When You Need an Alternative to Delta-8 THC, Try Raw Cannabinoid Active CBD with NeutractivTM

Nov 8, 2021

So you’ve probably become a big fan of Delta-8 THC over the past few months. We know that you love the pure, unadulterated, hemp-derived psychotropic high this new and novel cannabinoid offers users. Moreover, you’re most definitely a big fan of all of Delta-8 THC’s other benefits, too, including better sleep, appetite stimulation, pain relief, and more. But now that Delta-8 THC is out of reach for so many of you, thanks to new laws that are popping up all over the place, what are you going to do?

Well, how about you give Raw Cannabinoid Active CBD with NeutractivTM a try? What is Raw Cannabinoid Active CBD? We’re glad you asked!

Think of it as Delta-8 THC combined with Delta-10 THC for those times when you don’t have either. You know what we mean — Delta-10 THC is the sativa-like cannabinoid that offers users energy, creativity, and motivation. And Delta-8 THC gives you a super sweet buzz that lets you relax. Now, wherever you are in the world, even if both cannabinoids are unavailable to you, motivation, energy, creativity, relaxation, and a banger of a buzz can still be right by your side. NeutractivTM is the focus you need to become employee of the month and more.

Here at CBD Mall, we know what you’re thinking (we also know that we say that a lot, but it’s because we know our customers so very well). You probably don’t want to have to learn about yet another new compound or substance after learning about so many this past year. But trust us, for all of you that love to vape Delta-8 or eat Delta-10 gummies, you’re going to want to listen up. 

The way state legislators are moving in on Delta-8 and Delta-10, Raw Cannabinoid with Active CBD may be the best thing to have happened to hemp in a very long time.

“To date, 16 states have banned or restricted sales of Delta-8 products, including cannabis-friendly states like Colorado, Michigan, and Nevada. Bans in those states is motivated in part by complaints from the adult-use cannabis industry, which rightly views Delta-8 THC products as an existential threat,” wrote Forbes.

“But the federal government may also take action. For years, the FDA has been mulling standards and regulations for CBD products. Since Delta-8 has intoxicating, psychoactive properties, the FDA may move more swiftly. The other compounding factor is that since Delta-8 THC products first appeared about two years ago, the market is flooded with companies offering the product—often without age restrictions,” the site continued.

So, if you still want the freedom to enjoy all-natural, hemp-derived cannabinoids on your own terms, then you’re going to want to listen up. When Delta-8 THC and Delta-10 THC are out of reach, go for the next best thing in hemp — Raw Cannabinoid Active CBD with NeutractivTM.


When You Need an Alternative to Delta-8 THC, Try Raw Cannabinoid Active CBD with NeutractivTM


Raw Cannabinoid with Active CBD? What’s Happening to My Delta-8?

This is a great question. After all, we know just how much you love Delta-8 THC. And to be clear, for the majority of you reading this right now, you still have full, unfettered access to your favorite cannabinoid with a buzz. But as we’ve discussed recently, more and more states are trying to ban all-natural, hemp-extracted Delta-8, even though the Farm Bill deems it federally legal. So that means you need an alternative.

And here at the CBD Mall, we don’t want to leave you hanging. That’s where Raw Cannabinoid Active CBD with NeutractivTM comes into play. It’s a powerful new hemp-derived compound made with NeutractivTM, the latest all-natural, hemp-extracted blend of cannabinoids designed for those times when Delta-10 and Delta-8 are just out of reach. It’s Active CBD crafted with our proprietary blend of some of the most powerful activating combinations of naturally produced U.S. grown hemp plant-derived extracts and invigorating isomer structures that come together to help you find focus, energy, and motivation.

But what’s happening with Delta-8 and Delta-10 THC? Well, as we said, most of you are fine (although, as we always note, grab some while you can because the legal situation can change at the drop of a hat). However, at least 19 states have already moved to restrict or ban these exceptional cannabinoids. Can you imagine?

“Many states are now scrambling to close legal loopholes in their drug laws to bring delta-8 into regulatory compliance,” wrote Leafly last April

“A pending bill in Oklahoma would legally define marijuana to include delta-8 THC and delta-10 THC, in addition to the more commonly known delta-9 THC. A similar effort is underway in Alabama’s state legislature. The Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board recently issued a policy statement that allows delta-8 THC derived from licensed cannabis, but not from unlicensed hemp. In Oregon, lawmakers are working on regulations that would create a definition for “artificially derived” cannabinoids, in order to regulates such compounds under the state’s medical and adult-use cannabis laws,” the site continued.

So, for those of you without access to Delta-8 THC, say hello to Active CBD.


When You Need an Alternative to Delta-8 THC, Try Raw Cannabinoid Active CBD with NeutractivTM


Well, What Is Raw Cannabinoid with Active CBD?

Thanks for asking because we’re super excited to tell you all about Raw Cannabinoid Active CBD made with NeutractivTM. NeutractivTM is a proprietary hemp blend found in Raw Cannabinoid Active CBD products. It’s a mix of nature’s best cannabinoids — CBD, CBDA, CBDV, THC, CBC, CBN, CBG, and THCV — pulled together in a sweet gummy edible that goes anywhere you do. Now you can find energy, motivation, or relaxation in an instant. With Raw Cannabinoid Active CBD, the Raw power you need to get things done is at your fingertips.

And our Raw Cannabinoid Active CBD products are about to wow you (and we mean wow!). All-new Raw Cannabinoid Active CBD Square Gummies Tropical Mix are some of the most exciting gummies we’ve made in years. With RAW Cannabinoid Active CBD, you’ll experience approximately 1250mg per jar — 25mg per gummy — of the most motivating Active CBD available. Raw Cannabinoid Active CBD Tropical Mix Square Gummies are made from scratch, meaning our proprietary blend of cannabinoids is baked right into the batch.

We also have a delicious Fruity mix and two travel-sized pouches that make everything taste better on the run. While Delta-8 THC and Delta-10 THC might have changed the way you see hemp, Raw Cannabinoid Active CBD with NeutractivTM will change how you see the world.

“But if the federal government adds Delta-8 to the Controlled Substances Act, the whole drama will play out yet again, a few years or months down the road, with yet another cannabis product not captured under the law,” wrote Forbes.

Forbes continued: “As [one person] noted, ‘There’s always another cannabinoid.’”

This time, that new cannabinoid is Raw Cannabinoid Active CBD with NeutractivTM. Grab some today. We promise you that you will love it.