Take Away the Holiday Shopping Stress With CBD Creams and Roll-Ons

Nov 30, 2021

So, you already know that CBD Creams and Roll-Ons are excellent for your body in more ways than one. You’re probably already aware that CBD topicals sold here at the CBD Mall, such as creams and lotions, are made with natural hemp-derived CBD oil that is put through rigorous research and testing in the lab, all to ensure they support what you need the most — relaxation and relief.

Sure, you love all of our CBD Creams and Roll-Ons, from our Urgent CBD Cream to CBD Oil Biotech Muscle Gel — who doesn’t? — but do you really know anything about CBD Creams and Roll-Ons? What is it? Where does it come from? Why will it make the perfect gift this holiday season?

“CBD, or cannabidiol, is a compound produced by cannabis and hemp plants. Unlike THC, CBD doesn’t produce a feeling of being high,” writes Leafly.

“CBD topicals such as lotions, balms, gels, or creams are infused with CBD to produce skin-friendly products that contain the medicinal properties of CBD. In topical form, CBD is most popularly used for managing pain and inflammation,” the site continued.

CBD Creams and Roll-Ons are topicals extracted from the hemp plant, just like CBD oil, edibles, vapes, and more. But —and this is a big but —we’re not talking about cannabis. This isn’t even like Delta-8 in as much as CBD creams and roll-ons won’t get you buzzed (who would smoke a topical anyway?). Topicals have no psychotropic effects at all. But they do have many benefits. And they can help you make some folks really happy this holiday season.


Take Away the Holiday Shopping Stress With CBD Creams and Roll-Ons


Why People Love CBD Topicals, Creams, and Roll-Ons

In a world now dominated by Delta-8 THC, THC-O, and other buzz-worthy cannabinoids, you’d think that many would have forgotten about CBD. But, believe it or not, consumers still live CBD topicals. Creams and roll-ons are more popular than ever for one big reason — they work. These products continue to help people find relief both on and off the field, so to speak.

“CBD topicals penetrate the skin to provide targeted relief, without entering the bloodstream. This makes them a fantastic choice for anyone who wants to focus the healing properties in specific problem areas rather than feel the effects throughout their body. CBD topicals can potentially provide relief for a variety of pain, headache, and skin issues,” wrote Leafly.

CBD Creams and Roll-Ons, in general, are used for many reasons. They can be used as a topical for different aches and pains, helping users for natural relief from all sorts of ailments. CBD Creams and Roll-Ons are often mixed with other natural ingredients, such as menthol or capsaicin, for cooling or heating relief as well. 

It’s also great for those of you that are more active. According to Leafly, “[One] chemist for [a cannabis wellness company] believes CBD topicals are also a fantastic preventative... She says using these topicals every day, multiple times a day allows the body to not only uptake CBD quicker, but also build a CBD level in those areas and prevent worsening inflammation.”

For those of you that are active, using CBD topicals can only be beneficial.


Take Away the Holiday Shopping Stress With CBD Creams and Roll-Ons


This Holiday Season, Give the Gift of CBD Creams and Roll-Ons

That’s just a bit of CBD Creams and Roll-ons and why people have used this fantastic product over the years. But which ones should you stick in people’s stockings this holiday season? Our creams and roll-ons are the perfect way to find quick relief from what ails you, and it is never greasy on your skin. They have anti-inflammatory properties and can keep you feeling fresh.

As Leafly notes, you want to beware of “snake oil,” too. “CBD extracts from cannabis tend to include a wide diversity of helpful compounds whereas hemp’s chemical diversity is more limited. You’ll also want to make sure that a hemp-derived product actually contains CBD—hemp seeds or stalk don’t produce CBD, so it’s important to understand which part of the hemp plant was used in the extraction process,” they write. Our products are only high-quality CBD.

This holiday, we recommend Urgent CBD Pain Relief Roll-On. A CBD isolate product made from hemp extract, Urgent CBD Pain Relief Roll-On, is clinically tested with your safety in mind. Moreover, this all-natural hemp-derived product penetrates deeply and is hypo-allergenic for those that need it. It’s all-natural CBD relief now because you need to get back to what you do best, winning the big game.

Urgent CBD Pain Relief Roll-On is packed full of the benefits of high-quality CBD isolate. It’s a premier CBD Pain Relief roll-on and produces no psychoactive effects. Now you can target your trouble spots immediately and urgently and do so at the source. When you need relief, you can’t wait. That’s why you need Urgent CBD Pain Relief Roll-on. Try the only CBD topical that takes care of you ASAP so that you can take care of life!

You might also want to try CBD Oil Biotech Muscle Gel. It is an all-natural product; third-party tested to ensure quality and safety. It stands up to even the toughest of the tough, and with your get-up-and-go lifestyle, tough is what you need.

Whatever you give this holiday season, at CBD Mall, you know you’re only getting the best, so you can give the best. Happy Holidays everyone!