These Hemp-Based CBD and Delta-8 THC Products Will Help You Sleep Better Tonight

Oct 5, 2021

Are you tired of watching the late, late, late show every single night? Do you stare at the ceiling, counting all of the cracks, wondering if you should call a repairman because you can’t sleep? Does all of the tossing and turning leave you feeling groggy the following day? Are you just tired? Then maybe you need to stop counting sheep and start taking some CBD and Delta-8 THC. These hemp-derived cannabinoids can help you sleep better at night.

Everyone knows that both of these cannabinoids are chock full of benefits. CBD has been on the scene for years, and now that it’s legal (thank you, Congress!), we can all take advantage of its various properties. Whether you prefer Relax Full Spectrum Gummy Bears or Yum Yum Gummies, or something else, CBD can give you a new lease on life.

And then there’s Delta-8 THC.

Thanks to products like 10X Delta-8 THC Vape Pens, Alibi Delta-8 THC Vape Pens, and even Doughnuts Active CBD Gummies, which feels just like Delta-8 THC, you can not only enjoy the benefits of hemp, you can feel the buzz too. For the first time in human history, you have the ability and the legal right to enjoy a euphoric, psychotropic high on your own terms without worry. It’s a fantastic feeling.

But do you know what else is a fantastic feeling? Sleep. Millions of Americans have insomnia, sleep deprivation, and other issues at night. And the problem is only getting worse.

“Why are so many of us sleeping so little? One reason is simple math: Americans are working longer—an average of 44 hours per week, according to an August 2015 Gallup Poll. That’s the longest workweek in the history of Gallup’s annual work survey. And a record 17 percent of U.S. adults now log 60 or more hours per week in the office, leaving less time for sleep,” wrote Consumer Reports.

“Working longer hours, plus having longer commutes, leaves less time for domestic chores—paying bills, doing repairs, dealing with paperwork for taxes or kids’ college—which get stuffed into twilight hours,” the article continued.

So what can you do? Well, we might have an answer. Thanks to new innovations in Delta-8 and CBD, relief may be in sight. That means no more tossing and turning and no more counting sheep. You may finally be able to say goodbye to late-night television for good. So, if you’re looking for a good night’s rest, here are some hemp-based CBD and Delta-8 THC products that will help you sleep better tonight.


These Hemp-Based CBD and Delta-8 THC Products Will Help You Sleep Better Tonight


Get Some Zs With CBD Gummies Made From Scratch

The best way to fall asleep is naturally, of course. Nothing beats a long day of work followed by all-natural, restful sleep. But, when that doesn’t work, there’s always CBD. And the best kind of CBD is CBD made from scratch. With CBD made from scratch, you get the CBD baked right into your gummies, not sprayed on after the cooking process, giving you more cannabidiol than ever, and a restful sleep unlike anything else.

The only way to find such all-natural rest is with Yum Yum Gummies +Plus CBD Full Spectrum Relax Cubes; the only CBD Gummies infused with CBD. These are CBD edibles made for sleep.

Most manufacturers make their CBD edibles using the spray-on method. First, they cook their gummies, and then they spray them with CBD. While there is nothing inherently wrong with this method, we like to leave spray-on products for the tanning salon. Our CBD is made from scratch.

With CBD made from scratch, your head will hit the pillow, and you’ll be off to dreamland in no time. You’ll feel relaxed and at ease as your troubles melt away. It really is the perfect way to enjoy CBD. And you can enjoy flavors like apple, raspberry, blueberry, mango, and watermelon, each with 1250mg CBD.


These Hemp-Based CBD and Delta-8 THC Products Will Help You Sleep Better Tonight


Pop Yourself to Sleep With Chill Plus Delta-8 Poppin Capsules

Whoever said sleep didn’t come in a pill? Well, they may be correct, but we can offer you a soft gelcap. With Chill Plus Delta-8 CBD Gelcaps, you’ll forget about all of the stress of work and the kids and think about nothing, but… well, you’ll think about nothing. That’s because, for seven or so straight hours, you’ll get some much-needed sleep. And now Chill Plus Delta-8 THC Gelcaps come in a variety of strengths for those nights when sleep refuses to come.

Our Chill Plus Delta Force Poppin Gel Capsules with Delta-8 offer a mild but enjoyable psychotropic high, but like all Delta-8, they fall into a regulatory grey area. But they’re also great for getting some rest. And now you can find them 400X, 700X, 1000X, 1750X, 2000X, and 3500X. The variety is amazing.

Our Chill Plus Delta Force Poppin Gel Capsules have the perfect amount of buzz to keep you smooth and steady. You’ll only need one Delta-8 capsule to make everything feel alright as your head hits the pillow. It’s the perfect way to chill out after a long day at work.


These Hemp-Based CBD and Delta-8 THC Products Will Help You Sleep Better Tonight


Fall Asleep the Natural Way — With Delta-8 THC and CBD

The beauty of CBD and Delta-8 THC is that both cannabinoids are all-natural. They’re non-synthetic compounds made from hemp, which means you can feel comfortable with the knowledge that every time you take some, you're helping to enhance your body's natural sleep response. Because as we noted earlier, natural sleep is the best.

So, if you’re having trouble falling asleep because there’s just too much on your mind, try some hemp today. Here at CBD Mall, we have so many products from which you can choose; you’re bound to find something to take you to dreamland!