-quality CBD to help soothe and relieve sore muscles. All products are third-party tested in ensure quality standards for purity and potency.

Explore the Lawrence Taylor collection of high-quality CBD products, including pain relief topical creams.

Lazarus Naturals

One of the largest CBD companies in the Pacific Northwest, Lazarus Naturals is committed to providing access for all to high-quality CBD products. Their employee-owned company believes strongly in community outreach and assistance programs, donating locally and nationwide.

All Lazarus Naturals bulk hemp and products undergo thorough testing protocols to ensure purity and potency standards, where they are checked multiple times for consistency and the presence of heavy metals, pesticides, and solvents. The final batch test results are available for review. All products are made with natural gluten-free ingredients like beeswax, produced without any artificial preservatives.

Shop the Lazarus Naturals collection of high-quality CBD products, including a variety of CBD-infused capsules including relaxation and energy options.


The founders at Livive created this company out of their passion for self-care. Designed to promote the healing power of plants, Livive creates products that use only the highest of quality in hemp plants.

Endeavoring to craft premium CBD products, Livive ensures all products reflect strict potency and purity standards by submitting them for testing to third-party laboratories. Dedicated to providing the ultimate in transparency, Livive publishes available resulting certificates of analysis and potency reports.

Shop their broad range of CBD products, from delectable gummies to CBD tinctures, and even CBD-infused skin care!

Lord Jones

With experience in the natural food and personal care industries, Lord Jones has created a top notch CBD line, paying close attention to strict standards of safety, quality, and consistency.

Dedicated to manufacturing and distributing premium CBD-infused products, Lord Jones conducts a patented extraction and purification process to produce its high-quality broad spectrum CBD from hemp plants cultivated in the United States. The products are created by hand in small batches and infused with hemp-derived CBD oil containing the plant’s original terpenes and phytocannabinoids. All products are lab-tested to ensure proper purity and potency standards.

Explore the Lord Jones collection of CBD-infused products, including CBD balms, body oils, bath salts, topicals, and more.

Medica Hemp

On a mission to manufacture high-quality products that aid in general pet wellness, Medica Hemp extracts concentrated CBD oil from non-GMO, organically grown hemp, free of both herbicides and pesticides. Its high grade makes it legal and safe for your pets.

Medica Hemp cares first and foremost for pet wellness and safety, so to ensure that their products are free from harmful chemicals and contain ingredients that truly reflect the top standards in purity and potency, their products are third-party tested by independent laboratories.

Shop the Medica Hemp collection and discover wonderful options for CBD products for your cats and dogs.



The nation’s premier provider of top quality pet CBD oils and products, MediPets is committed to promoting pet health and wellness by delivering pharmacist-formulated, THC-free, 100% natural CBD. Fellow pet owners themselves, they only stand behind quality products that help enhance and extend the lives of all cats and dogs.

All MediPets products are sourced in the USA from organic and all-natural industrial hemp using a superior extraction process. To ensure levels of consistency and purity, these products later undergo third-party lab testing, with resulting data available for review.

Shop the wonderful collection of MediPets CBD-infused pet products, including a range of CBD oils and dog and cat treats, perfect for your furry companions.


Meds Biotech

Crafted for the medical industry, Meds Biotech manufactures high-quality pharmacist-formulated CBD products. With a dedicated team of doctors, advisors, and medical staff, their primary goal is the ensure access to CBD that meets premium efficacy standards.

To ensure that their products meet top medical industry standards, the production process is closely monitored as Meds Biotech extracts CBD from industrial hemp plants through supercritical CO2 extraction, which maintains the purity of the CBD oil and retains all of the naturally occurring hemp plant compounds. Their products are then third-party tested to ensure quality standards for purity and efficacy.

Explore the Meds Biotech collection of premium CBD products, including high-quality CBD oils and a variety of CBD capsules.


Medterra CBD

Passionate about the power of CBD, Medterra believes in removing the stigma from CBD and providing affordable access to high quality CBD products with their seed to sale process. What makes this brand so great? Medterra’s team dedicates their resources to continuously improving their process, because they care about helping people. They are doing their part to improve lives by providing access to high quality CBD for all. And when they say high quality, they mean it.

Their industrial hemp is grown and extracted in accordance with the strict guidelines of the Kentucky Department of Agriculture, and to ensure consistency and quality, each product is third-party tested with available lab results to review. They are even U.S. Hemp Authority Certified and have partnered with the Hemp Pilot Research Program.

Explore Medterra’s exciting CBD collection, including wonderful CBD-infused cooling creams, gel capsules, and even CBD oils for your pet!

Pachamama CBD

The founders of Pachamama combined their passions for promoting wellness and protecting Mother Nature by producing pure, natural, and consistent premium CBD products. Having experienced the beneficial properties of CBD personally, these men created Pachamama to share their high quality CBD products with the world.

