Here Are 3 Things You Need To Know About Delta-8 THC

Sep 7, 2021

Think you know everything about Delta-8 THC? Sure, you already know that it’s an all-natural, hemp-derived cannabinoid. And we’re almost positive that you’re aware that this compound is a close relative of Delta-9 THC — so close, in fact, that they share a pretty similar chemical structure. And, of course, your knowledge bank has stored the information about Delta-8’s buzz — mainly, that it has one. 

But is that it? Is that really everything there is to know about Delta-8 THC? 

For months now, you’ve been coming to the CBD Mall to experience one of the most unique cannabinoids we’ve ever come across. Whether you’re a fan of Chill Plus Delta-8 Gummies or Liquid Gold Delta-8 Vapes, you know that this new and novel cannabinoid has so much to offer. It helps you relax. It gives you a wonderful feeling of euphoria when you need it the most. And it helps you feel the buzz.

Most importantly, it does all of the above legally. Yes, Delta-8 THC is one of the only buzz-worthy cannabinoids in existence that is entirely and utterly legal. And we’re positive that you know why. Heck, we’ve discussed the 2018 Farm Bill so many times around here, you could probably recite it word for word. That fantastic legal document that’s made hemp legal, and by default, all of our favorite compounds — CBD, Delta-8, Delta-10 (okay, almost all of our favorite cannabinoids).

So, yes, you have a lot of knowledge about Delta-8 THC. But do you know everything there is to know about this beautiful, one-of-a-kind cannabinoid that has graced us all with its existence? Everyday, you go home and enjoy some Delta-8 THC Bites or some delicious Shrooms. And while you enjoy the buzz, you could be doing so much more. 

For example, did you know that Delta-8 THC offers users a smoother, more subtle experience than Delta-9 THC?

“In comparison [to Delta-9], Delta 8 is reported to provide a much easier experience,” writes Discover Magazine. “Most users feel a great sense of calm and clarity. Many have reported a definite “high” to the experience, but not enough to impair the ability to form coherent thoughts or focus on activities. Instead, you simply feel more relaxed and less burdened by stress.”

If this is true, what else might you not know? Well, let’s take a look. Here are three things you need to know about Delta-8 THC.


Here Are 3 Things You Need To Know About Delta-8 THC


Delta-8 THC Goes Great With CBD

We all love CBD or cannabidiol for you perfectionists out there. After all, CBD was the hemp-derived product that started it all. For years the best legal cannabinoids we could buy were CBD gummies, CBD oils, CBD creams, and more. But now we have something a bit… edgier. We have Delta-8 THC.

But just because Delta-8 THC has hit the scene doesn’t mean we have to give up on CBD. In fact, the truth of the matter is, Delta-8 THC and CBD make for a great combination? Many CBD Mall products, especially those from Chill Plus, combine Delta-8 THC and CBD for a buzz that’s balanced. It allows you to keep your wits about you, tackle your daily tasks, and maintain your routine.

Delta-9 gives you anxiety and paranoia. Delta-8 gives you a smooth and subtle buzz. But add some CBD to the mix, and you have the perfect combination of compounds to keep your head straight and your thoughts centered. 

We add CBD to many of our Delta-8 products because the two cannabinoids work together synergistically. There’s enough evidence to show that they play off of each other and enhance each other’s effects. CBD can help to make Delta-8’s buzz a bit more interesting, while Delta-8 can make CBD’s benefits a bit more beneficial. In fact, many users are using Delta-8 in their everyday wellness routine just for this reason.


Here Are 3 Things You Need To Know About Delta-8 THC


Feeling Run Down? Try Some Delta-8 THC

We get it; you love Delta-8 THC for the buzz. There’s nothing wrong with that. You love your 10X Delta-8 THC Vapes because they make you float on the clouds. You love your Delta-8 THC Bites because each gummy is a little slice of heaven. They make you feel calm, relaxed, and, well, buzzed. It’s the reason we all take Delta-8 THC because we can feel the buzz legally.

But did you know there are other reasons to take Delta-8 THC? A long day at work or chasing after the kids can put some wear and tear on your body. Let’s face it; you’re not getting any younger. You need something that not only takes the edge off but can make you feel like a superhero again at the end of the day. You need a legal cannabinoid that can take away the tension.

You need Delta-8 THC.

Delta-8 intermingles with your CB1 receptors, hence the psychotropic properties. But it has analgesic properties too. In fact, According to the National Cancer Institute, Delta-8-THC is “an analogue of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) with antiemetic, anxiolytic, appetite-stimulating, analgesic, and neuroprotective properties.” 

In other words, it works great for pain. Of course, we should note that it depends on each individual. And you should always check with your doctor first before using any product. On top of that, research into Delta-8 is still a young field, and scientists are learning more every day. 


Here Are 3 Things You Need To Know About Delta-8 THC


Delta-8 THC Is An All-Natural, Hemp Derived Product, Not a Synthetic

You’ve heard the rumors and read the article. People everywhere are now saying that Delta-8 THC is a synthetic cannabinoid cooked up in a lab. They say it was designed to skirt the law so folks can enjoy getting high. It’s really full of dangerous chemicals that can cause you harm. Stay away from Delta-8 before you end up dead in a ditch somewhere.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Delta-8 THC is an all-natural, hemp-derived cannabinoid. Now, here’s the truth. Delta-8 THC is found in very tiny amounts in the hemp plant. So, to make enough for mass consumption, a process occurs in the lab to convert CBD into Delta-8. However, it is still an all-natural, hemp-extracted Delta-8.

So why all the crazy rumors? The answer lies in market competition. Delta-8 THC is taking the country by storm. Folks everywhere love it, and they love the fact that it’s legal and easy to purchase. Do you know who doesn’t love that? Companies that sell certain cannabinoids that aren’t legal. Instead of working together, they're trying to quash the competition. 

But the truth is, you have nothing to worry about. Delta-8 THC is all-natural and completely safe.


Here Are 3 Things You Need To Know About Delta-8 THC


Try Some Delta-8 THC Today

Now that you know what Delta-8 can do, you’re probably thinking about which Delta-8 products are right for you. At CBD Mall, the good news is we keep developing new kinds of Delta-8 products for you to try. They’re all-natural, hemp-derived, non-GMO products, meaning they are perfectly safe for use. And for added peace of mind, all of our Delta-8 THC products are third-party tested for safety and security.

So try some Delta-8 THC today and enjoy!