Here are 3 Reasons Why Delta-8 THC Is Completely and Totally Safe

Sep 15, 2021

You’ve probably heard the news recently that some big wigs over in the government are going around saying that Delta-8 THC is like, not safe at all, man. Some folks at the Food and Drug Administration have put out a statement telling people to beware of Delta-8. And not to be outdone, the stiffs over at the CDC are warning people that Delta-8 THC can be harmful to their health. Well, we have a few things to say about that!

Okay, first things first. Let’s be serious for just a moment. Because the truth is, there is some bad Delta-8 going around out there (not from us, of course!). Many companies have recently hopped into the Delta-8 THC game because they think it’s an easy way to make a quick buck. See, here at the CBD Mall, we’ve been doing this for quite a while now. And we’ve been working with brands that have been around for years. 

So yes, you do have to be conscious of what you’re constantly buying. There is some bad stuff out there. But unlike the headlines you read in the news or see on television, not all Delta-8 THC is terrible. In fact, when produced correctly, with care, Delta-8 THC is a great cannabinoid with tons of benefits. As always, we recommend that you do your research. And, if you want to be really safe, buy your products here at the CBD Mall.

But where were we? Right, the stiffs in the government are trying to kill your buzz. 

“‘The rise in delta-8 THC products in marijuana and hemp marketplaces has increased the availability of psychoactive cannabis products, even in states … where non-medical adult cannabis use is not permitted under law,” the CDC warned, adding that poison-control centers have added a new code for delta-8 THC exposure,” MJBizDaily noted.

In other words, the feds are trying to tell you that all Delta-8 is bad. But that’s objectively not true. In fact, we have loads of information that shows Delta-8 THC is safe for consumption and, when made with care and taken properly, can be beneficial in many ways. Sure, many people love Delta-8 THC just for the euphoric buzz, but there’s so much more to this wonderful little cannabinoid.

So today, we’re here to dispel a few myths about Delta-8 THC. We’ve put our team at CBD Mall to work, had them dig deep into the archives, and they came through wonderfully. And now, because of all their hard work, we present to you three reasons why Delta-8 THC is completely and totally safe for consumption.


Here are 3 Reasons Why Delta-8 THC Is Completely and Totally Safe


Did You Know That Research Shows Delta-8 THC Is Totally Safe?

It’s absolutely true. We’re not making this up. Although Delta-8 THC is relatively new to the scene, some limited research has been done into the cannabinoid. And what has been done so far looks good. Even as we write, more and more studies are being conducted, and we expect to hear good things any day now.

See, Delta-8 THC works on the CB2 receptors, giving it several benefits to the human body. It’s great for helping you through a long day and for when you’re feeling sleepy at night. And when it hits your CB1 receptors, that’s when you start feeling the buzz. But the buzz is smooth and subtle, allowing you to keep a clear head and your wits about you.

Many people compare Delta-8 to Delta-9 THC naturally because both compounds are known for causing a high. But what the latest research shows is that even though these two cannabinoids may be similar, Delta-8 may actually be safer. For example, Delta-8 has less paranoia and anxiety than its more famous cousin.

And, according to one website, “Delta 8 THC wasn’t as researched in the past as some other cannabinoids. However, recent studies try to shed some more light on this valuable cannabinoid.” They continued by noting that in recent studies, “scientists discovered the less harmful psychoactive effects of Delta-8 when compared to Delta-9 THC.”

So there you have it — science!


Here are 3 Reasons Why Delta-8 THC Is Completely and Totally Safe


Did You Know That Delta-8 THC Is Completely Natural — and Safe!

We know the rumors. Everyone is going around saying that Delta-8 THC is some lab-made monstrosity that will make you grow an extra limb or a shark’s fin out of your back. Okay, they might not be saying that, exactly, but lots of folks are talking about Delta-8 THC as a lab-made synthetic. For that reason, they call it an unsafe compound that can cause people harm. But our survey says — FALSE!

Delta-8 THC is an entirely safe hemp-derived product. Sure, it is converted from CBD. And some of the conversion processes are done in a lab — under strict lab safety procedures — but it’s still an all-natural, hemp-derived product. Most importantly, it is safe. No one on record has been hurt, injured, or fallen ill from Delta-8 THC here at the CBD Mall

When we extract Delta-8 from CBD, we don’t use any unsafe chemicals. There’s no Vitamin E Acetate, that nasty chemical that destroys your lungs, in our vape products. You have nothing to worry about.

See, Delta-8 THC is so popular these days because it gives users like you the freedom to chart their own course. That’s the beauty of legal cannabinoids — the government can’t tell you what to do. So whether you prefer Delta-8 gummies, vapes, capsules, or candies, you can do it your way.

And you can do it safely.


Did You Know That All of Our Delta-8 THC Products Are Tested?

Perhaps the best guarantee we can give to all of you is this — all of our Delta-8 THC products, from Chill Plus to Liquid Gold, from vapes to gummies, are third-party tested for your safety and security. We send every batch out to ensure there are no synthetics, no impurities, no carcinogens, and no other chemicals that could harm you. 

Not every other company does this, as evidenced by the statements put out by the FDA and CDC recently. 

“It is important for consumers to be aware that delta-8 THC products have not been evaluated or approved by the FDA for safe use in any context,” the FDA said. “They may be marketed in ways that put the public health at risk and should especially be kept out of reach of children and pets.”

But at CBD Mall, we do everything we can to ensure your safety. And we can prove it too! All of our lab reports are available online for you to read. 

We know you trust us with your safety when you purchase Delta-8 THC from CBD Mall, and we thank you for that. In return, we promise we’ll only provide you with the best products possible. Until then, keep feeling the buzz and enjoying your Delta-8!