How Does Santa Deliver All Those Presents in One Night? He Uses THC-O?

Dec 8, 2021

Did you ever find yourself in awe of the miracle that is the holiday season? It’s absolutely wonderful to see all of the houses in your neighborhood lit up like a… well, like a tree! And all of the delicious chocolates, cakes, cookies, and more are enough to make anyone swoon with delight (yes, we said swoon). There are presents, carols, snow, ugly sweaters, family dinners — the holiday season is a magical time. And speaking of magic, we’re going to let you in on a bit of a secret. 

The big red guy, St. Nick, the jolly old man with presents, the one and only Sanat Claus, well, he has a little secret. It’s not just Rudolph and the elves that help him deliver all of those presents in one night — it’s all-natural, hemp-derived THC-O.

That’s right! What did you think, Santa used holiday magic? Well, maybe a little. But without help from hemp, he would never be able to travel around the world and make all of his deliveries on time, to every time zone, without missing a beat. That’s because THC-O is the strongest, most powerful, most potent cannabinoid available in the world. It gives Santa vim and vigor and allows him a little extra buzz. He feels chill and relaxed on what can be the longest night of the year.

Now, the truth is, THC-O is one of those compounds that will have most people feeling so relaxed, they probably won’t want to do anything, let alone deliver millions of presents across the globe. But Santa, well, he’s a special case. And now that the Farm Bill has legalized hemp-derived THC-O for everyone, Santa doesn’t have to worry about the North Pole authorities chasing him down as he makes his deliveries. Nope, these days, he can pop some Flawless THC-O gummies or take a few hits off of his Alibi THC-O vape and make it home in time for hot chocolate with Mrs. Claus.

The holiday season is truly magical!

“One way THC-O differentiates itself from other cannabinoids is that it takes longer for users to feel its effects. It’s been reported that users should anticipate feeling the effects of THC-O within about 15 to 20 minutes of first inhaling it. The reason it takes this long to feel the effects of THC-O is because it’s a prodrug. That means it has to be metabolized in the liver before becoming active,” writes the Growth Op.

“Once it has kicked in, however, it’s reportedly time for users to buckle up and prepare for a cannabis experience unlike any other. Part of the experience could involve hallucinations and an intense body high similar to that of a strong sativa. THC-O is also said to be as much as 300 times more potent than natural THC,” the site continues.

So, if you’re interested in feeling buzzed like Santa this year, read on.


How Does Santa Deliver All Those Presents in One Night? He Uses THC-O?


Santa Gets the Job Done With Alibi THC-O Vape Products

Santa Claus is a big guy with a big task ahead of him, one night a year, every year, but that doesn’t mean that he takes off the other 364 days to sit back and do nothing. He has to prepare, get ready, go through the naughty and nice list. There’s lots of work to be done. In fact, preparations for the holiday begin almost immediately after he finishes his final delivery, as he takes the sleigh in for repairs and gives the reindeer some much-need rest and relaxation.

But on the big night itself, Santa loves to take Alibi Vape Carts with him —word his he never leaves the North Pole without a few in his sack, just in case. The smooth flavor and the potent buzz give him all of the boost he needs to make it across the earth and back in time. And since he’s started using THC-O during working hours (something we don’t necessarily recommend), the jolly big guy has never missed a delivery.

“The effect of the acetate is more spiritual and psychedelic than that of the ordinary product. The most unique property of this material is that there is a delay of about 30 minutes before its effects are felt,” one person explained to High Times.

“The reason for the delay is that THC-O-acetate is a prodrug of THC, meaning it needs to be deacetylated by enzymes in our bodies before the THC becomes active enough for us to feel the effects,” the site continued.

That slight delay allows Santa to get the sleigh going and get the reindeer in motion. Then, once the buzz kicks in, it’s smooth sailing from Virginia to Venezuela and everywhere in between. Santa loves every flavor of Alibi, from Fruity Pebbles OG to Girl Scout Cookies to Strawnana. So if you want to be like Santa this holiday season, try some Alibi THC-O vape carts. You won’t be disappointed.


How Does Santa Deliver All Those Presents in One Night? He Uses THC-O?


Santa Keeps the Holidays Flawless With THC-O

How does Santa ensure that everyone on the nice list gets the presents they asked for? After all, we’re talking about millions of people here asking for toys, bicycles, video games, Delta-8 THC, Delta-10, and so much more. How is it possible for one man to run things so smoothly and Flawless on the holiday and do it in one night? Well, of course, he has the elves, and Mrs. Claus is the one really running the show, but then he has Flawless THC-O.

With Flawless THC-O gummies and tinctures, Santa has several new options for feeling the buzz on his own terms. For example, with Flawless THC-O Cubes Gummies in our Remix combo, Santa can experience first-hand a cannabinoid that takes him to another plane of existence. He and Blitzen can enjoy a three-flavor mix of mango, fruit punch, and blue raspberry that rocks their taste buds. At the same time, the extra-strength cannabinoid leaves them feeling refreshed, reinvigorated, and ready to ride from house to house.

“According to Michael Stark in his published book Marijuana Chemistry: Genetics, Processing, Potency, THC-O-acetate is 300 percent stronger than the psychoactive THC we are used to,” writes High Times.

For Santa, it’s just another day at work.


How Does Santa Deliver All Those Presents in One Night? He Uses THC-O?


Try THC-O, the Cannabinoid Endorsed By Santa Claus

Sure, we can necessarily prove that old St. Nick uses THC-O every year — and it would be wrong of us to show you his purchase history here at the CBD Mall because we value our customer’s privacy. So you’re just going to have to trust us on this one. Santa Claus loves THC-O. It is his cannabinoid of choice when delivering presents across the world every year. 

“With THC crystals reaching close to 100 percent THC, we didn’t think weed could get much stronger. That is until we discovered THC-O-acetate, another psychoactive cannabinoid, said to be two to three times more potent than the THC we’re accustomed to,” wrote High Times. Santa said the same thing. Then he tried THC-O, which changed his world and the holidays forever.