We Should Have Been Eating CBD: Is Late Night Television Looking to Delta-8 THC Next?

Jan 13, 2022

If you’ve been keeping up with the news recently, then you’ve probably been feeling a flood of emotions. Now that the holiday buzz has completely worn off, you’re stuck with the post-holiday blues that come with the doldrums of January. To pile on that, new stay-at-home orders, social distancing mandates, case counts, and quarantines have made for a dank, depressing winter. The news has been, shall we say, bad.

But scientists (the guys and gals in glasses and lab coats) recently discovered something that might just put a smile on all of our faces. As it turns out, very early studies show — the kind of studies they do in a petri dish and with lab rats, so let’s have a measured response here — but early studies show that cannabis may stop that virus that’s been nagging us for the past few years. 

As Bloomberg put it recently, “Cannabis compounds prevented the virus that causes Covid-19 from penetrating healthy human cells, according to a laboratory study published in the Journal of Nature Products.”

It’s a fantastic discovery. And, it should be stressed, one that needs much, much more research. Please, do not go to your local dispensary, and especially don’t think about buying anything here at the CBD Mall to cure or prevent COVID-19. That being said, this discovery still is worthwhile, and it’s made many, many headlines. After all, the pandemic has dominated the national conversation for the past few years. All of us are tired and want this thing to be over!

Well, as it turns out, a few of our favorite late-night hosts got in on the act as well. The other night, late-night host Jimmy Kimmel of the show Jimmy Kimmel Live!, was quoted talking about our favorite cannabinoid CBD. “This would be interesting. All this time we’ve been listening to the CDC, we should have been eating CBD,” Kimmel told audiences.

Kimmel continued: “You know, it’s funny — all these crazy cures, I’m like ‘Oh, that’s ridiculous.’ Ivermectin, the horse dewormer; bleach. And then somebody says marijuana prevents Covid, I’m like ‘Oh, really? Do tell.’”

Well, the conversation got us thinking — do late-night hosts like CBD? Would Jimmy Kimmel enjoy some Delta-8 THC vapes? Does Stephen Colbert enjoy the occasional THC-O gummy? Who knows? But in perhaps one of the craziest articles we’re ever going to write, let’s take a look at late-night television and Delta-8 THC because, why not?


We Should Have Been Eating CBD: Is Late Night Television Looking to Delta-8 THC Next?


Hold On! Cannabis, CBD — What did Scientists Just Discover?

As with anything you read online, approach with caution. It can all be very confusing (and exciting) all at the same time. At the same time, you probably want to step back and make sure you don’t get too excited. After all, how many times have we heard that cannabis cures this and cannabis cures that, only to find out later that some journalist misrepresented the facts of the matter? This is a “trust, but verify” type of situation.

Still, rather than mess up the science of it all, we’ll let the folks at Bloomberg explain it to you. “The two compounds commonly found in hemp -- called cannabigerolic acid, or CBGA, and cannabidiolic acid, or CBDA -- were identified during a chemical screening effort as having potential to combat coronavirus, researchers from Oregon State University said. In the study, they bound to spike proteins found on the virus and blocked a step the pathogen uses to infect people.”

Now that does sound exciting. Imagine if your favorite cannabinoids could actually protect you from some terrible things. Unfortunately, right now, all we know is that things like Delta-8 THC and THC-O and others give you a really great buzz. Delta-10 gives you some great energy, and others have some added benefits. But, if you’re feeling sick, go to a doctor.

The research is exciting, but remember, it’s in its early stages. It’s good to have hope but tread lightly.


We Should Have Been Eating CBD: Is Late Night Television Looking to Delta-8 THC Next?


Late Night Jokes About CBD — Is Delta-8 THC Next?

As late-night hosts are wont to do, when they first heard the news about cannabis and corona, they began to let the jokes fly. And, of course, Jimmy Kimmel wasn’t the only Late Night host to do so, with fellow comedian Stephen Colbert getting in on the action. “Great news for all the teenagers whose parents find weed in their room: ‘Oh, Mom, I see you found the Covid-stopping compounds that I hid in my sock drawer. Those aren’t mine. no, no. Those aren’t mine. I’m just holding them for my friend, Tony Fauci,’” Colbert told audiences.

Colbert continued: “Now, if you’re skeptical about the science here, let me remind you, this study has been reviewed by the CDC’s stoner nephew the THC.”

It was all good fun. But the jokes made us wonder, what if late-night television moved on from CBD and began to get in the fun with Delta-8 THC. What do you think they would like? Would Jimmy Kimmel prefer Delta-8 THC gummies or vapes? Perhaps he would be a Chill Plus Delta-8 THC user? We can only guess.

We imagine that Colbert would like something a bit stronger like THC-O. His old persona from Comedy Central’s Colbert Report would probably love Flawless THC-O because, like his character, they were both Flawless. And what of Conan O’Brien? What kind of buzz would he go for? Any guesses?

We think Conan would definitely be a Liquid Gold Delta-8 THC vape kind of guy.

Anyway, it can be fun trying to figure out what everyone would use, but it’s important to remember with all of the news coming out that using these cannabinoids is for fun these days. If you feel ill, don’t rely on something you heard on the news — see your doctor.

In the meantime, we’ll end with one of our favorite Colbert jokes from the other night. “In other words, the pot enters the body and asks Covid, ‘Are you a cell? You have to tell me if you’re a cell,’” Colbert said.