In order to ensure reliable, effective products, Pachamama takes their ingredients very seriously. They extract their CBD from organic hemp plants grown in Colorado, where the same hemp plant is used from seed to bottle for quality assurance purposes. Their dedication to maintaining consistency in cannabinoid and terpene profiles creates the same results every time.

Crafted using an industry-leading extraction method completed in a certified Colorado laboratory, Pachamama’s products also undergo rigorously testing in a third party lab. Shop their collection of topicals to experience the benefits of premium quality CBD.

Queen City Hemp

Strong advocates for alternative and natural wellness, its founders created Queen City Hemp to develop and produce tailor-made products to help tackle health and wellness issues, providing access to healing products. They also focus on giving back to the local community and promoting scientific research on hemp.

With the goal of setting a new industry standard in transparency and quality, Queen City Hemp ensures every lab-tested product is consistently potent and precise, as promised every time, with test results available for review. They use only high-quality ingredients and good manufacturing practices.

Browse the Queen City Hemp collection of CBD-infused products, including delicious CBD seltzers.

R.A. Royal CBD

California-based company, R.A. Royal CBD, devotes itself to the research, growth, production, and delivery of high-quality CBD products. They believe in spreading and promoting general wellness by sharing reliable, effective cannabidiol-infused products with the rest of the world.

In order to guarantee that their products meet high standards for purity and consistency, their professional team of specialists monitors each step of the production process. Their goal is delivering the benefits of the purest CBD extracts around.

Explore the wonderful selection of R.A. Royal CBD products by browsing their delicious collection of gummies and see what CBD can do for you.

Raw Hemp

A global leader in the finest hemp products, Raw Hemp is a company formed by three brothers with a mission of producing reliable, safe, high-quality CBD products that promote general wellness and health.

Raw Hemp’s CBD products are made using hemp ingredients that undergo laboratory testing to ensure purity and efficacy standards.

Browse the Raw Hemp collection of CBD products, featuring an array of delicious CBD-infused beverages!


With one of the most popular brands of CBD gummies on the market, Relax strives to provide a delicious assortment of fun options for taking your daily dose of CBD.

All Relax products undergo third-party laboratory testing for quality in purity and potency, to ensure that their products deliver consistently effective results every time, with available resulting certificates of analysis.

Explore the delicious Relax collection of high quality CBD gummies available in a delightful assortment of yummy flavors. Try one or try them all!

The Helping Friendly Hemp Company

The Helping Friendly Hemp Company was created after its founding member crafted a unique formula that provided relief by using a blend of essential oils and hemp oil extract. After finding such an effective product, they wanted to share it with the world.

Primarily known for their best-selling topicals, The Helping Friendly Hemp Company manufactures high-quality, effective products of value. Hemp applied in topical form has been found to help treat many symptoms concerning skin, muscle, and joints. In order to ensure standards for purity and potency, products are third-party laboratory tested and certificates of analysis are available for review.

Looking for the benefits of CBD topical creams and salves? Browse the soothing collection of topicals available from The Helping Friendly Hemp Company.


A family farm priding itself on holistic and regenerative practices, TKO Reserve hosts TKO CBD, a company specializing in plant cultivation, more specifically in the hemp movement.

For over a decade TKO has been dedicated to providing the purest, most premium CBD experience around, quickly becoming a leader in the hemp and cannabis industries.

Explore the variety of aromatic hemp flower strains available in the TKO CBD collection.

Urth CBD

A Full Spectrum CBD company based in California, the founders at Urth CBD strive to provide top quality CBD products that are safe and effective alternatives for standard prescribed medications. They take pride in their work and seek to create a culture reflective of their passions for quality, health, and activities.

Urth CBD prides itself on transparency, publishing all third-party laboratory testing results for reference and sharing customer input on their website and social media pages. Products are crafted using lab-tested CBD extracted with CO2 from clean, domestic sources.

Live the Urth CBD lifestyle and browse their available product collection, featuring flavored and unflavored CBD oils.


Featured in Vogue, Forbes, and the New York Times, Vertly is a family company and labor of love, which aims to make CBD wellness accessible to all and to provide an indulgent skin care routine to promote the idea of self care with premium, CBD-infused products.

Combining fresh herbs infused with organically grown, full-spectrum CBD, Vertly handcrafts small batches of CBD products with therapeutic ingredients designed to immerse you in the experience. From rich textures to aromatic scents, each formula provides an enhanced self-care experience with the benefits of high quality CBD.

Shop Vertly’s collection of high-quality CBD-infused products, including luxurious bath salts that will help make any bath feel like a day at the spa.


Check you out, you CBD brand connoisseur! Now that you know all about the different brands at your disposal, you can brush up on your CBD product knowledge HERE. Or better yet, explore the exciting assortment of CBD products available in our shop!